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WWE Lawsuit Over Owen Hart’s Image Gets Settled

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A lawsuit between Martha Hart and the WWE over Owen Hart’s image has been settled.

Martha Hart filed a lawsuit against the WWE back in June of 2010 saying that World Wrestling Entertainment wasn’t paying out any royalties to Owen Hart’s estate. Hart also accused the WWE of violating a contract restricting the use of the late wrestler’s image.

According to TWNPNews, the lawsuit centered around the Hart Soul DVD released by the WWE.

It was announced today that WWE chief executive Vince McMahon and his wife and former CEO Linda McMahon had reached a settlement with Martha Hart. The details of the settlement were not disclosed.

This isn’t the first time that the Hart family has sued the WWE.

Owen Hart died in the ring in 1999 during a stunt. Hart was making an unusual entrance at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. The wrestler was being lowered into the ring when he fell nearly 80 feet to his death.

The Hart family sued the WWE (then the WWF) over Owen’s death and was eventually granted $18 million. Martha used the money to establish the Owen Hart Foundation.

Here’s a video of Owen Hart wrestling his brother Bret Hart.

Owen Hart passed away more than a decade ago but his impact is still felt in the WWE.

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9 Responses to “WWE Lawsuit Over Owen Hart’s Image Gets Settled”

  1. Virgil Glass

    Land of the lawsuit…Nice of you to use your husbands name to cash a paycheck.

  2. Mike Powers

    I remember watching that PPV when it happened, I guess that's one move you can't FAKE it wrestling, isn't that right non-believers?

  3. Raven Anderson

    Owen Hart was a great wrestler and person. He is sorely missed.

  4. Anita Marie Gerald

    Hey Virgil Ass, the McMahons settled because the Owen Hart estate was OWED the $$$! Nice of them to give the Widow the $$$ they took from a dead man!

  5. Mindy Rosica

    Every May 7th, I say Happy Birthday to him. We the fans will forever miss him and will always love him. He will never be forgotten! R.I.P. Dude:(

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