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Girl With IQ Of 161 Loves Fake Tans, Manicures And Mensa

lauren marbe

Who is the smartest person you know? Albert Einstein? Bill Gates? Well, a 16-year-old girl with an IQ of 161 makes those guys look like complete morons.

Ok, maybe not morons. But according to the Daily Mail teenager Lauren Marbe has a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein. (Einstein never actually took an IQ test but experts predict that he would have scored a 160.)

Marbe scored a 161 on a Mensa IQ test, one point higher than the aforementioned geniuses.

According to Yahoo News, Marbe is a typical 16-year-old girl. She likes fake tans, manicures and going out with her friends. The young girl is happy, however, to disprove some of the stereotypes about blonde girls from Essex.

Marbe said:

“I love my fake tan and fake nails as well so I guess I am a bit of an Essex girl in that sense. (But) I’m glad that I might be able to show people that we aren’t all ditzy and blonde.”

Marbe, who is already a straight A student, decided to take the Mensa IQ test for fun with her friends. The 16-year-old girl said that she was “blown away” to find out that she had an IQ of 161.

Marbe said:

“It was such an achievement and I got a bit tearful to tell you the truth … I was one of the last people to get my result and everybody before me had got around the 130 mark so that was the kind of result I was expecting. My teachers knew I was quite clever because of my grades but they had always thought I was blonde and a bit ditzy.”

The Essex girl has was enrolled into the Mensa Society and plans on studying architecture this Summer.

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292 Responses to “Girl With IQ Of 161 Loves Fake Tans, Manicures And Mensa”

  1. Jay Dee

    if everyone ahead of her got 130 the testing was skewered, I think the administrator was being a bit generous that day besides the guy who created the IQ test said it means nothing and is designed to place mentally retarded people.

  2. Gabe Spangler

    If all her friends were getting 130, then the test is flawed. And 160 is high, but not super-duper high. I guarantee Hawking and Einstein, et al. are above 160… probably in the 200-220 range. IQ tests are flawed because they are devised by people with low IQ's and/or they concentrate on one area, like math. Most IQ tests are just a gage of math skills.

  3. Ryan Quattro

    Let me know when she develops a theory that changed the way we look at science, paints a masterpiece or writes a classic novel. A test score matters not. What matters is what she DOES. What genius has this girl displayed thus far in her life? Let us know.

  4. Mitchell Kellogg

    Big deal. my 11 year old stepson and his mother both have IQ's above 180. How is this newsworthy?

  5. Dave Denis

    Mm Hm……………You look like the kind of guy who would have a brood with high IQ's (Ghjhdhrhrhghghgh !!) *Coughing loudly *

  6. Dave Denis

    Mm Hm……………You look like the kind of guy who would have a brood with high IQ's (Ghjhdhrhrhghghgh !!) *Coughing loudly *

  7. Gabe Spangler

    An average IQ score is 100. If all her friends were getting 130, then something is wrong. Prove me wrong.

  8. Dave Denis


  9. Ryan Quattro

    Maybe its a modern Algonquin Round Table? Perhaps she and her cohorts share bon mots and insightful cultural and political commentary over tea and crumpets?

  10. Anonymous

    She has was enrolled in the mensa society, I guess you don't need much of an IQ to write for Yahoo.

  11. Anonymous

    She has was enrolled in the mensa society, I guess you don't need much of an IQ to write for Yahoo.

  12. ALegarda Switzer

    I do not normally comment but all these comments are drving me nuts. The mensa test is different than a typical iq test so you cannot compare the two numbers. The maximum possible score on this particular mensa test ( and there are many ) is 161.

  13. Anonymous

    Tiffani Foster to be a genius you don't need high IQ. Also to have a IQ does not mean you are a genius. Think about the geniuses of music and art. Do you think they had high IQs? Probably not, why? Cause it doesn't matter. It's what you actually do with your brain that counts. Fake tanning and fake nails is not intelligent. Sorry.

  14. Janiska Nordstrom

    she probably surrounds herself with smart friends, that would be natural

  15. Sean Ryan

    She looks older than 16. IQ tests just prove people are good at taking tests, it doesn't prove how you well you work with others or if you can improve others by leading them.

  16. Brian Estopare

    on my last test I got a zero not kidding they said something about cheating and take it over. I just said the hell with it. because it never going to make one bit of diff. in life anyhow. I'm never going to get a job that's even cares blue all the way.

  17. Anonymous

    I hope she has a great career. Once she proves herself I would be more than happy to hire her or her architectural firm for a design and construction job. My bet is that she can handle it.

