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Teen Dies Playing Chicken When He Fails To Move Off Train Tracks In Time

Teen Dies Playing Chicken

A teen died playing chicken when he failed to leap out of the path of an oncoming train in time.

Austin Price, a 15-year-old student at San Lorenzo High School, was struck and killed by a northbound Capitol Corridor train when he and two other boys were on the tracks at 6 pm on Thursday. While the other teens jumped off the train track in time, the Price could not and the teen died playing chicken, police said.

After the accident families of the two other teens — a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl — came to the train tracks. Authorities worked to find Price’s family shortly after the accident to notify them.

The train was heading to Sacramento from San Jose, police said.

The train tracks are a popular walking area, and said to be particularly appealing to students at San Lorenzo High School. There are warning signs and a fence meant to keep people off the tracks, but principal Tovi Scruggs said many students ignore the warnings.

“It’s an ongoing concern,” the principal said. “Tragedies don’t happen frequently, but we know the tracks are not staying empty.”

Playing chicken is a popular game there, said Austin’s longtime friend Olympia Pereira.

“They played all the time,” she said. “It was just a game.”

Another friend, 16-year-old Tania Montes, said people won’t be by the tracks anymore after the teen died playing chicken.

Austin Price was remembered this week as a kind boy who liked to make people laugh. On Friday the school of 1,500 students was in mourning, with a large sign on campus reading, “Austin, we’ll miss you.”

“He was a good person — one of those good people you come across every day,” Olympia said. “He genuinely cared.”

Principal Scruggs spoke with Austin’s family on Friday, and had a simple message to deliver to students after their teen classmate died playing chicken.

“Life is precious,” she said.

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356 Responses to “Teen Dies Playing Chicken When He Fails To Move Off Train Tracks In Time”

  1. Brittney Moore

    I'm sorry, he may have been a good kid and everything, but if you're that stupid, you kinda deserve it….

  2. Chuck DuVall

    Sorry, but it's hard to have any sympathy for stupid kids now days..

  3. Derrick Haines

    adrenaline games. I think all boys do them, and many men still do. BASE jumping, bungee, etc. Not the most brilliant thing to do, however.

  4. Charlie Fermier

    Stupid, pointless death. And a recurring nightmare that the engineer will have for the rest of his life.

  5. Jami White

    Six comments, and every one of them calling this kid stupid and saying he deserved to die. I find that far more idiotic and disturbing than playing chicken with a train. People die on a daily basis while doing things for thrills. There would be far less comments saying that he deserved it, if any, had he died in a parachuting accident or skiing down a mountain. And those activities are done by adults. This was a 15 year old boy, with a family who is devastated at this very moment. I'm not being judgmental, but I do have to wonder what the hell is wrong with you people? Show come compassion and stop using the comments section to get in your snide comments. Looking at your page, Shawn K. Slotten, you seem to thrive off of the misery of others. What are you, like in your 50's, and you have the behavior of a 12 year old trolling the internet with the sole purpose of leaving negative comments. I wonder how you would feel if the baby in your picture, which I am assuming is your grandchild, grows up to meet a similar fate, only to be chastised and cheered for having died? If I were judging anyone here, it would definitely be you. You're far too old to know better than to act like a heartless schoolgirl. Rest in peace, kid.

  6. Jami White

    Just look at her profile, Timothy, and consider the source. Her pic gives the illusion that she's a sweet and loving grandmother, but her words reveal what she truly is inside. Every comment she makes on on her facebook page is hateful and she delights in the misery of others. People like her who sick outlooks on life and do nothing but spread misery and hatred are the ones who need to be weeded out of the gene pool. She's in her 50's at least, has no compassion and behaves like a hateful teenager.

  7. Dolores N Sergio Yescas

    I wouldn't know what to call him a total fool or just plain stupid jerk, he was so young to waste his life that way, feel for the parents. *_~

  8. Dolores N Sergio Yescas

    I wouldn't know what to call him a total fool or just plain stupid jerk, he was so young to waste his life that way, feel for the parents. *_~

  9. Shirley King

    Thank you Jami !!!! I totally agree with everything you said !!

  10. Jose Carlos Cardo

    Timothy Ellsworth Messer @ does anyone want to see that? No. Does he deserve it? No. What his stupid? extremely!! I think all those comments above mean no harm behind them, so relax

  11. Tracy Owen Prince

    Thank you Timothy Ellsworth Messer for reminding me that not everybody on Yahoo message boards is a complete lost cause. I can't believe the A-holes on here. A young life ends and the tragedy becomes the punchline for bad jokes.

  12. Sandra Stevic

    I wonder how many of you would say "he deserved to die" if, God forbid, this was YOUR kid… Some of you are so heartless.

  13. Sandra Stevic

    I wonder how many of you would say "he deserved to die" if, God forbid, this was YOUR kid… Some of you are so heartless.

  14. Anonymous

    He may not have deserved it, but think of this… do you want people like this sharing our roads when you're diving down the street? This kid, and maybe others like him, will not be causing you and I our live or other serious injury to ourselves.

  15. Anonymous

    So a friend is quoted as saying "“They played all the time,” she said. “It was just a game.” Just a game? Huh? I wonder what her idea of fun is?

  16. Lee Styp

    No, standing in front of a train is plain stupid. The kid certainly didn't "deserve" to die, but it was a likely outcome. And it is in no way analogous to skydiving. Standing in front of a train risks the lives and safety of those on the train, too. It is analogous to playing in freeway traffic. Skydiving, while dangerous, is not purely thrill-seeking behavior. It involves nature and beauty. I would never do it, but I understand people want to. Done properly, it involves very little risk of injury. It is also a recognized, legal pursuit with established safety rules.

  17. Tina Bass Pruitt

    Shawn needs to remember what goes around comes around.

  18. Tom Pendergast

    When I was a kid we would walk the tracks to get to school because it was the most direct route, even though the school authorities and our parents told us all not to do that. Sometimes if we saw a train coming we'd put bricks on the track to watch it explode in a cloud of dust when the wheel hit it. There was a short, low bridge over a gutter and we had our own version of chicken. We'd like under it, with the steel beams only a couple of feet above the face, and watch them buckle when the train went over. We recognized that we were doing dangerous stuff, that's EXACTLY WHY WE DID IT! C'mon folks. Boys do that kind of crap. Most of the time they come out just fine. Once in a while, they don't. I think a lot of posters here have forgotten what it's like to be young and foolish.

  19. Peggy Sue Smith

    I bet that's no even her in the pic..I bet its someone whose afraid to post their real pic and stole this from someone else…

  20. Brian W Burch

    He took a chance and he lost. I feel sorry for the Parents and family who have to live with this horrible memory. He left a good lesson for others, If you value your life don't risk it, otherwise you might end up like this boy. Also don't let your friends play stupid games like this if you care about them.
    Also if someone lost there life by jumping out a plae or especially rock climbing I would feel the same way. The person knows the the risk. Cant feel sorry for them. The boy wasn't stupid just used bad judgement and paid for it with his life.

  21. David Pernell

    This was terrible, I know that we all did stupid things as kids. I just hope that all young people learn from this and realize that you can get hurt and die. Sometimes a bad thing can help prevent others from the same mistakes. I will send prayers to the family and all those effected by this.

  22. Jane Meet

    My condolences to Austin's family, but playing chicken with the train! He should of chose someone his own size.

  23. Chris Vehr Sr.

    A precious life has been lost. The reason doesn't matter. Thank you, Jami, for snapping back at people who have no respect for the lives of others.

  24. Alex Dupre

    "I find that far more idiotic and disturbing than playing chicken with a train"
    Really? Well that kid is dead and the people commenting are not, so, yeah, they're the idiots lol.

