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Father And Son Don’t Get Their Chicken Wings, Return To Restaurant With AK-47

Father And Son Don't Get Their Chicken Wings, Return To Restaurant With AK-47 09806

A father and son pointed an AK-47 machine gun at a fast food cashier who gave them the wrong order.

An angry Antonius Hart Sr. and Antonius Hart Jr. (pictured below) returned to Pirtle’s Chicken in Memphis after realizing they hadn’t been given the chicken wings they ordered.

The cashier offered to replace the missing pieces, but the pair wanted more, demanding extra chicken pieces due to them having to drive back to the restaurant.

When that was refused, Antonius Hart Sr. allegedly revealed the AK-47 he had brought with him.

Another restaurant worker spied the gun and contacted police. Cops recovered the weapon and 24 live rounds of ammo before charging Hart Sr. with aggravated assault and his 19-year-old son with facilitation of a felony.

The restaurant has declined to comment about the alleged incident, but customers were more than happy to weigh in.

“I guess in this area, people don’t play about their food,” shrugged Courtney Marable to WREG-TV.

Fellow customer Tonya McGraw admitted the men’s actions were “crazy,” but suggested it could help improve customer service: “Next time they better get them wings right.”

You can watch WREG-TV’s full report below:

Father And Son Don't Get Their Chicken Wings, Return To Restaurant With AK-47 Crims 98797977

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51 Responses to “Father And Son Don’t Get Their Chicken Wings, Return To Restaurant With AK-47”

  1. Bill Healy

    Crazy gun hater's will just use this as an excuse to point fingers at responsible gun owners, lol…. Why don't we see stories about all the gun owners who don't threaten people with their weapons over chicken wings?

  2. Brian L Peterson

    A gun is a gun no-matter if it's a pistol or a semi auto they all do the same thing so if the CORRECT laws are not made or inforced " It will not matter" Back ground checks were a NO BRAINER to do. Then the 10 rd clips would have also been a step in the Correct direction. But to ban a certain kinda gun? Hmmm Let's just stick to the problem ( gun violence ) and how to address it.

  3. Elizabeth Chubbuck

    Uh, hater's? Hater's what? You made it possessive? Oh wait, thats right, you are an uneducated MESS who thought they could apply the old REVERSAL spin and make some logical point… FAIL

  4. Nate Thönnesen

    A single failure at grammar does not make his whole point invalid, Elizabeth Chubbuck. The fact that you tried to turn a grammatical failure into a point failure is sad.

  5. Nate Thönnesen

    …It was two guys pulling a gun over chicken wings. This likely would have made news either way. Why the immediate jump to something about race?

  6. Max Renn

    He has no point, Nate. Elizabeth is spot on with her analysis. That you think he has one is hilarious though.

  7. Zachary Rider

    So people who may not have the same education as you thusly dont deserve to have rights? Shut the fuck up you stuipd cunt. Gun grabbers have no logic.

  8. Zachary Rider

    Shut the fuck up if you dont know what your talking about dipshit.

  9. Mark Russell

    Don't get upset. It ain't no thing but a chicken wing.

  10. Serbia Strong

    Of course the anti gunners will not accept the fact it was the fault of the mindless afro-negro-american.

    They'll blame the inanimate object first before blaming to obvious oppressed afro-negro.

  11. John Piper Watters

    I think Peter, Brian, Elizabeth & Max have a point. Calm down: I'm a 2nd Amendment liberal. Zachary, you are a vile coward with no manners or etiquette. I bet you wouldn't call a woman a stupid cunt in front of her friends or family without getting your stupid cunt of a mouth slapped. If you're too much of a bad ass to let that happen, I'm betting your temper would hail the sirens and you'd get an expensive night's stay in a concrete cell. You obviously lack education. Most people don't wear their ignorance like a bright plaid jacket. Looks like it fits your pretty well. Asshole.

  12. Bongo Mawongo

    I'll bet their food order was complete and they just wanted more free food. It's an old, common negro trick.

  13. Bongo Mawongo

    People like that shouldn't be allowed to own guns in the first place, Guns are dangerous in the hands of those kind of people.

  14. Brandon Gerald Bouvy

    Look out everyone; Grammar Nazi! is what you meant to write.

  15. Charles Martel

    probably and it would have stayed a top story for days, this will be forgotten in minutes. nice try though ,"victim"

  16. Joel Warren

    Elizabeth presents no analysis – that's why her comment and attitude both suck chode. Because a lack of analytical ability is often displayed in simple criticism; while presenting analysis takes some legitimate intelligence. Try again Liz.

  17. William Ist Krieg

    As a Canadian with no access to what are called assault rifles all I can really say is the obvious: Criminals will definitely obey the law and get rid of their AKs and ARs and M16s and so on and so forth.

