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Baby Found In Subway Gets Raised By Gay Couple, Story Turned Into Play

Baby Found In Subway Gets Raised By Gay Couple, Story Turned Into Play

A baby found in the subway and raised by a gay couple has turned into a viral tale of the beginnings of a non-traditional family.

The story was featured by the New York Times on Thursday in its Townies series, which covers about life in New York City. In it, screenwriter Peter Mercurio writes about how the baby found in the subway by his now-husband Danny became part of their family.

Mercurio wrote that Danny spotted the baby, who looked to be about a day old, laying alone in the subway near the turnstiles. He called Peter and then alerted authorities, who took the baby. The story became front-page news in New York, with Danny recounting his discovery to television news stations as well as family and friends.

The baby found in the subway moved on to the custody of family court, and, when Danny appeared in court to give his testimony about finding it, the judge asked if he would be interested in adopting.

Mercurio wrote:

“In three years as a couple, we had never discussed adopting a child. Why would we? … Even if our financial and logistical circumstances had been different, we knew how many challenges gay couples usually faced when they want to adopt. And while Danny had patience and selflessness galore, I didn’t. I didn’t know how to change a diaper, let alone nurture a child.

“But here was fate, practically giving us a baby. How could we refuse? Eventually, my fearful mind spent, my heart seized control to assure me I could handle parenthood.”

The couple went through the long process of adopting, and, 12 years later, their son Kevin stood in a courtroom as his parents were married.

The story of the baby found on the subway has become a viral hit since Mercurio’s writing, with coverage from online outlets like E! News. Mercurio himself has turned it into a play called Found.

What do you think about the story of the baby found on the subway?

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24 Responses to “Baby Found In Subway Gets Raised By Gay Couple, Story Turned Into Play”

  1. Kay Keeling

    why did it take so long for this story to be told? of course, I don't remember 12 years ago and if the story made news then..

  2. Anonymous

    This child deserved some protection and so did the parents. If idiots can't except gay parents today, how do you think it was 12 years ago? I'm only surprised that the worthless mother hasn't crawled out of the woodwork looking for a handout. Bravo to both parents, and Kevin. Sounds like he has the best of both worlds now.

  3. Sonya Edens

    Nice to hear a story with a happy ending for a change! Beautiful!

  4. Anonymous

    I don't see YOU stepping up carl. This kid has loving parents, whether they are gay or not, and that's a lot more than many many kids have. Would you rather the baby just grow up in an orphanage? You and your closed mind is what's wrong with this country.

  5. Gayle Gerard

    It's accept, not except…very different meanings there.

  6. Gayle Gerard

    Carl, I saw your picture standing next to the DeLorean…you're living in the past, Dude. Literally.

  7. Barbara Leavitt

    clovercat I don't believe there are orphanages anymore. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that's why so many babies are found in places like this, not to mention garbage cans. Bless this couple, and all the others like them.

  8. Lenny Galatioto

    Wonderful story. But it's a picture of the Moscow subway. Not New York City.

  9. Gayle Gerard

    I have acquaintances who are a married gay couple who have two adopted sons and all I can say is…I wish I was one of those sons…

  10. Jill Sanders

    "Sick" is an under 30 term for AWESOME-if that's what you meant you got my thumbs up, if not then you are a jerk

  11. Cathy Gaeta

    If they can give the baby love and a safe home to live in I say Great there are alot of good dad's in the world maybe this baby is lucky to have 2.

  12. Maxine Gladden

    Greetings in Jesus Christ Name! While I can most understand that ANY decent adult human being wouldn't just leave a baby abandoned, and that MOST would opt to adopt the baby if there is no other recourse, I still believe that the subject gay couple should have LEFT OFF with their GAY RELATIONSHIP if they SINCERELY wanted to raise the baby boy with as little issues to deal with as possible! (Males CAN successfully raise children absent a wife!) Afterwards, if the two men decided to continue to believe CONTRARY to God's Word the Bible (1 Corinthians 6:9-11), THEN they could resume their gay relationship at THEIR own emotional and social expense! (Parents make unselfish necessary sacrifices for children 1 Corinthians 13:1-6 "Love seeks not her OWN benefit"!) I hope to keep ALL of them in my prayers!

  13. Anonymous

    I thought that subway looked too nice for NYC. This is a very heartwarming story.

  14. Tamela Cheek

    Maybe but she doesnt get a choice if she wants a mother too. Its not fair to her and no matter what those kids suffer based on an adults decision made for them.

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