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Mystery Man Spotted On Roof Near Boston Marathon Explosions

Watch live feed of Boston Marthon explosion

Police are currently searching for the person responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing but some Twitter users believe that the person may have already been found. A photo is currently circulating around the internet showing a mystery man on the roof near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

Could this be the man responsible for detonating the bombs?

It’s impossible to identify the hazy figure but the image has started a debate on Twitter. According to Yahoo News, the photo was taken by spectator Dan Lampariello.

The marathon runners can be seen making their way toward the finish line as a fiery explosion is set off at one of the buildings. Above all the commotion, a mystery man is walking along the roof.

One user writes: “The picture of the guy on the roof overlooking the second explosion is the spookiest thing I have ever seen.”

The Boston Police Department reportedly arrested a Saudi National after the bombing today but officials later said that the rumor wasn’t true. The FBI has taken over the case from the BPD and so far no one has been taken into custody.

Do you think police are looking for the mystery man on the roof?

The blurry figure in the photo may not be much use to police but they may decide to take a look. After all, the Boston Police department did send out a tweet today asking for anyone with photos or videos of the bombing to contact the BPD.

What do you think of the photo? Is this just some person randomly walking on a roof near the explosions today? Or could this be the man responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing?

mystery man on roof

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91 Responses to “Mystery Man Spotted On Roof Near Boston Marathon Explosions”

  1. Greg Myers

    thank you, stupid article, for fueling countless conspiracy theories.

  2. Julie Leigh Domeny

    Well, if you recognize yourself walking on the roof in this picture, please contact the FBI. After a strong publicity campaign, if nobody steps up – increases chances of this being the perp.

  3. Michael Anderson

    I will be opened minded & say if the man in the photo is involved I expect the CIA/FBI to quickly locate & process/dismiss the subject. The technology is there to figure out the truth.

  4. Rebecca Dawn Davies-Kleitz

    Come on, man, everybody KNOWS it was Alex Jones up there on that roof….

  5. Lisa Sullo Averill

    I'm glad to see you think it's funny that whomever it is may have been responsible for the deaths of at least 3 souls, 1 an 8 yr old boy. Bad timing and yes, you are an asshole

  6. Cullen Pledger

    Have you guys not seen CSI? When you zoom it to that level it's suppose to get clearer not more fuzzy!

  7. Anonymous

    what? no one has 5 seconds to bother to enhance the image like they do on tv and the movies?

  8. Francisco Barron

    The police may decide to look at the picture, what the hell… The police BETTER look at the picture and do their job…. After all, they're not the FBI or the CIA…..

  9. Kayla Andrews

    This is what happens. Just some dude just minding his own business getting blown by the hooker around the corner, and he suddenly becomes the "possible perp" simply because he was getting his knob sucked on the roof.

  10. Nick Shot

    just some guy that has access to the roof that was watching the marathon. no involvement in the bombing.

  11. Bubba Usry

    And just WHAT the hell is wrong with someone being on a roof watching a marathon go by? You bunch of braindead Obama supporters are really pushing it….

  12. Rajveer Singh

    i am not judging you here J smith but r u seriously commenting this after a big tragedy

  13. Morgan Wright

    This just in. On the roof they found 3 detonators with DNA on them matching the DNA on the 3rd unexploded bomb and DNA from the White House. Just like everything else, Obama did it.

  14. Anonymous

    I would say the only thing that looks suspicious is the fact that the person looks to be WALKING not running. And it's pretty evident that the bomb was exploding as they were taking that stroll. That seems strange to me at least.
    I hear a big explosion, I'm running, NOT walking. Just saying

  15. Anonymous

    Rajveer Singh i am not not judging you here either, but if u are already on a plane they will find u

  16. Anonymous

    @Rajveer Singh – How is what you put any more tasteful? How is what she put in bad taste, for that matter. Or to put it another way:

    I am not judging you here, but are you seriously hassling someone after a big tragedy?

    Judging is exactly what you are doing, and being judgmental is far more obnoxious during a tragedy than being speculative.

  17. Debra Baggett

    Ya see, grandchildren, I had a good life, but by a twist of fate….. One day I took a break and went up on the roof to smoke a joint, the next day my mug is all across the news and Al Qaeda started sending me all these thank you cards, and Westboro Baptist tried to convert me, and that was the beginning of the end of me..

  18. Sara Brett

    photoshopped trying to create a viral article well they succeeded fast next they should photoshop the BK King on the roof, omg BK king is back! and Jack, or yes bigfoot.