  25. Chris Vehr Sr.

    Randy — maybe you should read the prior posts before you post what you think is an original idea.

  26. Harvey Lain

    It wasn't tragic and it wasn't an accident. It's called "evolution." He did a stupid thing, on purpose, and it killed him before he could breed and pass on his stupidity.

  27. Tony William

    So Jami, I guess I am awful for saying what happened to this kid was the equivalent of natural selection. This kids was 150 lbs tops. That train weighs at least 150 tons. I know how he was only 15, but can we assume that this kid surely knew that if he moved late (or slipped, or had a jeans caught on a rr spike…) that he would be squished like a bug on a windshield. Ms Slotten said it right, that train made sure that kid did not put his stupid genes iinto the gene pool. Certainly it was a(nother) stupid pointless death and I do feel sorry for the kid's family. But damn, folks, at some point, I get to to underline the "stupid" part.

  28. Anonymous

    Well Said Jami !! If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. I know what its like to loose a love one, you have unanswered questions. And you Miss them so much !!Austin Price RIP sweety. We have all done thrill rides in our life..I pray for comfort for the family

  29. James Hunter

    The kid was stupid, and if you're dumb enough to play chicken with a train then you deserve to die, natural selection. We all wait for some liberal morons to come along to start making new rules. New signs. New fences. Let's make it a crime to cross railroad tracks. Let's sue amtrak for not having louder horns. Let's create regulations and waste tax money for stupid people. One less stupid kid to breed is how I see it.

  30. Pauline Kucharew

    This is so sad but it must be natural selection. What a stupid thing to do.

  31. Jan Marie Soots

    Jami White I also looked at her profile. She called a lady in jail a porker. She doesn't look like a slim super model in her pic. The comment about the teen was terrible. What a b*tch!

  32. Tiffany Kahn

    Hate to say this, but the kid was stupid! He should have known better! I do have compassion, but lets face it, kids today are stupid, rude, cruel, and clueless!

  33. Anonymous

    We have become a grossly over protective society, and the term "Safety" has been hijacked by politicians to erode your rights and personal freedoms with your blessings. Get a grip! The world is not and can not be made a safe place. The best safety device is your brain. Now days whenever there is a death we demand that the "authorities" do something, when it was the individual that should have made a better decision. By the way, giving them the title, "authorities", means you have willingly given up the control of your own life to others. We have become a generation of weak-minded and weak-spirited people. We have given up personal responsibility, personal freedom, and soon our 1st and 2nd amendment rights in the name of "Safety". At that time you will loose any remaining rights all together.
    Are we smothering our kids with "Safety"? All of my growing up I did things that would now bring child services to your front door. My father and his brothers tell stories of similar adventure. We are born with God given desire for adventure, freedom, and excitement. With responsible child rearing and guidance, our kids can be safe and express themselves. Smothering them with the "Safety Doctrine, no child shall ever get hurt" just won't work.
    The bed wetters, liberals, and emotionally unbalanced will thumbs down this post.

  34. Anonymous

    Nothing ca be worse then the lose of life and to be so young only makes it harder..Kids playing and not thinking ,, we all have gone thru this..I retired from a railroad , and had the job of going out on derailments and a lot of crashes..and a few who took their own lives by walking into the path of a train..My heart goes out to his family..and to his friends that had to see it happen…They will never forget.

  35. Ron Stauffer

    how about some concern for the train crew who had a front row seat and couldn't do anything to prevent the tragedy. The principal said it was a popular place to be and thing to do. Did anyone learn anything here?

  36. Natasha Rasputina

    Ok, the trains are only dangerous if you are a dumbf***ck and decide to have fun by laying on the tracks. Besides that, he could've caused a serious accident if the conductor would've freaked out and caused the train to derail or crash. Darwin wins again.

  37. Natasha Rasputina

    the kid clearly didnt appreciate his life, and at 15 you would think better ideas could come to mind than laying on train tracks.

  38. Natasha Rasputina

    I am not saying he deserved to die, but I am saying 'oh, well, his death was a direct result of his stupid actions"

  39. Natasha Rasputina

    thank you! And think of all the people witnessing that, or the possible train cash he could've caused

  40. Michelle Harrison

    Timothy, the parents and the conductor had no choice, this kid made it for them by playing a dangerous and stupid game that got him killed. Now these people have to live with this tragedy because the kid was an idiot.

  41. Dominic Byas

    No Timothy, she deserves to be called a ignorant az BYTCH!!!

  42. Emily Krasinski

    Parents, get your kids trust and ask them REALLY what they're doing with their friends.

  43. Ryan Walker

    You are invincible, until the unspeakable happens. Austin Price just taught a huge lesson to a bunch of teens. Hopefully it sticks for a while.

  44. Regina Moultrie

    This happened because this kid decided to do something stupid.There's probably another idiot out there right now trying to play beat the train. No matter how many times this type of story is highlighted, for some reason people just won't get it. The train will always win.

  45. Ginny Tucker Cox

    Natasha Rasputina I guess you never made stupid decisions when you were 15?? I know I sure did.

  46. Ginny Tucker Cox

    Natasha Rasputina I guess you never made stupid decisions when you were 15?? I know I sure did.

  47. Ginny Tucker Cox

    Life is not a game….especially not to be played like that…very sad:(

  48. Jack Davison

    And this years Darwin award goes to…………..AUSTIN PRICE!

  49. Troy Johnson

    Just nature weeding out the arrogant ones… like what George Carlin once said, "The kid who swallows the most marbles doesn't grow up to have kids of their own."

  50. Carolyn Roesbery

    The only thing we can do is teach children to be serious about safety, that danger is real.

  51. William Blackmore

    It's all fun & games until someone gets hurt. Austin was just a teenager out goofin' with his friends. At that age, you don't think much about the consequences & especially not REAL death. How many of us have done silly things later realizing it was dangerous? Lots of us have lucked out. Austin didn't. He was just a kid. Don't judge so harshly.
    RIP Austin.

  52. Sam Davis

    What is wrong with you people? He did something stupid he made a bad choice. That doesn't mean he deserved to die! What teenager hasn't made a bad judgement call or pulled a stupid stunt knowing better? How cruel can you be to those who loved him by posting such trash? Be ashamed learn from your mistakes and grow up!

  53. Claudia Deziel

    I feel sorry for the train operator and the passengers.

  54. Sherri Kowalski

    He may have been good and kind, but just like the others, he was a f*cking idiot to the nth degree.

  55. JL Richardson

    I just read this truly sad to lost a child iI know I lost my son 5 year -ago…… heart gose out to the family. To you Jami White I agree with you this was someone child…….Adults more the childern do this everyday to end they life and the thing abiut they know better………

  56. Anonymous

    I'm sure countless times in your life you were a so called idiot too growing up…..

  57. Tanner Wolf

    Our soldiers die everyday fighting for our country and they don't get any personal recognition, but someone who dies playing chicken with a train does. I'm not trying to sound like a dick, its sad the kid died but he was playing chicken with a train….

  58. David B Hicks Sr

    Why are so many out there so judgemental of this young person? Haven't any of us done something stupid in our lives at least once. I know that I have, and thank God that I am alive to talk about it. My condolences to his parents.

  59. Melvin Thompson

    Well, I can say I honestly didn't do anything this stupid. I may have cheated, or skipped a class, but would never think playing chicken was fun. If It were my child I would still say he was incredibly stupid and won't be missed.

