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Food Stamps For Pets? New Organization To Aid Pet Owners In Need

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An organization in New York City is working to make sure that no animal goes hungry by issuing food stamps for pets.

According to ABC, there are nearly 47 million Americans eligible to receive food stamps from the government. The food stamps cannot, however, be used to purchase pet food. The organization is hoping to solve that problem.

Pet Food Stamps, which is currently seeking non-profit status, would provide food stamps for pets through private donations and grants. Applicants would have to verify their financial status before being approved for additional food stamps.

The organization writes:

“The Pet Food Stamps program … has been created to fill the void in the United States Food Stamp program which excludes the purchase of pet food and pet supplies. In these rough economic times, many pet owners are forced to abandon their beloved pet to the ASPCA, North Shore Animal League or other animal shelters due to the inability to pay for their basic food supply and care … As more families struggle with difficult choices like paying the rent or buying food, some have to choose between keeping their pet and putting food on the table.”

News Max reports that the program was started by Marc Okon two weeks ago. Okon has already received 12,000 requests.

Okon said:

“The love of a pet, the therapeutic ability of a pet and things like that are impossible to measure. It gives us a special feeling of pride to be able to help people like that and we’re happy to do it.”

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52 Responses to “Food Stamps For Pets? New Organization To Aid Pet Owners In Need”

  1. Sandy Jackson

    You bet pets should recieve food stamps.. Those waste of space politions in washington get hefty pay..
    what's fair ir fair.. Everything has to eat..

  2. Tammy Lowry

    Thank God! I have 15 stray cats right now and at one time I had 32. I take them and have them spayed and neutered out of my own pocket and I am constantly at the store buy food for them. Not to mention the worm medicine and the flee medicine, that I have to buy. Most time it straps us for cash and it becomes stressful…..So any help that I can get I would so much appreciate. I do have a place that I only pay $45.00 per cat to be spayed and neutered, so thank God for that!

  3. Alysse Amerman

    YES YES and yes… I love animals and have a hard time feeding my two kittens. Anyone against this that says, "You shouldn't get animals if you can't afford them." are just cruel people. I knew I would have a hard time with it as my husband and I are both disabled and annually only make $12,000 (and that is all my husband check, because the government says $12K is too much money for two people… Ridiculous. Anyways I think more people would get pets if they knew they could afford them via a food stamp for animal and thus save the 2 million kittens (and other animals) that are euthanized every year.

  4. Robert McKenna

    this would be great even to help feed some of these animals…cat food is up to $15 a bag, and they go through 1 a week.

  5. Robert McKenna

    this would be great even to help feed some of these animals…cat food is up to $15 a bag, and they go through 1 a week.

  6. Deborah L.Walden

    Douglas, I sure hope you don't have any pets, you are the perfect example of a person that should not have pets.This is a great idea, it would keep a lot of pets in their home instead of shelters.

  7. Jolene Travis

    People have the ability go to work and feed their families IF they can find suitable employment. Pets ARE family members–they give unconditional love, they never lie, and they are always happy to see their families when we return from work or whatever. Maybe the reason Douglas Angelini is resentful is due to never having been loved by anything or anyone. Poor baby. WAAAAAAA

  8. Jolene Travis

    Amen Sister. People who are against this must be pretty miserable in life. Anyone who has ever owned any pet or livestock knows that look in their eyes when they see their favorite person. Tails wag or held high, loud purring, a loud nicker. Amimals love unconditionally, well, humans excluded. Pets are always there for a snuggle when our lives suck, and they bring peace and happiness to families.

  9. Karen Bolen

    Ithink that's a good thing. Maybe people would stop putting there animals out on the side of the road. We are always getting strays cause no street lights. Maybe this would make it easier on owners that really love there pets.

  10. Mary SupahLucky Jayne

    Not hateful. I just find it funny that people can say they love their pets but cant pay for their basic care but yet will make sure they can afford a computer and internet.

  11. Maureen Sundin Joyner

    It amazes me how many people can afford smart phones, cable tv and cigarettes, but can't afford their own basic needs for their children and pets. However, there are some pros to this because not all people abuse situations.

