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Victoria Justice Photos Leak Online, She Fights Back On Twitter

Victoria Justice Photos Leak Online

Victoria Justice had some semi-racy photos leak online this week, prompting the Nickelodeon actress to speak out on Twitter.

The photos were nothing of the R-rated variety, showing Victoria fully clothed but in a bathing suit. But they were still enough to get a reaction out of the 20-year-old actress. She struck back on Twitter, saying that hacking and stealing are not cool.

The pictures were reportedly stolen directly from Victoria Justice’s phone, and showed her wearing a revealing bathing suit that showed off quite a bit. They were published on, a site dedicated to “latest in up-and-coming celebrity news, youth-centric trends and teen gossip.”

Victoria tweeted that her phone had been stolen, and the pictures she took weren’t mean to be sexy. She added that it was meant as a joke because in the pictures she “like an 80’s aerobics instructor.”

The Victoria Justice photo leaks came as a surprise given the Nickelodeon alum’s squeaky-clean image. She has focused her work on the younger crowd, and would be wary of any bad publicity that would jeopardize that status.

Most of Victoria’s work has backed up this image. She recently appeared with Ryan Seacrest at the opening of a media center his foundation built at Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

With the pictures threatening her image, Victoria Justice grew even more direct in her tweets.

Justice also went directly at the website that posted the four pictures reportedly stolen from her phone.

The strong words appeared to work. OceanUp soon removed the Victoria Justice photos, replacing them with the message, “Images removed as per request!”

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23 Responses to “Victoria Justice Photos Leak Online, She Fights Back On Twitter”

  1. Jeff Becker

    An absolutely adorable kid. Let her grow up and let's not highlight the the silly stuff that ALL kids do while maturing. Unfortunately the people who never matured are the one's broadcasting every movement these kids make.

  2. Anthony Padilla

    My daughter watches her show sometimes, and if you saw the outfit she had on in the christmas show last year you would be scratching your head like I am. They had the girls in very skimpy costumes that looked like maybe they were "adult" play costumes. Not consistant with her stated goal of providing a clean image.

  3. Ted Talevski

    All her work is aimed towards children. That's why she starred in a PG-13 teen comedy as distributed by Nickelodeon.

  4. Jeremy Guillory


  5. Michele R. Grant

    Don't do squeaky clean it never works out and makes you look stupid! Go for I'm trying to be a good person and put good vibes out.That seems to work better when your in Hollyweird.

  6. Jeff Zakany

    I can understand why she is ticked off. I've seen pics of her on the red carpet where she is wearing short, form fitting dresses, but in this case these were private photos. It's not that the photos show more than what the paparazzi get when she's in a bikini on the beach, it's that she feels violated. A thief stole her phone and got into her personal stuff. I've had my car broke into and had a couple of CD's and lose change stolen. I was more pissed off about being broken into than what was taken.

  7. Jeff Glenn

    folks, this is 2013… if you don't want something exposed, keep it at home under lock and key. twittering your feelings isn't going to affect the person who posted them!

  8. Michael Browne

    I have never seen Victoria in anything too revealing. She is 20 years old, an ADULT. What do you want her to wear, a burkha?

  9. Michael Browne

    Victoria is TWENTY yrs. old, an ADULT. She has always been appropriate but whoever stole her PRIVATE photos I hope they get hung out to dry.

  10. Michael Browne

    Jeff I agree that's why I defend Lindsay Lohan. Every sneeze some STALKerazi is there to catch it. How would you all like it if every moment of every day you had STALKERS w cameras following you everywhere you go & if you happen to trip or sit maybe not just right someone is there to photo it?

  11. JP Ting

    Apparently you've been out of touch of what works in hollyweird these days/

  12. JP Ting

    If so then this is the lamest stunt out there. Publicity photo stunts are usually more risque. I believe this one more so than the others i've seen.

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