  60. David B Hicks Sr

    Shawn, remember that you were once young. Can you say that you never did an act that could have injured or killed you. if you say so you are either an angel (which I doubt) or a liar( which I am inclined to believe). Instead of directing your venom at a youth who did a dumb thing and died, use it to help stop the senseless murder of the unborn which would be a better use of your time.

  61. Melvin Thompson

    I'm 22 and would never do anything so stupid. It would have been a better story if you or one of your friends had been killed.

  62. Melvin Thompson

    The people saying every young person does something like this is wrong. I am not that far off from being a teenager and never did anything this insolent. I think the dumbest thing I did was skipping a class to go get something to eat. This is just as stupid as the boy that was decapitated when he decided to stick his head out of a bus going under an overpass. Instant LOL for both stories. I don't care if it was my child, petulant people like this should not be mourned.

  63. Anonymous

    Natasha Rasputina….lol with an ugly face like yours natasha maybe you should do us all a favor and stand in front of a train next…and quit caking the make up on to hide your disgusting blemishes looser

  64. Anonymous

    Natasha Rasputina well you are because you spelled crash CASH…cake face

  65. David B Hicks Sr

    Brittney, you appear to be in the age group who are glued to their cellphones. You are on it from the time that you get up until you go to sleep at night. You probably text while driving also. How would you feel if I told you that you deserved to die? That would be no less heartless than your comment. I really hope that you listen and live to be an older woman and not die senselessly in an accident.

  66. David B Hicks Sr

    I agree with Timothy, and Sandra, My son just missed losing his life in a shootout outside of a college bar by about five minutes. He was too young to be in a bar or around one by law.

  67. Jenni Zemlock

    Jami, I agree with everything you said, However I also think there’s another victim and that is of the train operator who has to live with the image for the rest of his life knowing their wasn’t anything he could do to stop in time.

  68. David B Hicks Sr

    Tracy I didn't mean to leave you out in my comment. If you have ever read my comments here, sometimes I am an A-HOLE, because I have strong feelings about right and wrong. To those that I have offended, please understand that opinions are like anus', everyone has one but no one wants smell yours. We are all entitled to speak our minds, so let's respect other's views.

  69. Anonymous

    Sorry that this had to happen. Teens think they will live forever. May he RIP.

  70. Kris Jensen

    My kid would not be that stupid to play chicken with a train. Do stupid things expect stupid or bad results. I feel bad for the family he left behind for his stupidity.

  71. Stanley W. Sloan

    He was just a kid doing what they do but it back fired on Austin , he was a school friend of my grandson who said he was a great kid , awful sad , pray for his family , he will be missed , to think here's Saturday when he should have been out with his friends.Heartbreaker.

  72. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    Jami White your comment is the only one which reeks of common sense. People, hiding behind their keyboards are quick to make statements about what others do and tend to call them stupid. The only stupid people on here are the ones who are criticizing the boy and not offering condolences to his family. I am amazed at the amount of people on her who have never made a mistake in their entire pitiful lives. These people are arrogant, disgusting and rude. Comments like these are common today when everyone thinks they are smarter then everyone else. I am so sick of these sick bastards who hide behind the keyboard and would never have the nerve to approach the parents and voice their opinion. They are all little people, cowards who have nothing better to do than post nasty comments which serve no purpose other than their meager attempt to boost their own ego. They are disgusting, ignorant people. My condolences to the family of this kid who died in a tragedy.

  73. Kevin Ygo

    steven.moss79 *crash* and he was in high school not college.

  74. Jeffrey Corcoran

    Playing chicken with a train is beyond stupid. The only thing truly tragic is that the kids parents failed to raise him properly to know not to do such an imbecilic thing. Which any death is sad, this should be consider a suicide.

  75. Jeffrey Corcoran

    The family should have not raised their son to be a freaking moron. People that fail to realize that are part of the problem.

  76. Anonymous

    it is sad for the parents! but I'm sorry when are parents going to start taking responsibly for there children! frankly if you are playing chicken with a train there's something really wrong with you! he did not deserve to die , but what happen to common sense!

  77. Jeffrey Corcoran

    I'd teach my kid not to be so stupid as to play chicken

  78. Jeffrey Corcoran

    carlinai Actually i was never such a freaking moron as to play chicken. Doing something dumb, making a mistake, that's one thing. But doing an intentional act as this is quite something different.

  79. Jeffrey Corcoran

    Timothy Ellsworth Messer And I don't use the type of language to match one one of your mentality, or lack there of, deserves to be called.

  80. Jeffrey Corcoran

    Sorry but no, I was a boy all my life and never did such a ridiculous thing such as this or what you were describing. Posters haven't forgotten anything, they just have more sense.

  81. Joseph Cox

    Bottom line, it's not very bright move. I wouldn't call this kid an idiot, he is a kid, fearless having most likely not much concept of how easily a life can end. Prayers to his family and friends and also the Engineer. That poor guy or gal is gonna be seeing this in their sleep for some time to come, I hope that it never happens to me.

  82. James Scurrah

    Oh OMG! You are definitely from another planet. For one thing, these "other thrills" such as skydiving, are done legally and after much training and supervision. People, whether young or old, who do things illegally and dare a thousand ton fast moving train against their frail little bodies are INDEED STOOOOPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many of you obviously have not had a moral and upstanding compasss, i.e., adult, in your life to guide you as to what is right and wrong. You should not be commenting because it just shows your low intelligence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Portia Rossi

    The only victim here is the train operator. The kid had it coming, and no, I did not take stupid risks growing up. The family should have educated him better.

  84. Anonymous

    Natasha Rasputina If you come here we'll have one more for sure

  85. Yvonne Hancock

    “Life is precious,” she said. too bad the kid did not think so apparently. No I never drank and drove as a kid , walked on a few RR tracks, never when a train was on them. Why o Why do teens think they are totally invinceable?

  86. Steve Inzalaco

    Sandra no kid deserves to die. But sometimes you play with fire get burned. Kid was an idiot. Sad though.

  87. Steve Inzalaco

    steven.moss79 You should not talk, you cant even post your picture. So go jump in front of a train now. Have respect for women, loser.

  88. Anonymous

    No one wishes this kid death…But as politically correct as you want to cannot deny stupid? there is nothing else to say..It is not a joke…but if you jump in a fire you will get burned…Wish it never happened…but the truth is…in this world…stupid can get your hurt or killed…and these kids were and are stupid…Sorry for the loss…but it was still STUPID…and he was 15…In one year he could have driven a car….maybe he would have killed other people because he was so stupid,,, and if he had…then youi would not feel so sorry for stupid…RIP kid…you should have known better.

  89. Feed Your Noggin

    You know what's sad? when a kid loses his struggle with Cancer or is struck by someone operating thier vehicle under the influence. But when you are playing Russian Roulette for thrills, well, the odds are right there and the kid knew it: pulling the trigger over and over again. Eventually the gun goes off. That's the thrill. So do I feel sorry for the kid? No. He engaged in risky life/death behavior knowing the risk and put his future of himself and his immediate family in peril due to his behavior he paid the price. Darwin Award.

  90. Rita P. Hestand

    Kids don't always make the best decisions. Sometimes they start something like this and something else goes wrong and it ends like this. It's a tragic loss and I do feel for the parents. We can't be with our kids every minute of the day, bad decisions sometimes can't be reversed. But this does serve to warn others about making these kinds of decisions. Being popular, being brave, being big man on campus doesn't matter when it turns sour. God bless this child and take him into your bosom, and help his folks live through this as it is a tragedy. It's a wake up call to others.And so very, very sad.

  91. Brandon Bersch

    Jami, there should be more people like you in the world, and I am not just saying that to be flattering. It took lots of guts to say what you did, and it is very well deserving. I am glad finally someone said it, but it is great to see, not every commenter is a heartless idiot.