  19. John Begley

    So yeah, pretty crazy when I saw this on the local news I hurried to the computer to circle what I had seen and posted it. I had NO idea it would been seen and shared by so many 1000's of people.. Ive never had more than 10 likes or 20 comments on any post I've ever made. I really truly hope what I spotted is something special, But I have no speculation next to I saw a human figure on a roof and a explosion happening at the same time..

  20. Sara Winchester

    that's what I've been saying. this person is clearly walking. no one runs with their head down like that.

  21. Jimmy Lumpford

    Jimmy Need Help Please whatever you can send to my paypal acc. jimmyrich31 at yahoo dot com Thank you very much and may god bless all your dreams..

  22. Jim Hopper

    And you are not judging him for judging her, but Im not judging you.

  23. Anonymous

    what happened to cameras on street posts….to me for events like this there should have been a security sweep anyways…is are security lacking…to many incidents when pure precautions should be taken for events. plus it is so amaturistic because these bombs occured on the sides….man on roof…if he was responsible hes an idiot to be in plain sight for one…if he got on the roof..go fingerprint the door handles to get there and call everyone in that shows up. where are the street cams? what building is across the street do they have security footage? and did no one seemingly see any boxes, or anything just sitting in this area.

  24. NT Vickers

    To be fair, this isn't really a conspiracy theory. Unless the bomb was set to a timer you can be sure someone had to be within the vicinity to set it off, and if you really wanted to maximise damage you would be in a position where you have a clear line of sight. Being up high would fit that. It's very credible that the person on the roof could in fact be the trigger man.

  25. William Carlisle

    Watch the "The Four Lions" and all your questions will be answered.

  26. Anonymous

    I think it was Santa Clause planning his route for next xmas.

  27. Anonymous

    I think it was Santa Clause planning his route for next xmas.

  28. Steve Megan Leach

    if you go type in boston marathom on facebook picture is zoomed in and clearly see its cop in uniform with helmet and gun.

  29. Matt Graves

    what is so odd about a guy on a roof in the city? it's a photo from 500 yards, you can't see any expression or how fast he is moving or anything…clearly the first bomb had already gone off maybe he was trying to see what the hell was going on! I would think someone setting off a bomb would want to be in the line of sight, this guy can't even see from is position.

  30. Nobodyimportant Mabeealittle

    you people are so funny reading your comments.

  31. Rosetta Lynn Goodyear

    Wow,you need to learn to read.He was not judging her. He was judging Michale J Smith for making the prety face comment about Julie Leigh Domeny.

  32. Rosetta Lynn Goodyear

    Rajveer Singh AGREED Rajveer, It was a very distastful comment that Michale J Smith made after such a horrific tragedy.

  33. Carole Toney

    Hey idiot, there is nothing funny about what happened. What if one of your loved ones got hurt or killed in this horrible bombing!!!!

  34. Shawn Sonnentag

    At the time this picture was taken, the sound of the explosion hadn't even reached the roof-guy's ears yet. The marathon runners haven't reacted to the explosion yet either.

  35. Robert Bodrato

    There are 2 chairs up there with him..He's obviously been there before… bet any amount of money he's a resident that stayed away from all the commotion on the street just enjoying the marathon.

  36. Paul Willams

    I am sure he will be on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory hyping the shadowy figure on the roof as the master-mind behind the whole plot. On a serious note why wouldnt this individual just come forward and identify themselves? Hmm?

  37. Eric Keene

    There is clearly patio furniture on the roof. Guessing this guy lives in that building.

  38. Scott Connors

    absolutely right morgan, the police just following all leads, but at first glance there is nothing abnormal about watching the race from the roof with one of the best view you can get, why do you think they have so many air cam views of races like this? got to do their job, but i am better just a race fan watching like most of the other people there .

  39. Jill Warner

    okay so I been seeing this picture and I clearly have to say something…. people claim it's someone taking pictures of the runners um if that is the case why is he empty handed and why is he walking on the roof! and if it was someone who was taking pictures of the runners there wouldn't be such an up roar about it people claim it's a cop too LOL wow I doubt it's a cop I doubt it's someone taking pictures use common sense he's up on the building empty handed walking you hear a bomb go off or something loud your going to run or duck the hell down.

  40. Andy Walsh

    Carole Toney he's not making fun of the tragedy, he's making fun of the stupid article/blurry photo of a guy who more than likely has nothing to do with this massacre. Stupid.

  41. Zachary Hoffman

    Agreed. He probably heard it and went to the roof to see what was going on. Line of sight is the key here. His location does not appear to have a line of sight to where the bomb was. If he planted it and set it off, wouldn't he want to watch it from a location where he could see the explosion.

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