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Houston Bush Airport Shooting Reported, One Dead [Breaking]

houston bush airport shots

Multiple reports of shots fired at Houston Bush Airport have been sighted on Twitter, but scant details have emerged about the incident thus far.

A local news source reports that the shots fired at Houston Bush Airport have been confirmed by the Houston Police Department and that the shooting involved wounds that were “self-inflicted” at a security checkpoint in Terminal B:

“HPD tells KHOU 11 the shooting was self-inflicted and happened in a security checkpoint.

“KHOU 11’s Sherry Williams is on the scene and reports at least one ambulance is on the scene.”

On Twitter, @MyFoxHouston reports that the Homicide division of local law enforcement has been called to the scene, and that it is not immediately clear whether the wounded individual was the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot:

#Breaking News: HPD Homicide has been called to the Bush Airport Terminal B. They have not been told if it was [self] inflicted[.]”

It appears the media is sourcing much of the reporting about the Houston Bush Airport shooting from Twitter, and witnesses say that there was a single individual wounded.

According to some reports, the reportedly self-inflicted wound was fatal, and one Twitter witness said:

Another tweeted:

An additional report surfaced on Twitter about the shooting at Houston Bush Airport, reading:

“BREAKING Police: Shooting at Houston Bush Airport security checkpoint involved AR-15 handgun. Gunman shot himself in head[.]”

Users on Twitter report that Houston Bush Airport is currently on lockdown after the shooting, with no flights arriving or leaving.

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14 Responses to “Houston Bush Airport Shooting Reported, One Dead [Breaking]”

  1. Todd Bennett

    A multiple shot suicide, sure why not? Might as well buy it, not like they will sell us anything else.

  2. Jacki Davies

    Would he have died if he used semi-automatic mode or was it the 3 shot burst mode that did him in?

    ( assuming it was a male ).

  3. Anonymous

    Self inflicted? What, shot himself in the back 14 times?

  4. Anonymous

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  5. Earlene Wilson

    Hey, my daughter in law was there on a plane waiting to exit a flight from Tulsa, I don't care how many times he shot himself in the back, front or inside out at least he was the only one shot, as it should be, and daughter in law is fine.

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