  92. Lukas Feuerstein

    I'm not going to say this kid deserved to die, because very few people deserve to die (Kim Jon Un being one of the few).
    But he and whoever else plays this so called chicken game, is a freaking dumbass. I send my condolences to this family and hope that poor kid RIP, but if any parents in that area find out their kid was playing that suicidal "Chicken" Game, they should scold there kids severely. What kind of idiots play a game where you get on train tracks right before a train is about to come by and jump at the last second, there is a difference between doing things for thrills and being plain stupid. Very few people deserve to die, but this kid and anybody who has played chicken, is a flat out idiot.

  93. Lukas Feuerstein

    I'm 15, I would never do something that stupid. I like living.

  94. Eryn Mede

    I think the reason for the negative comments is that no one can visually see a photo of this kid or knew who he was. Without a photo, he is simply placed into a box of media stories meant to entertain the American public. We have been so numbed by these dark forms of gossip we lost all care for those around us.
    What he did was immature, not stupid. Boys do these things all the time when they're young because they think they're going to live forever. This can be solved by careful parenting and openly talking to your child more and more as they grow. My parents would have never let me out of the house on my own unless they knew where I was going and who I was going with. If I dared to lie to them I would be reprimanded and asked to analyze the situation and explain why I felt the need to lie at all and learn my lesson to judge future decisions.

  95. Anonymous

    On the bright side, he won the game of chicken at least.

  96. Mark Francis Sinatra Vinette

    Jeffrey Corcoran how do you know that this kid was a moron. Oh, excuse me I am replying to a perfect individual who never did anything foolish or stupid as a kid. Yes, you must be a perfect person. Hence, you, in all of your majesty are here to blame parents for a stupid stunt which caused a child to loose his life. I made it a priority to my children to never walk on railroad tracks, on top of dams or in the middle of the highway even though we had no highways, railroad tracks or dams in our area. You are a sick piece of work if you think kids will never do anything stupid despite how they are raised. Obviously you were raised perfect. How did that work out for you? You have managed to obtain something very humans have been able to do, achieve perfection. I congratulate you. Mr. Perfect.

  97. Anonymous

    i couldn't say he deserved it either. what he did was stupid, and he paid dearly for it. we all make stupid mistakes, and this should remind us we should never put ourselves in a life-and-death situation unless we want to save somebody else's life. it's a very lousy way to die. i hope it's a lesson to learn for many young people particularly. life is real, life is precious, and it is more noble to live it and make the most of it. the worst part of it for me is, his death is instant, but the suffering of everybody else had just began and will continue to linger.

  98. Brandon Bersch

    BUT, the train engineer will quite possibly forget it someday, the family (especially the parents) of the kid never will. Perhaps you should think of that. We all lost someone to death at least some time or another. Maybe it is your parent, maybe it is your child, maybe it is your friend. Does not matter. If you are a parent, you will probably already know that.

  99. Anonymous

    Won't have to worry about him doing something even more stupid like killing someone in the future….dumb ass.

  100. Michael Backes

    maybe so, but if he is dumb enough to play that stupit game he is more than deserving to win the price. Don't get me wrong i feel bad for the family… but in all reality how am i supposed to feel bad when there are dumb kids doing dumb acts? where was the parenting which could have prevented this by teaching responsible behavior?

  101. Anonymous

    If any of my 3 children would have played chicken with a speeding train when they were young…yeah, I would have to consider them idiots and dumb asses.

  102. Judy Euwer

    I'm pretty sure that steven.moss79 was not refering the the Price boy but rather to Natasha Rasputina, who by the way, totally shows no compassion for other human beings. Wonder how she would feel if it were one of her loved ones? But I'm sure that since she is so perfect, no one in her circle could make a mistake. I feel sorry for people who are so heartless as you Natasha. Ever hear of KARMA?

  103. Anonymous

    There’s an old saying.. “stupid should hurt” and in this case it did, in a BIG way. I can’t understand why a child with reasonable intelligence would even attempt something like this. Where were his parents? Hadn’t they taught him Right from Wrong,. Good from Bad,? As a parent of a boy who’s made it to his 29th b-day I have to say, I taught my child and I preached my philosophy time and time again. “You have to judge the benefit Vs the risk..” it’s that simple. If you do you find the risks are in most cases NOT worth it.
    It’s a PARENTS JOB to teach the fundamentals.. Now as a parent I feel the deep sense of loss any parent would feel at this time. I know they blame themselves as well they should, But still the sorrow and grief must be huge. I’m so sorry for your loss. Try to turn it to a positive help others with stupid kids or inattentive parent avoid this tragedy in their lives. Help Educate!

  104. Ryne Russell

    My kid would be smart enough to stay off the tracks. Just sayin

  105. Ironhorse Lockhart

    Several issues are at hand with this senseless loss of a young life. Young kids at times do things that are not well thought out. There is a train conductor/engineer that has to live the rest of their life in the fact that a kid died while they were only attempting to make a living.

  106. Melissa Jones Callis

    Troy Johnson you asked why this boy's life is so precious. EVERY life is precious (valuable) because that person will love, and be loved by, others, and that person will hopefully find happiness in working and in helping others who are less fortunate. This boy who played chicken with the train will never go to college, never find a job, never get married or have children, never retire or be a grandfather. Therefore his greatly shortened life is even more precious to his friends and family.

  107. Brandon Bersch

    O-k, I will say it. "Remember, my sentimental friend, your heart is not judged by how much you love, but how much you are loved by others." From what the articles say, this boy sounds like he was a very nice kid, and yes, he made a stupid decision, which is quite weird, considering what his mother said about his grades in math, but you must admit, though that was idiotic, that was very courageous what he did. Sorry, but judging from these things, I am under the impression this boy was not stupid at all, just made a very bad decision.

    How many stories have you heard of people drinking under the influence of alcohol? Several. How many stories have you heard of people getting lung cancer just because they smoke? Several. How risky is things, such as sky diving and bungee jumping? Risky. How many of us walk straight into traffic without even looking? Lots. But, how many of us are called idiots just for those things? Not as much. Hm, maybe it is quite obvious who is the actual idiot here, or should I say, idiots. Are you all even aware of how many idiots there are in this world? Billions. Perhaps we all have this coming.

  108. Joshua Lamm

    Natasha Rasputina Natasha Rasputina ….your 1. a heartless bitch obviously. 2. yea it wasn't a smart game but doesnt mean he deserved or shouldo f died. 3. it's still sad. 4. if all your gonna do is call people morons. say he deserved to die. and say oh well he was an idiot. all i can say is i hope your next cuz it's people like you that make this world disgusting ot live in sometimes. and crystal morales….your no better. you agree on all of her sayings. so same goes to you. now have a nice day..and try and grow a heart.

  109. Jane Wright

    Wow! This kid really didn't have any common sense! It was a really hard way to have fun in life. He could probably choose different thing but his fate was into the train challenge to get whack…there it went…. RIP. I feel sorry for his parents who loved him dearly and loss him for his self inflected foolishness.

  110. Steve Saunders

    yes Natasha. this is the area for the king nut, nancy Pelosi. the same one who says stupid things like lets vote on this bill and then we can see whats in it. just like playing chicken

  111. Brandon Bersch

    Thank you, finally someone mentioned this. I cannot even begin to tell you how many articles I have seen like this, "a young life has been lost, idiotically, time for badmouthing." Sick, and guess what, they are all Yahoo articles. I think for most people it is much easier to say something mean, because they were not taught manners. It is not a bad thing to be nice once in a while. Perhaps they must be taking in heart how grief-stricken the family and friends must be right now, oh wait, that's right, compassion kills.