  18. Jeff Zakany

    What kind of pressure does that put on a 16 year old kid. She is going to study architecture. Some people may ask "why isn't she trying to cure cancer?" Or "Why isn't she in her third year of college already?" The idiot who wrote the last comment said "Let me know when she changed [sic] the way we looked at science…" Dang. She's still just a kid with all the life experiences that a kid has had.

  19. Anthony Ferrara

    I am a member of Mensa & my IQ is 165. Four standard deviations over the avg of 90-105. Mensa does not give you a score on your test. You are either in or out. No score given in American Mensa, that is. UK Mensa may be a different animal. To the author of this article. She is very smart, but Einstein & Hawking are above the 220 mark. When she changes Physics, then you can be impressed. Otherwise, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are in that range. Top 2% yes. Exemplary? No.

  20. Adam Frguson

    Good for her. A humble and grateful attitude and authenticity to boot. Good on you Lauren, don't listen to the less-advantaged haters.

  21. Anonymous

    Agreed. Remember Marylyn Vos Savant (if I remember the name correctly)? Supposedly had the worlds highest I.Q., but accomplished very little in life. It's an old story, in fact: someone is shown to be a prodigy or genius at a young age, and they nevertheless accomplish little in life. There's evidently a creative spark that isn't quite the same thing as being very smart. That this newest super genius has the vapid interests of most other teen girls suggests that she might not be doing great things.

  22. Brian Patrick

    200 is the highest score you can achieve on an IQ examination. They are not calibrated to measure levels higher than that. 130 is close to the cut off level for entry into Mensa, two standard deviation levels of 16 units each above the normative of 100 for the general population. An IQ of 161 would qualify this young lady for entry into the Triple Nine Society, much more exclusive than lowly Mensa. Aside from those considerations, with a face like that she needn't worry much about academic achievement.

  23. Gordon Lindley

    She has a gift that 99.7% of us never had. Mensa line is 140 IQ. I took the test found out I am just a lab rat living my life here. Lauren Marbe use your gift wisely. I am looking forwarding hearing about what you can do with your gift.

  24. Adam Frguson

    No, IQ tests include Word Association (Language), spacial comprehension (Art), and are timed (efficiency of thought). Not only math.

  25. Anonymous

    Kathleen L. Howard, until she is a SGT, until she is a veteran of both the US Army and the US Navy, until she can draw and speak Japanese as well as me, she will never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, be on my level… Desides, she still uses her real name online, Lauren Marbe. How smart is that? Me, I use the name Smarter Daniews, but that could easily be changed to Smarter Tanner.

  26. Jasper Hodge

    Don't you understand? You make white people look stupid and weak with your racist remarks. This story had nothing to do with white or black.

  27. Anonymous

    something is wrong with the story. sounds fake. why r her friends IQ so high? I know that its a fact that I.Q's are normally distribute, the average I.Q is 100 with a deviation of 15. my statistics professor said it hundreds of times when I took his class. unless her class is some kind super honer class its just impossible no matter where u r (at the supermarket, at the beach, in the movie theater, its highly unlikely).

  28. Eddie Ferguson

    hey bud, Einstein worked in a patent clerk's office for quite a long time and actually was considered slow in school. Wait until she has lived more than 16 years before attacking her. In fact, I think it says a bit that with such a high IQ that she is as normal as she is.

  29. Gabe Spangler

    Yes, Adam, but if you are brilliant at all the rest and tank the math, you will get an average IQ score. And it doesn't mean you are average or not smart, it just means you haven't used algebra, geometry, etc. in 20 years or you were never any good at it. Tank in one area and your score suffers considerably. People with high intelligence understand this, not the idiots who devise these tests.

  30. David Bradburn

    my iq is a 150 but my grade were b and c and sometime worse in high school didn't apply my self then.

  31. Gabe Spangler

    And there are no "art" questions on IQ tests. Art is a subjective matter of preference and taste. You cannot test art. Anyone who thinks you can should get neutered now so you don't spread your DNA.

  32. Healthis Wealthvitamins

    Perhaps the reporter should look up an average IQ. It certainly is not 130, but more like 100. My IQ is 142, and I must say that einstein was no match for Nikola Tesla. einstein was wrong on so many different theories. But the herd continues to uplift his name like he was some genious. Can't fix stupid.