  12. Mary SupahLucky Jayne

    Well if they are at the library using internet there, they should be seeking employment, not asking for a handout for their pets.
    If you can't afford to give your pet food then you don't deserve it. Simple.

  13. Todd Ka'imi Espinda

    just as long it's not taxpayer funded! Let me see, they don't have enough or earn enough to fee themselves or their children so we the taxpayer help them out, but that's not enough because now they have a non-profit so someone else can provide for their pet too! So just exactly is it that they do do for themselves. If you can't feed yourself or your kids you shouldn't have a pet. Why? because you'll eat before you pet and then the pet suffers, that's the same reasoning behind being a responsible parent. Be a responsible pet owner and if you can't don't have them.

  14. Maria Ann Smith

    Guess what? Not everyone has a PHD and some people are older and on Social Security. Jobs are hard to find. And if you think a senior citizen who has worked all their life doesn't deserve the love of an animal, then you're just another miserable troll.

  15. Sherry Flick

    I love pets. Its nice for people to cut coupons, save scraps, and feed them while they receive the benefits of their pets companionship. But taking in 15 stray cats belongs to a shelter, a person who is able to afford them, or one who is going to solicit funds as a shelter does. This has nothing to do with liking animals or not liking them, but until every PERSON in this country has enough to eat, there should not be food stamps for pets! There is not enough money in government for all who need, so it should NOT go to pets. Pet owners can go to sites who offer food donations, low shot costs, etc…but NOT from government….no!

  16. Sherry Flick

    I love pets. I have 4 cats of my own and a dog that was with me for 19 years. I work 7 days a week a week..and I have for many years. I pay for my cats and would NEVER take food stamps for pets unless they are offered from the pet food companies or donations. Until EVERY person has enough, there should be no food stamps for pets as a gov program.

  17. Sherry Flick

    Now..after voicing my opinion so strongly..I see that it Is not a government program and it operates by donations…and I am all for that..sorry folks that I got so upset, but I mistakenly thought this was a government program.

  18. Douglas Angelini

    Why may I ask are their people that can't afford their own food and they have pets that once again the taxpayers must pay for gee I'm no financial wizard but one might actually understand why this country is going down the SSSSSSSS and we are trillions and I do repeat trillions of dollars in debt think it might be because of backward ass worries.

  19. Gary Rotola

    we should be eating more dogs and cats the population of these animals is getting out of control. people who cant afford their pets shouldn't have them…once people start getting free stuff they never want to quit.

  20. Mary SupahLucky Jayne

    You dont need a PHD to ask "do you want fries with that?"
    Pets are a priveledge and not a basic need. A pet deserves an owner that can afford to care for them properly. If a senior citizen can afford to care for one, great! If not, they shouldnt get one. Just because someone works all their life does not automatically entitle them

  21. Robert C. Taylor

    It's really simple – if you can't afford to feed it you don't need it.That includes yourself, your animals and your children! That is what is wrong with this country now.Everyone wants someone else to take care of them.Feed them, house them, supply free medical, clothes, unwarranted tax return money and free edcucation and lunches for their children.Now they want it for their pets.Is it any wonder this country is where it is at.Sad day.No this is not mean, it just makes sense.Common sense goes a long way , just think about it logically.

  22. Douglas Angelini

    yes Jolene you hit it right on with your genius response might be that I not so weak as to need something lesser than me to make me strong or I believe ppl come first if you were literate you would understand not my problem to pay for your animals #### animals and you

  23. Douglas Angelini

    ty jackasses like Jolene think that cancer research aids research believe that is second hand to feeding animals well Jolene thank me for the food on your table smoke your crack and cigarettes on my dime and appreciate it

  24. Douglas Angelini

    Connie if that's true ty for that tidbit of info i'm just one American getting sick and tired of U.S. taking care of everybody but their own if not a gov't program I will no longer comment on situation but for info where exactly will this money come.

  25. Douglas Angelini

    are you another one who is incapable of reading sorry for you it is not job of taxpayers to worry about animals end of story this has nothing to do with fact I hate animals and I do it has to do with fact that if you can't afford your own food should not have children or pets till you can stop freeloading

  26. Nise Robinson

    I have signed up for this and it has been 2mths since. I have not heard anything. They had me do an application and set up a page.

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