  112. Jamie Keller

    the kid must have been on fucking crack or something, lost his mind wanted to die. probably the same kid that tied a lil puppy to train tracks a couple days ago

  113. Anonymous

    Principal Scruggs spoke with Austin’s family on Friday, and had a simple message to deliver to students after their teen classmate died playing chicken.

    “Life is precious,” she said.

    Yes! Life IS precious; so stay OFF the train tracks!

  114. Dale Christman

    what I find more disturbing than a 15 year old playing chicken with a train is a parent not teaching him to not play chicken with a train.

  115. Gerald Thomas

    I made some ill advised decisions (and on rare occasion still do) as a kid, but nothing this dangerous and STUPID. I climbed trees, jumped off toolsheds, flew out of swings, played some rough games, swung from grapevines, swam less than an hour after eating, rode on the hood of a car. It's still sometimes dangerous – I've made photos hanging out of helicopters, climbed billboards, been up close and personal with some very angry horses, etc, but I make sure the odds are in my favor. A lot of 15 year olds still can't relate actions to consequences, even a little. I watched my brother get mowed down by a car when I was 6 and he was 10. He backed up into the street to watch a tree being cut down – not where he was supposed to be. The 19 year old neighbor who hit him was racing another guy – not what he was supposed to be doing. Both were wrong. I lost a brother, my parents lost a child. It's absolutely the worst thing that can happen to a parent.

  116. Anonymous

    Chris Vehr Sr.
    Actually Chris, the Bible says that there is "nothing new under the sun" It is just possible
    that there ARE no original ideas…food for thought.

  117. Brian Allen Austin

    One interesting issue to notice from this situation is the below comments as a whole.. The "bad/immoral" people judge/condemn the kid in the story above for being unintelligent and without common sense or home training. The "good/moral" people judge/condemn the bad people for judging the kid. Anyone see the hypocrisy? Who is really "bad" and who is really "good"… If the cost of coming to the child's aid and defending him is judging/condemning the same people who judged/condemned the child, is it really worth it? Are you not become just as "bad" as the people who judged in the first place?

  118. Brian Allen Austin

    if you want to see what i'm talking about check out this page and at the bottom you will see all the comments.

  119. Anonymous

    While I would never say anyone deserved to die, I feel pretty comfortable saying the kid was not too bright. Of course we all make some bad decisions when we are young but directly putting your life on the line as a game is beyond being a bad decision. I feel dorry for the people in this kids life that are going to be affected by this, some for the rest of their lives, but I can't help but think the rest of the world is a little better off because of this.

  120. Mark E. Malasics

    People sometimes make bad decisions, this is true. However fewer people make these decisions and turn them into games. Remember, this was not a case of a freak accident. This was not a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was not a case of impaired judgement. This was a game, a version of Russian Roulette being played out with trains instead of bullets. Unless it turns out that this youth was mentally challenged, he knew full well that this game had fatal consequences. He didn't deserve to die, but he himself dealt the cards.

    As a youth I also played along the tracks, but those of the New Haven line in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a very busy commuter corridor between New Haven and New York City. But I didn't play ON the tracks. And when I heard or felt a train coming, I moved away from the tracks, quickly. To put it bluntly, it wasn't a smart place to play, but I wasn't stupid enough to gamble with my life and play a game against a moving locomotive.

    So I disagree with those who post comments that suggest that just because "everyone" once did something dangerous in their younger lives, it offers an acceptable excuse for this to happen. It does not. Life is precious, but if someone is willing to taunt death in such a careless manner, then one can only offer so much pity and condolence.

  121. Anonymous

    While I understand and agree with you to a point, your comparisons aren't really comparisons at all.Most of the activities we do have a purpose. There is some kind of draw. Whether it be the effects of g forces on the body, speed, gravity, something. What this kid was doing was playing Russian Roulette. There is no sport or anything. It is die or not die. The fun is trying to come as close to dieing as possible. I feel no sorrow whatsoever for the kid. I feel bad for his parents and all the people that will be affected by this, but that is it.

  122. Anonymous

    There goes another misfit, he didn't deserve to die but he wasn't quite bright enough to last.
    Who's next?

  123. Mark E. Malasics

    You put bricks on the tracks??? The next time you feel like YOU have forgotten what it's like to be young and foolish, go do something that will only put your own life at risk.

  124. Mark E. Malasics

    Excellent logic…..just because other people do it, etc.

  125. Markas Caldwell

    Sorry Kiddo that this happened to you when your life hadn't even begun. I'm also sorry for the Jerk kids who you thought that you had to impress to stand in front of a train. I hope that the first person to jump off and the last person to jump off live the rest of their lives with the fact that they lost more than a contest. God bless you guy!

  126. Brian Eloys Valley

    Jami, I whole-heartedly agree with your assessment of every aspect you've presented. It is, indeed, a sad event, when any child dies. The loss and sorrow is indescribable to the families involved. It should be a life not extinguished, and exemplified, but rather a sharper focus on healing and understanding.

  127. Brian Christman

    We don't have to fix stupid,apparently they take care of themselves

  128. Brandon Bersch

    Brian Eloys Valley, I agree. I think what the boy did was probably one of the dumbest things ever, but I feel sorrow for him, because it sounds to me that he was truly an incredibly good person, there are not many people like that in the world. I do not know how many here even have children, but how would they feel if their own child died? That must be one of the worst things ever to have to live with, with the rest of your life. Stupid or not, he was still a human being, and like anyone else, he mattered in the world too, apparently to thousands of people. I might not have kids, but at least I can tell right from wrong. I just hope the boy is at peace right now, and is in a much better world, and just let me finish with this. Just because someone says it, does not mean that they mean it. We ALL lose someone to death, but we all do not get this much disrespect. What irks me the most about this, however, is where were the parents in this. No child deserves to die, whatever stupid stunt they pull, but yet so many are dying, sad just sad. Yes, I know people die all the time, but that is no reason to be so apathetic. No one is asking for pity here folks, but if you do not have anything nice to say, then please don't say anything at all, that's not much to ask.

  129. Brian Demmitt

    Agreed. I am stunned. Even by some who are parents. I am reminded of something my grandmother used to tell me and that is, if you don't have anything nice (or compassionate in this case to say) then don't say anything. I guess some people think they are witty.

  130. Ricky Tew

    while I do agree w/jami white I GOTTA wonder ONE thing. In THIS day n age, since early 90's, how long will it be before we hear about the family sueing the train company for being where it's SUPPOSED to be. NOBODY wants to take responsibility for own actions. They'd rather sue AND THIS COUNTRY NOW a LAZY ASS want EVERYTHING for NOTHING country AND GET IT! they will sue. watch

  131. Brandon Bersch

    Melvin Thompson "won't be missed"? That is one of the most heartless comments I have seen in years. No child, no matter what idiotic stunt they pull, deserves that. If I had a child, and if it was mine, and he/she tried something like this, but lived, I would say that what they did was way beyond intelligence, but to say they would not be missed if they do such things, heck no, you deserve no right to be a parent, if you abide by that rule. I can understand why so many are calling the kid an idiot, I agree but only to an extent, but besides what he did to cost him his life, he had a very good life regardless. None of us even know why he did this. Maybe he was depressed? Maybe he was intoxicated? Maybe he was suicidal? Maybe he was bullied? I am sorry, but if a fifteen-year-old has it altogether, and does something this stupid and life-threatening, I would question. I know I posted much more than I wanted to, but I just hope people will keep their rude comments to themselves. You would be in the right to say he was an idiot for doing this, but it should stop at that. A fifteen-year-old died, for Pete's sake, you can still show compassion while calling someone an idiot just for this act. You do not even know the kid, yet you are being so cruel, that is quite idiotic as well.

