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Candy Spelling Lawsuit Says Condo Developer Never Gave Her The Restaurant She Was Promised

Candy Spelling Lawsuit Says Condo Developer Never Gave Her The Restaurant She Was Promised

Candy Spelling has filed a lawsuit against a Los Angeles condo building, claiming that the company failed to deliver on amenities like a restaurant at the high-priced condos.

Spelling is suing Century City over a lavish penthouse she’s building. The two-floor condo is costing Spelling $47 million, and she says the condo company isn’t holding up its end of the bargain to provide certain things they promised, like a restaurant that was supposed to open January 1.

Candy Spelling’s lawsuit is seeking some money to compensate those amenities, TMZ noted.

But that’s not only lawsuit for Candy Spelling. The wife of the late television producer Aaron Spelling is also suing The Carlyle, where she has been living while The Century is under construction.

Spelling has been leasing a condo, storage spaces, a wine locker, and multiple parking spaces at The Carlyle for $28,000 a month while her penthouse is being finished. Candy Spelling’s other lawsuit claims that the apartment had problems with its heating, air conditioning, and ventilation units that were never properly fixed, E! News noted. Spelling said she ended up getting it fixed herself, shelling out $10,000 to do so.

Spelling also claims that the building was lacking in security and allowed unauthorized people to access her private elevator. Again, Spelling said she was forced to fix the problem herself, and put in her own security measures, including cameras.

The building developer and owner terminated her lease and asked that she leave the premises. Candy Spelling in her lawsuit said that she paid her bills on time and had an automatic right to renew her lease for another six months.

The Candy Spelling lawsuit is set for a conference hearing in June.

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6 Responses to “Candy Spelling Lawsuit Says Condo Developer Never Gave Her The Restaurant She Was Promised”

  1. Anonymous

    Life's a Beeeach ain't it Candy, Spending all that dough your late hubby Aaron made from all those TV shows he produced.

  2. Cindy Plateroti Combs

    47,000,000 for a condo? Lady….you can afford to go and eat at any fancy restaurant….or maybe you can have your son in law….Dean….grill something up for you.

  3. Robert Sylvanus

    Poor thing. Maybe she should volunteer at an animal shelter or a soup kitchen. Sounds like all she cares about is herself and apparently needs a dose of reality. Is it any wonder she is so disliked – even at times by her own family.

  4. Shellee Van Hove

    just because she has money, does not give others the right to take advantage of her. Without the amenities the pent house does not have the value, they should pay her the loss of value. And frankly for 28,000 I would think heat, a/c, ventilation and security – properly working – would be included.

  5. Allen Marlin

    What a spoiled, self centered, money whore Candy is. She thinks she deserves better than everyone else because she's better than everyone else, but Candy, it just isn't so. Candy Spelling even made sure her own daughter Tori didn't receive a penny of inheritance money when her husband Aaron Spelling died. What a b**ch!

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