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Charles Ramsey Says ‘I Get A Paycheck, Give The Reward’ To Kidnapped Women

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Charles Ramsey has largely been hailed as a hero after his actions leading to the dramatic rescue of not only Amanda Berry but also her fellow kidnap victims — Berry’s daughter, Gina DeJesus, and Michele Knight.

After the rescue, Charles Ramsey became famous in part due to a candid video interview he gave in the rescue’s aftermath. Seemingly unimpressed with his own actions, Ramsey spoke of knowing the women’s captor and even sharing barbecues with him, unaware the man was keeping women prisoner in his home.

Since the events of Monday afternoon in Cleveland, Ramsey seems to largely reject the hero worship heaped upon him. Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the suddenly famous man again eschewed the label, telling the anchor his action were simple common decency:

“No, no, no. Bro, I’m a Christian, an American, and just like you. We bleed same blood, put our pants on the same way. It’s just that you got to put that – being a coward, and I don’t want to get in nobody’s business. You got to put that away for a minute.”

During the interview, Cooper mentioned a reward offered by the FBI for information leading to the whereabouts of Amanda Berry, but Charles Ramsey seemed wholly uninterested — in fact, he believes any money offered should go not to him, but to Berry:

“I tell you what you do, give [the reward] to them. Because if folks been following this case since last night, you been following me since last night, you know I got a job anyway. Just went picked it up, paycheck.”

Ramsey continues:

“What that address say? […] 2203 Seymour. Where are them girls living? Right next door to this paycheck. So yes, take that reward and give it to—that little girl[.]”

Charles Ramsey also told Cooper that while money concerns had kept him sleepless in the past, he had had difficulty since the rescue as he was troubled by the plight of the kidnapped women.

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48 Responses to “Charles Ramsey Says ‘I Get A Paycheck, Give The Reward’ To Kidnapped Women”

  1. Eric Wybenga

    The more there is to know about this guy, the more there is to like.

  2. Ray Metoyer

    He did what we all hope we will do in a crisis/emergency! He gives us hope and I do think he deserves a reward, in addition to a fund being set up for the kidnapping victims.

  3. Willene Anderson

    I agree this world needs more charles ramseys in it. thank you sir for your courage and compassion now go get a stiff drink and relax for you sure deserve it.

  4. Elle Andoh

    Yes, this is a great thing! If the media didn't take so much time in segregating us as humans you would probably hear more of this instead of the other crap that you hear everyday…Mr. Ramsey put it very eloquently in a nutshell, which was quickly undermined by the cut short when he said "I knew that girl was in trouble when she ran into the arms of a black man".

  5. Paul Luman

    Thank you Charles Ramsey for being YOU. Authentic, courageous, and the neighbor we all need to be.

  6. Anita Horne

    Let's all send Charles a card or letter of thanks and to express our gratitude to this wonderful man. Here's his address: Charles Ramsey, 2203 Seymour St. Cleveland Ohio 44113.

  7. Wanda Richardson

    You know, I really hope Mr. Ramsey is what he seems to be. So many times when these things happen, we later learn things about "heroes" that are not all that good. Anyway, he did a good thing and seems to be taking it in stride. I wish him and the kidnapping victims all the best. I certainly think he deserves a reward.

  8. Steve Heminger

    I think his reward will not be given him while he is on Earth and the reward will be much better than anything any man could give him as well.

  9. Pam Gauger

    Me too! Doesn't it just seem like a guy who wakes up happy and just lives.

  10. Pam Gauger

    Me too! Doesn't it just seem like a guy who wakes up happy and just lives.

  11. Nick Nickless

    Day after day you see the low lifes in this world. Then when you least expect here comes a guy with a cape and a red "S" on his chest. It just makes the world a brighter place if for only a day to know not all heroes are imaginary some are for real. Charles Ramsey you are a real man! Proud to call you a fellow American.

  12. Uomo Senzanome

    I especially love his comment about the necessity to sometimes "get in [somebody's] business" even though there is an unspoken rule against this in many neighborhoods and especially when it ones to perceived domestic violence

  13. Kathy Hanson Ingraham

    He is a good decent man who did the right thing!

  14. Windy Macri

    paycheck? He needs some dental work; this guy deserves something…

  15. Ray Metoyer

    @Steve… I agree 200 per cent– his greatest reward is waiting for him in the after life. But that doesn't stop us from celebrating him now; especially since he didn't do it for money.

  16. LaTonya Broome Richardson

    Wanda, absolutely anything and anyone put under a microscope shows less pretty detail. Let's be less concerned about those details and more grateful for the big picture. I prefer the last half of your comment, obviously.

  17. Robert Stuart

    Now this is a man who deserves a call from the President.

  18. Ann Ruth Eggleton

    he has a giant heart, and it is in the right place………God bless him……

  19. Lottie Doskey

    Let the past be the past. The present is what counts. He is not the first black man that has helped and showed kindness to a white person. My own experienced,

  20. Sharon Jayson

    You're ignorant. Looking a your picture there's a lot you need done.

  21. Veda M Williams

    Lottie Doskey God Bless you Lottie, this man was a angel sent by Our Lord, whatever God wanted him to do he did God placed this man in the right place & time for all those women…What a very dear Mothers Day gift. Sadly one women the women lost her mother, Her mother is now rejoicing in heaven… Those young women did a lot of praying… I am so joyful…they are with their loved ones….at last

  22. Heather Clark Beal

    You're a bitch!!! After what this man has done you criticize his teeth?? What have you done that made such a tremendous impact on humanity as he did? Yep, that's what I thought. You really need your ass beat for that disgusting comment!!

  23. Windy Macri

    I didn't write this my Husband did. He's saying this man should keep the money to help himself – he deserves it. My Husband is very blunt and didn't express himself in the most eloquent way but he did mean well. By the way you are quite disgusting for thinking anyone should have their ass beat.

  24. Windy Macri

    Sharon Jayson My husband wrote this not me and he meant that this man should keep the money and help himself. Having had to have braces when I was younger I would never criticize anyone for their teeth – or for that matter- anything else they may need done.

  25. Jésus Fvk Tørres

    This man is great you know we need to give the case alone, it passed already and he just wants to be left alone and live the life that he was used to living. A good reason why I don't want any recognition from anybody. I do my part of doing good, but want to remain anonymous.

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