  132. Anonymous

    My thoughts and prayers to the Price family. I am sorry for your loss. One more thing, please do not hire an ambulance chasing attorney to initiate a frivolous lawsuit.

  133. Richard Beskow

    Well for one thing parachuting and skiing are different because you aren't putting yourself in immediate danger. You can ask 5000 people whether it's idiotic to jump in front of an oncoming train as a game and they'd all be idiots to say no. I'm not saying he deserved to die, but he was doing a very idiotic thing.

  134. Jimmy Lumpford


  135. Eric Epperson

    Hmm, in my young days I remember playing sports and skateboarding… Damn, recreating a scene from Final Destination must have slipped my mind.

  136. Anonymous

    Natural selection here. I feel for the family members and friends, but I don't feel sorry for him. There is so many other ways to have fun, it's ridiculous that standing in front of a train is the first option. He clearly didn't' value his life enough, so it was taken from him.

  137. Kevin January

    Anyone want to bet when the family will announce they are going to sue for not having some sort of sign?

  138. Kevin January

    Anyone want to bet when the family will announce they are going to sue for not having some sort of sign?

  139. Anonymous

    no sympathy for stupidity… people want to do things for a thrill? well this is what happens…

  140. Eric Wallwin

    You worthless examples of human beings…you don't deserve to breath the same air… You do great work at showing how low , we as human beings can go to show your heartfelt compassion to the loved ones that are suffering the loss of a child…Im sorry , but you all are poor examples of what it is to be human and putting your ignorant and stupid comments only confirms that you deserve to be looked down too and Id spit in your F—-king Face…You talk about the gene pool…What the hell! How can you look at yourselves in a mirror? Obviously you don't see much but a empty shell of a worthless excuse of a human taking up space and wasting the air you don't deserve to breath…You make me so F—cking sick..But know this…Karma is a bitch…and she is coming your way…There is no excuse for the lack of compassion towards anothers suffering.. Go ahead and hold your head up and keep that attitude…It really looks so right on you…You will have the blessing of that same Karma come right back to bless you…And you will be sorry then… Good Luck my fellow humans…Jerks!

  141. Frank Lopez

    This is what I said the other time: "Kids nowadays are stupid and brainless, technology is making us all stupid instead of helping us" Most likely, this kid was texting and wouldn't and couldn't hear the train getting close.

  142. Miles A. Morris

    Alright, some of you people need to be kept in check here. Anyone who is calling this 15 year old kid stupid for making a decision like this should be slapped across the face. Some of you obviously haven't learned by now that if you have nothing nice to say, you should keep it to yourself. Now as for the rest of us actually showing some empathy towards anyone hurt by his death, feel free to call us sanctimonious idiots (as if we'll even care), but we're only human and at least WE'RE not the ones looking like gigantic horse's asses on the internet. We all make mistakes, some of us more than others. The fact is, however, is that the comments you are making show your true colors, and frankly, the only color I'm seeing is something even more black than the night sky. A lot of you are in your 40s-50s and you're being the most disgraceful, insensitive human beings posting irreverent, immature comments. You people are absolutely disgusting. So that being the case, clean your souls up and find a heart if you haven't found one already. Though for some, that may be easier said than done.

  143. Marilyn Brennan

    So sorry this boy is dead. My heart goes out to his friends and family. For those who comment about the boy being stupid for doing something foolish and dangerous, think a moment. How mature were you at 15? And I can recall a few stupid teen things I did that could have caused my death. Fortunately, I survived these incidents. And if you can't recall doing something foolish that might have caused you harm, I for one, don't believe it for a second.

  144. David Ford

    When I was 15 I would egg a car or make prank phone calls, but I never did anything as stupid as this. When you play with fire you get burned.

  145. Miles A. Morris

    Jeffrey, you dipstick, you don't know ANYTHING about him or his parents. Judging by that comment you made, it seems like you were raised to berate people who ended up in a state like his.

  146. Miles A. Morris

    You didn't take any stupid risks that any of us on here know about. Next time, keep little snide remarks about anyone's family to yourself. Otherwise, given the slightest chance if any of his family ever meets you and finds out about what you said or if something this tragic, you'll be begging to go back in time and wishing to retract that statement.

  147. Sean Sopata

    Did he deserve to die? Of course not. But he did due to his (and his friends) own stupidity. A totally preventable death.
    And for those saying things like "you were probably an idiot too when growing up!", you're partially right. Did I do stupid things? Yes. Did those stupid things involve hundreds of tons of steel moving directly at me? No. There is, in fact, a BIG difference.
    A stupid decision by three children that will have lasting impact on many, many people. Such a shame.

  148. Terry Gourley

    Engage in stupid behavior, die stupidly…Mo sympathy from me. This is a prime example of nature culling rthe ones who are unfit to breed.

  149. William Lawless

    Having spent my Junior High days living in San Lorenzo and moving to Felton in 1953, I can say with absolute certainty that this game, on that trestle, over that creek, was probably going on during WWII. This is also where the 'the daring boys' would go to and get UNDER the trestle to gaze upward to see if the high school girls walking home over the trestle were wearing underwear. We had a lot of fun there, and the trains seemed to be rarer and rarer as the years went on. I am sure that the new trains go through much faster now and the trestle has been replaced, but the memories have not faded. It is terribly sad to hear of this tragedy. May this young man rest in peace, my prayers are with his family and his comrades.

  150. Kurt Kreiger

    …the parents are grieving, so respect for them is due…..however, no one can "keep an eye" on their kids 24/7… they grow, you only hope and pray they make good decisions…..prayers to the family….

  151. Belinda Burke

    For all of the rude and critical comments that were posted you make me sick!! It seems that this young man and plenty of his freinds have been doing this for a long time. It is sad to think that instead of compassion and support for the family and freinds you get low scum idiots putting their two cents in where maybe they should have kept it because looked like you had run out! FOR SURE!

  152. Anonymous

    Sweet and caring? He did not care about himself apparently or his family. Jami White criticizing someone's comment about a stupid act does not bring back the person who made a stupid decision. There are many chances to get hurt or die but to bring about your own death is stupid. Also stop picking on schoolgirls as if being a schoolgirl is somehow an inferior station in life.

  153. Josh Smith

    I just read an article the other day where a train hit the emergency brakes to keep from hitting a dog that was tied to the tracks. why didn't this happen here?

  154. Matthew Smith

    While I don't think anyone deserves to die…..this is pretty dumb.

  155. Jamison Alton Rountree

    Sad for the family. This is a terrible, terrible loss they must be feeling.

    Still, let this be a lesson to other teens out there: You play chicken too long, you fry.

  156. Anonymous

    To Jami White: I never want to go skiing with you if you think it's comparable to playing chicken with an Amtrak train…maybe ski behind you, but not in front of you for sure.

  157. Paige Marie Johnson

    Well it is true that he did deserve to die. It's their fault! They didn't hear the train coming? Plus, that's such a bad place to be playing chicken anyways.

  158. Anonymous

    It's just too bad he wasn't old enough or could even remember the "chickie run" in the movie "Rebel Without A Cause" with James Dean. If only he could have seen that movie, I don't think he would have ever entertain thoughts of what he did.

