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Meat Recall Affects Nearly 500K Pounds, Listeria Contamination Possible

meat recall manda 2013

A meat recall due to possible contamination with Listeria has affected 468,000 pounds of product, with roast beef, ham, turkey, tasso tasso, lunch meats, cheese and other items included on the lengthy list.

The meat recall was issued by Manda Packing Company of Baker, Louisiana, and announced today by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Manda Packing Company’s meat recall began back on April 10 with 20,166 pounds of roast beef affected, spreading three days later to a far larger number of products spanning several types and brands.

Products affected by the meat recall were sold in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee, and were produced between February 27 and April 9, the day before the recall began.

A list posted on Manda Packing Company’s site details the items affected by the recall. Roast beef items recalled are:

• Manda Supreme Roast Beef
• Four Star Cajun Roast Beef
• Four Star Roast Beef
• Cajun Prize Roast Beef
• Manda Supreme Natural Roast Beef
• Manda Natural Roast Beef
• Manda New Orleans Style Roast Beef
• Manda Whole Wet Pack Roast Beef
• Manda Roast Beef
• S&W Roast Beef
• LA Pride Roast Beef
• Leblancs Roast Beef
• Thompsons Roast Beef
• Christiana Roast Beef
• Manda Italian Roast Beef
• Deli Pride Roast Beef
• Chef Master Roast Beef
• Scariano Roast Beef
• Marques Roast Beef
• Cajun Rite Roast Beef

Ham products include:

• Manda Ham
• Cajun Prize Ham
• Leblancs Ham
• Four Star Ham
• Christiana Ham
• S&W Ham
• Thompsons Ham
• Chef Master Ham
• Rouses Ham

Turkey items affected by the meat recall are:

• Leblancs Turkey Breast
• Manda Turkey Breast
• Cajun Prize Turkey Breast
• Christiana Turkey Breast

Corned Beef, Pastrami, Hogs Head Cheese, Tasso, and Ham Shanks are also included. For a full list of products, including sell-by dates and codes to identify items affected by the meat recall, consumers are advised to check the USDA’s website.

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33 Responses to “Meat Recall Affects Nearly 500K Pounds, Listeria Contamination Possible”

  1. Larry E White

    Well, there are two choices here; either continue the cuts in big government, take your chances with less inspection, or hire more inspectors to insure a safer market place.

  2. Anonymous

    talk to your OBAMASSIAH. everybody is cutting back due to OBAMACARE kicking in.

  3. Anonymous

    talk to your OBAMASSIAH. everybody is cutting back due to OBAMACARE kicking in.

  4. Elizabeth Ledesma

    The solution to this craziness is to start eating at home (NO FAST FOOD) and a vegetarian menu. It's easier and cheaper and it will get AMERICA HEALTHY AGAIN! Duh

  5. Paula Hooper Denmon

    I think that Larry White is right. How do you feel about adding a little drug tinged HORSE MEAT to this mix. The USDA and the Whitehouse have asked that they not have to budget money for inspection of Horse Meat but Slaughterhouse SUE is begging them to change their minds. Let your Legislators know that none of your tax dollars should be used to inspect Horse Meat.

  6. Mandy Bandy

    I'm glad my name is Amanda and not Manda, haha, jk but this sounds pretty bad! I hope no one gets sick!

  7. Ray Cote

    Ask Obamao why he's cutting food inspectors while giving millions of dollars to Syrian rebels with ties to Al Qaeda.

  8. R-óbêrt Róbêrt

    Cuts in Big Government? You mean like Parties with Justin Timberlake and a Vacation per month.

  9. Gene Iorgov

    Listeria is not an uncommon bacterial problem. Meat is suseptable to Listeria contamination because it is refrigerated and not pasteurized. Cooking any food to 160 degrees for 2 miutes will kill Listeria. Listeria is found in many kitchens and is a contaminant when sanitation is not done on all containers, serving and working utensils, shipping and handling containers and of course, workers hands and clothing. The best way to protect yourself from Listeria bacteria is to cook food at least 2 minutes to 160 degrees, clean all food handling areas, serving utensils and containers. Even meat with Listeria can be cooked well and eaten without harm. It is exposure to uncooked food that is the problem.

  10. Alex Hartounian

    Oh really? Didn't people get sick by eating tainted spinach and other vegetables recently? You can stick to your rabbit food but the rest of us humans are omnivores, that's how we were biologically programmed.

  11. Mo Swedo

    Obviously several people on here need to eat some meat raw so their tired blame game goes away. Sick of hearing the hick version of the world. Get some teeth you back hills tards.

  12. Paul West

    I microwave (45 secs) all meat including lunch meat too before eating or cooking them…
    The high freq RF energy kills most of that bad bacterial thus, making it safer to consume…

  13. Vila Martinez Patel

    Cutting back on what, exactly? Just because you make a statement dosen't make it so.

  14. Sherri Kowalski

    @Elizabeth….my young daughter is a vegetarian. I've noticed the weight loss she's had since taking meat out of her diet. It really is amazing, and as much as I would like to be able to eat, as Alex called it…""rabbit food…" and lose weight due to that type of a diet, I just cannot sustain myself on lettuce, spinach leaves, veggies and the like. I've tried, and I'm literally starving after less than two hours. I've got to have some sort of meat, even if it's only ground beef with my pasta, milk and cheese, etc. Going vegan is OK for some, but most of us really are meat eaters.

  15. Anonymous

    Me either. I don't eat a lot of meat, but every once in awhile that Steak really kicks in and I feel better. Too much of anything is not good for you, but even cave dwellers ate meat!

  16. Anonymous

    Sherri Kowalski Vegan is not the same as Vegetarian at all. Vegan means no animal by-products. If you're Vegetarian you might still be eating dairy such as eggs which a Vegan would never consider doing. Not trying to be rude at all, I just wanted to clarify that :) I am a Pescatarian which means I do not eat poultry or red meats (which is the absolute worst for you) I only eat a Vegetarian menu with occasional seafood like salmon or tilapia. I also don't go around shoving my diet in other people's faces. I never understood why people seem to disrespect Vegetarians. If your daughter ever experiences that, just tell her to remind those people to mind their own business and worry about themselves :) She can take care of herself and eat what she wants! More power to her!

  17. Anonymous

    Alex Hartounian Why does it seem to bother you so much that some people choose to eat a certain way and live a healthier lifestyle? It's true that things like lettuce and spinach have also been culprits of food recalls–that's what you get for buying from a huge corporation who uses poor and low standards in their manufacturing practices. Quite a few Vegetarians/Vegans end up shopping at places like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, or local co-ops…Those places have either never had any issues or they are slim to none and that is a fact. There is absolutely no harm done if someone chooses to nix meat from their diet. If you look at history, several societies used to be strictly herbivores because that's all they had access to. Women are biologically programmed to reproduce but I have no intention of making use of that because I am choosing a career over kids. That also does no harm to anyone seeing as how we are overpopulated 😉

  18. Terry Lowery Downey

    Anybody else wondering what the heck tasso-tasso is? (And thank god, none of those brands are sold where I live. I prefer to cook my own food, anyway.)

  19. Vanessa Forbes Milliman

    Yeah there have been major recalls on lettuce, tomatoes and spinach in the past 2-3 years for salamanella, so it doesn't matter what you eat these days everything has a risk

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