  18. Alex Mechev

    William Ist Krieg Yeah, I mean why even bother making murder illegal? I mean people are just going to kill people anyways!

  19. Kevin Griffin

    Incredibly racist Tony. There's plenty of white people doing stupid shit too.

  20. Anonymous

    Alex Mechev wow your an lets have a pressure cooker ban since those were used to kill and maim people. If those two guys walked in with baseball bats and kitchen knives would you want a full ban on those? Hey they had an angry customer ran their car into a control?

  21. Anonymous

    @Michael J. Simmons do you even know what an "assault weapon" is? if those guys walked in with a revolver, would you be calling for a ban on those also?

  22. Anonymous

    Peter Whitley and so the Constitution should be shredded and and the millions of people who aren't like this should be punished because something RARE like this happened in the news? Would you support blacks being discriminated against since these two guys were black?

  23. Anonymous

    Brian L Peterson what's dumb is you thinking that taking away a Constitutional Right is OK because OTHER people decided to break the law. So maybe next time someone DUI kills someone everyone should be banned from being allowed to drink and being allowed to own a car. Hey lets ban pressure cookers because of the Boston incident.

  24. Stephen Branley

    Yeah, John Carb, you're right. Let's not ban ANYTHING at all as, by your logic, everything can kill! The point, that apparently I have to spell out to you, is that those other things you mention all serve perfectly good peaceful purposes, but can be abused to kill. Assault weapons serve no purpose OTHER than killing.

    We have a ban on assault weapons and handguns in the UK and we don't have the problems you morons do with threatening fast-food workers or going to killing sprees in schools. Work it out for yourself, it's not that hard.

  25. Stephen Branley

    Put your gun down, pick up a book. You might learn something.

  26. Stephen Branley

    Yes. People like you, who try to turn everything into a race issue, really annoy me.

  27. Anonymous

    maybe just maybe employee's give bad service because of the a–hole customers they have to deal with.chicken or the egg..

  28. Earl Burton

    I'm glad these criminals are behind bars. I hope the criminal justice system deals with them severely.

    But, hey, Inquisitr, was it really a "machine gun? " That means it is capable of fully automatic fire (technically called "select fire")? If so, you'd think the TV news would have reported that (and BATFE will be all over this case). If not, you are grossly mis-stating the facts.

  29. Charles Sidoti

    The only difference between a so called assault weapon and a deer hunting rifle is purely cosmetic. So why don't we ban paint and metal work as well. Lets just give up all our rights while we are at it so everyone can feel safe in their Orwellian dystopia.

  30. Charles Sidoti

    Stephen Branley Actually Britain has more violent crime per capita than the United States. I would much rather be shot than stabbed. Also you still have shooting massacres or have you forgotten the Cumbria shootings or the Dunblane massacre?

  31. Charles Sidoti

    Stephen Branley Actually Britain has more violent crime per capita than the United States. I would much rather be shot than stabbed. Also you still have shooting massacres or have you forgotten the Cumbria shootings or the Dunblane massacre?

  32. Anonymous

    William Ist Krieg This is a stupid and tired point, and I wish gun nuts would stop making it, because everyone has heard it before. Yeah it's cutesy and sounds intelligent on a semantic level or whatever, but in reality it makes you sound like a tool, because the assumed premise there is that all criminals are exactly the same, and it oversimplifies the entire question.

    No, the criminals probably won't listen to it, but when has any law ever stopped the activity that the law bans? We have laws against murder but there are still murders, we have laws against rape but there is still rape. We have laws against narcotics, but a guy within 10 miles of you is probably shooting up right now. We have copyright laws against piracy, but.. lolololol. Hell, I'm a criminal, I've gone over the speed limit and I've pirated music, but I probably wouldn't try to attain an AK-47 if they were made illegal.

    I believe the main point is that we don't have too many laws banning specific things, only actions. The idea being that it matters what you DO with an object, not the object itself, and most of the time, this is the way it should be (surely you wouldn't be for legislation that allows everyone to own a small, personal nuclear device, capable of decimating 8 city blocks. if you would then we have nothing to talk about, you're a fool) But what do you do with a gun? There aren't too many uses for it. Its main use is to kill, quickly and without much fuss. Target practice? What are you practicing *for*, pray tell?

    One presumes that a ban, at least, would make them more difficult to acquire.. but I'm not sure if that's really the case, I must admit to some ignorance on that subject, *because I don't give a shit about owning an assault weapon.*

    The problem with an assault weapons ban is that the definition of "assault weapon" is really kind of vague and not specific enough on its own. There would need to be an in-depth look at each individual weapon, an assessment of its overall ability to take lives in the hands of an average gun-owner, cause mayhem, and the like. I fear, however, that even if we did that, the debate would then be about how much potential killing ability is too much potential killing ability in the hands of a civilian.

    I wonder what the drafters of the Constitution would think if they saw the sort of weapons we have now.

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