  159. Mike Baughman

    A 15 year old young man dies, and people throw stuff around stupidity, he deserved it, having their own opinions, the whole time STILL calling this young man, an idiot. As far as opinions, if you are an adult, and you degrade a child for doing some crazy kid shit, either you've never lived, have no class, or this is what you're about. Just a bitter deuche bag. 15 yr old kids, make mistakes, this young guy, probably froze up because he realized what was happening. And he got killed.
    As far as the rest of ya. why would you think to say the rotten things you did? He was a kid, apparently a good kid. He lost his life because he did a kid thing. You all, hopefully, will live out your lives to their fullest. He won't. Think about what happened. He was killed in front of his friends, his family lost a son and maybe a brother. And you jerks sit in here talking about a kid that just died. I wonder what it takes to make people say the most rotten shit I've ever heard said about a dead kid. Y'all should be ashamed, what if he was your friend? Brother? I hope nothing ever happens like this to any of you people, if it does, so remember how stupid you were this evening.

  160. Van Nguyen

    From this day on, anyone who plays chicken on those tracks is a bird brain.

  161. Anonymous

    when picking your opponent for a game of chicken, be sure it is an opponent capable of moving out of the way.

  162. Mark Krendel

    I feel sad for the parents and loved ones as they are suffering so much and so needlessly right now. But, I'm sorry, I refuse to pretend that I don't think this kid was an idiot who deserved what he got for being an idiot. Life is precious, so for those who hold it so cheaply I have no sympathy. When I look into the eyes of a ten year old child who is fighting for their life against juvenile leukemia…when I see their courage and their pain, how much life means to them that they are enduring all that they endure, it gets pretty goddamned difficult to give a flying rat's ass about some perfectly healthy asshole playing chicken with a train.

  163. Danny Maddox

    First off condolences to the Family. While I did not know him or his family, this is a local kid from my area.

    Secondly I am stunned at the amount of adults ridiculing the fact that child was killed. Sad statement about the world today I guess. At 15 I also thought I was invincible and "death was something that happened to other people". This was a child. Rest in peace.

  164. Linda Seel

    The more I read about this, the more my heart breaks. For the parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and yes, for the engineer. Can you imagine the horror of seeing someone deliberately standing on the tracks and not being able to stop the train? I'll bet the buddies he had with him feel worse than anyone. They'll NEVER do that again. So sad.

  165. Michael Berg

    I have a solution to the whole he was an idiot/ not an idiot debate. He was just incredibly foolish. But if you don't think playing chicken with a train is foolish… then you are a complete moron. P.S. playing chicken with a train isn't like Skiing, or skydiving. Still a tragedy but sometimes people do stupid/foolish things, sometimes they pay for it. my condolences
    Ohh by the way I blame the phrase YOLO.

  166. Barby Winston

    Something always happnes when you are trying to either "beat" at train in your car or play chicken with a train. The kid got an adrenaline rush from doing this. Some adults get that same feeling from skydiving, climbing snow capped mountains, or surfing in shark infested waters. So, adults often engage in highly dangerous activities as well. Therefore, this defeats the argument of darwinism like some idiots on here have posted.

  167. David Daniels

    It's difficult to imagine there are 15 year olds competing in network talent shows, 15 year old scientists, 15 year old sports phenoms, then there are 15 year old morons playing chicken with trains. We can tell which parents did a better job with their kids.

  168. Anonymous

    So does this mean the kid won the game or is it considered a draw because neither moved? Teens are absolutely useless today because they have NO COMMON SENSE!

  169. Anonymous

    'It was just a game'…that's quite insane, and really an irresponsible thing to say or believe. I knew a guy who lost his leg to the same kind of thrill-seeking. but this kid lost his life in a horrible way. I believe in showing compassion, but this was totally foolhardy! Jami, yes, all those things you named are EQUALLY foolhardy and unsafe, and can lead to serious consequences. Still, I'm not a believer in saying he deserved it…although, he was really asking for it by such a thoughtless game. So sad for his loved ones, as they will have to bear this for their entire lives.

  170. Lyle Lafee

    Playing Chicken with a train is not a game, but is a death sentence, As parent's we must be more aware what is going on in our children's life, for some reason over the year's parent's lost touch with their kid's You must ask what was going through his mind to do such a foolish act. Let's hope some off us wake up and smell the coffee.

  171. Glen Parks

    Put your hysterics, silly emotions, and drama aside for a minute. God decided to end this ignorant gene pool right now. A 15 year old should know better. I feel worse for the engineer who has to live with this, and the passengers inconvenienced by this dope; they had no choice in the matter. I suppose his family will sue anyone and everyone to try to get their bonanza.

  172. Thomas Tootz Kulik

    My only question is: How do you not get out of the way of a train? I played on the train tracks near my home when I was young and it seemed pretty easy to jump out of the way if a train got close!

  173. Neil Fischer

    I wont go as far to say this kid deserved to die but lets not make him a martyr either. It was stupid and it sounds like it is a everyday occurrence. If the boy genuinely cared about people he would have cared what he was doing to the Engineer every time he had to worry someone would not make it and now sits and wonders all the would of…could of….should ofs. As someone who has taken life as no fault of my own, it sucks living with the end result. Prayers to all who need it.

  174. Michael Hussar

    I lived in San Lorenzo for a time when I was a child and I have a soft spot for Hayward and San Lorenzo, so it's sad to hear this news. It's also sad to see all these people calling this kid worthless or saying he deserves to die because he played chicken with a train. One decision does not sum your life up. People are murdered in cold blood every day and we don't hear about it, so we don't even form an opinion of the MURDERER. Somebody's going to get executed in cold blood today and you're not going to think about who made the decision to execute that person, nor the person who carried out the hit. Nope, because it's not an article on yahoo. Instead, you're going to hurl insults at a 15 year old like he carried out genocide. And if you're older than me and you're engaging in this, oh lord, just understand your kid is just like this kid, and wouldn't it suck if his anomaly of a death made it to yahoo so Elanore Cox and her dyed hair can say "darwin award" about YOUR child.

  175. Mike Edwards

    as a retired locomotive engineer, i'll tell you that we hate to see kids playing chicken, putting things on or between the tracks, throwing rocks at us, or anything that is dangerous to us, them, or animals.too many people and animals are killed and we haul a lot of dangerous cargo.

  176. Patricia Rash

    Good comments, Jami. Current brain studies have shown that the decision-making portion of the brain is not fully developed until around age 25! Our leaders should be keeping this information in mind as they create legislature that deals with people less than 25 years of age. As should parents, teachers, etc. AND, though the decision-making portion of the brain is not fully developed until then, they are not STUPID! THEY should be taught that fact, and taught how to deal with better decision-making based on that information!

  177. Patricia McCann

    I wonder why this is not being reported as a suicide. When anyone beyond the age of reason chooses to remain on the tracks as an oncoming train is approaching, whether that choice is for thrills or not, it would appear to be a case of intentional suicide. I am sorry for the family who lost a cherished son and wish that he had found other thrills that were not proven to be destructive without doubt. Rest in Peace, Austin Price.

  178. Anonymous

    When you do something like this, it is not 'playing chicken', it is suicide, and I wish they would start calling it that.

    And for those of you are defending this boy and attacking those who are calling him stupid… Did any of you think about the consequences of his actions, other than his death? His friends, whom he forced to watch this happen; the train engineers who had to make that long walk back to discover a dead child; the passengers on that train, who soon found out why their train was stopped and are now sitting there, waiting; and his family and other friends forced to have to deal with his death and try to move on.
    This boy was old enough to know better. So yes, he was not only stupid, he was inconsiderate and thoughtless.

  179. Jim Sisk

    When I was an early teen, like most boys my age, I did a lot of stupid things. Most of us were lucky enough to survive.

  180. Edith Bautista Becker

    Well Obama, looks like we need to BAN TRAINS..

  181. Lola ThePoet Escapist Gomez

    poor kid rest in peace…and to those who say he deserved it are likely the same idiots who text while drive and do other bull shit and no one ever cries you deserved it. I wish we could get this boy back and have em trade places with some of you idiots.

  182. Anonymous

    stupid kid. do you want us to feel sorry for him? I don't. shouldn't have been there. now a law is going to pass cause of this idiot.

  183. Lola ThePoet Escapist Gomez

    thanks miles …these comments are sick

  184. Anonymous

    As some commenters have noted, the poor engineer who had to see this kid on the tracks as he was killed, deserves our concerns as well. The idiot kid who did this for "thrills" failed to take that engineer into account, who did not choose to be part of this attempt at thrill seeking.

  185. Anonymous

    Jami, I understand why you said what you said, but this was a kid. All kids are idiots to some level. Some have been taught that they'd better not do dangerous things, and some kids are not taught anything. Especially with the latest generations of parents.
    There have been warnings about this for over a hundred years! But some kids think they are invincible. And apparently this kid and his friends are in this group.
    It's not that he deserved this, it's what you get when you do dangerous things. The same for people who ski (remember Sonny Bono? Very sad, but that's the risk) and jump out of planes, or jump off bridges, etc; or run in gangs, or rob the local store, or do drive-by shootings, etc.. It's all dangerous stuff.
    You do the dangerous thing, you take your chances. He took his chances, he lost. Just what happens in life.
    No reason to get overly righteous. Makes me sort of wonder about things are in your world.
    And why slam Slotten for what was said, when you turn around and are just as negative? Seems a lot of pot calling the kettle black.

  186. Tim Carter

    The engineers are at fault: They saw this happening and didn't report it so the school could put an end to it.

  187. Eugene Morris

    Who on this site has NOT once in their life played chicken in one form or another?

    And if U say, "NOT ME"! Your a liar.

    The only difference is, U survived for what ever reason, and now U want to Vilify a 15 Y/O that was not as lucky, SHAME on U.

    Being a teen is part of being, Invisible it has allm happend to us all in the teen years, so stop making Idiotic statements and pray for the family, If U know how.

  188. Starr Byrd

    This kid did not deserve to die but I am not going to sugar coat and say what he and his friends were doing WASN'T stupid. They are all old enough to know better and knew the risks involved with playing such an ignorant game. It is a shame this kid had to lose his life because he and his friends lacked common sense.

  189. Anonymous

    "While the other teens jumped off the train track in time, the Price could not and the teen died playing chicken, police said."

    THE Price?

  190. Jared Bressman

    While this is tragic (no one should die that young), what was going through his mind that made him think "this seems like a great idea."? If it was him alone playing chicken, then I could see it as just being a random mishap where he played chicken and was hit, but he was doing it with 2 other boys. Didn't any one of them stop and think "maybe this is a bad idea"? If playing chicken with trains is their popular source of entertainment, wouldn't someone have noticed this happening, and done something about it? There is fault on both sides for what happened.

  191. Frederick Mac Whitley

    hey its such a waste of life. what's wrong with the youth today , they got to have a thrill of some sort , I'm sorry for the parents…….. sorry for your loss……may GOD help you during this trying time………

  192. Terese King

    Unfortunately this was one of those "it'll never happen to me" attitudes. First of all, train tracks are private property and anyone walking on the tracks is trespassing and can be charged. 15 is well old enough to understand that if you don't get out of the way of a moving train, there is a high likelihood you aren't going to survive the encounter…the law of gross tonnage will ALWAYS prevail. So sad that a 15 yr old had to die before his freinds and classmates got a clue that hey, maybe playing chicken with a train isn't the smartest thing to do. What is the old saying, it is all great fun until someone gets hurt. An absolutely senseless and preventable tragedy.

  193. Anonymous

    Teenagers make reckless decisions all of the time. I did, and I'm sure that most of you have in your lives as well. We were just lucky enough to be able to live through them. Please be respectful of the boy's memory and of the grief that his friends and family are experiencing.

  194. Eric Ferea

    Risk analysis for playing chicken with a train.
    1. I jump out of the way and I loose.
    2. I don't jump out of the way, I die.

    Why play a game where there are no winners?

  195. Frank Huynh

    I will call this guy an IDIOT! He is no damn thrill seeker. A thrill seeker endangers just his own damn life knowing that if things take a turn south, he is the only one that can possibly get hurt. A skydiver, Extreme snowboarder, mountain climber are all thrill seekers. This guy stands in the train tracks, and if the conductor tried to evade him and the train tipped or derailed. What then? In you self righteousness, God forbid your family member was on that train and it tipped killing them, what would u call this kid then? Get off your high horse, tree hugging, "i'm green" self righteous ass and make a difference. Teach your kids and the future to be smarter than this.

  196. Joseph Simmons

    I agree with the fact that the family has reason to be devastated at this situation 100%….
    But Jami White and the rest of you also need to accept and understand… "YOU HAVE TO BE A REAL MORON NOT TO STEP OF THE TRACKS WHEN THE TRAIN IS CLOSE!" You seem to think skiing and parachuting or the same thing…. " WRONG " unexpected happen in those things… If you don't get you STUPID A** of a train track you know the OUT COME! The only EXCUSE this kid had was…
    A) 100% STUPID IDIOT……..
    B) DRUNK…….

    I feel sorry for the families loss , but I raised my son and 2 daughters to us COMMON SENSE!
    You cant play chicken with a train!
    That's like FLIPPIN OFF A 1% and thinking you will be OK! LMAO…..

  197. Ricky Steele

    You may prove that you're not a chicken, but in so doing you prove you're a jackass.

  198. Joseph Simmons

    Timothy is just upset because they would not let him play too…. The FACT REMAINS… THIS KID WAS A COMPLETE IDIOT!

  199. Robert Medina

    First: Why in the "H" was this kid playing on the tracks in the first place? Second. What was he thinking? Although tragic, something should be learned by this…YOU DON'T PLAY ON RAILROAD TRACKS. As an adult: growing up in the 50's and 60's We NEVER had incidents like this that I can remember. What is wrong with the generation today?

  200. Joseph Simmons

    All you BOO HOO BLEEDING HEARTS…. Yeah I agree if it was my kid I would not say he was a IDIOT…. I would JUST SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF HIS MOTHER , CAUSE I WORK ON THE ROAD 20 days a month, What the hell was she teaching them?

  201. Joseph Simmons

    LOOK this will be a good laugh in my neighborhood…. WATCH… 1 , 2 , 3, STEP TO THE SIDE….. LOL.. How hard is that?

  202. Anonymous

    The really sad part is the train driver who could not stop.Now the parent's will sue the school, the train company, the fence company and probably the friends with him instead of just owning up to their child done something stupid.

  203. Phil Rand

    {gasp!} You horrible, heartless, cruel excuse of a human being! 😉

  204. Phil Rand

    Sorry, I'm making fun of/really annoyed by a certain segment of the population today. Tomorrow the quips will be "Rich white people hurt my feelings simply because they exist."

  205. Miles A. Morris

    And you should be smarter than going to the lowest human instinct speaking ill of the dead like you did, you self-satisfied twit. Get a life! Seriously!

  206. Miles A. Morris

    Then I guess if that's the case, you must be a schoolgirl yourself. Please, go speak ill of the dead to someone who actually cares.

  207. Emilie Howard

    I feel bad for the family of this boy. I also feel bad for his friends that were there. A friend of mine played chicken with the trains when he was younger and his friend didn't move on time. It leaves a scar.

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