  33. Danielle Golfieri

    Mitch, you absolutely have been mistaken. That would make the two of them smarter than Stephen Hawking and Einstein– highly improbable. So unless your girlfriend speaks seven languages and is working at CERN on particle acceleration right now, and your stepson is working on his PhD physics right now, that is complete BS. If that kid is in a "regular" grade at a "regular" school, you've been duped, buddy. 180 is crazy off the charts smarts, and scores like that wouldn't be overlooked by your school system. I'm not trying to be a bitch and rain on your parade, but now way are you correct. Had you said 140, it MIGHT have been feasible. But you are talking about being in the top .3% of intelligent people IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. No way, no day. Your baby momma is full of it. MENSA would literally be beating down her door. The boy would be hailed a prodigy and HE'D be in the news.

  34. Roderick Berry

    I scored 160 on my IQ test and the teachers told me that it was a mistake, it couldn't be right. I have always remebered that and I will never forget it! True Story

  35. Healthis Wealthvitamins

    My money is on her becoming yet another trailer park queen.

  36. John F. Wozniak

    Actually Mensa's standards are, from what I've heard, top 2%… and that's over 132, by definition. All I know is WAIS-IV had a perfect score as 160. (And I have a WAIS IQ score of 142. And work retail.)

  37. Ryan Quattro

    Eddie Ferguson It isn’t “attacking her” to point out the absurdity of comparing her to a incomparable genius. True genius is that which reveals itself. Her purported genius has yet to do so. I think I’ll wait until her supreme intellect manifests itself in some notable endeavor before I grant her intellect the respect that Einstein so deservedly earned.

  38. Alan Burch

    gabe, she never said how many friends had taken the test. it is possible that her friends scored "around 130" if her friends are intelligent. is that really hard to believe? i tend to surround myself with intelligent people who would probabaly score as high if not higher than i. mensa has the best test because it was created by extremely intelligent people. and it doesn't concentrate on one content area. the problem with any of these tests is that they don't take into account, nor can they even gauge, certain other types of intelligence. how do you gauge the intelligence of an artist? what about savants who would possibly score average or low on most iq tests?

  39. David Matthew

    I'm not hating but when your dealing with a multiple choice test somebodys bound to hit the nail on the head. its like a lottery. a group of spoiled 16 year old rich kids all scoring 130 and above? They need to come up with a test to test emotional intelligence. Ability to learn is obviously important but it doesn't test soul depth which I think is more important than anything. This girl looks like a 120 lol.. tops

  40. James Mcbride

    I promise u that there are a lot of people with that same IQ who go unrecognized. It is not hard to do what bill gates did if u hole yourself up in a room and study computers. What is her brain/response score…for example, if she were given a test of 20 simple multiplication questions, could she actually do it faster than most other people? Believe it or not, that assessment is more important than an IQ test.

  41. James Mcbride

    I promise u that there are a lot of people with that same IQ who go unrecognized. It is not hard to do what bill gates did if u hole yourself up in a room and study computers. What is her brain/response score…for example, if she were given a test of 20 simple multiplication questions, could she actually do it faster than most other people? Believe it or not, that assessment is more important than an IQ test.

  42. James Mcbride

    I promise u that there are a lot of people with that same IQ who go unrecognized. It is not hard to do what bill gates did if u hole yourself up in a room and study computers. What is her brain/response score…for example, if she were given a test of 20 simple multiplication questions, could she actually do it faster than most other people? Believe it or not, that assessment is more important than an IQ test.

  43. James Mcbride

    I promise u that there are a lot of people with that same IQ who go unrecognized. It is not hard to do what bill gates did if u hole yourself up in a room and study computers. What is her brain/response score…for example, if she were given a test of 20 simple multiplication questions, could she actually do it faster than most other people? Believe it or not, that assessment is more important than an IQ test.

  44. James Mcbride

    I promise u that there are a lot of people with that same IQ who go unrecognized. It is not hard to do what bill gates did if u hole yourself up in a room and study computers. What is her brain/response score…for example, if she were given a test of 20 simple multiplication questions, could she actually do it faster than most other people? Believe it or not, that assessment is more important than an IQ test.

  45. Ryan Quattro

    The only thing that really matters is what kind of person Ms. Marbe becomes. The world is in far more need of kind and generous souls than geniuses. The greatest of intellects are but insects to those charitable beings that bring happiness and comfort to those who need it.

  46. Dave Booker

    Ryan Quattro Yes, and Einstein accomplished what he did well after the age of 16. So why don't you sit down, zip your lips, and see what this girl does over the next 15 years or so.

  47. Anonymous

    This is really a false article. Mensa does NOT give an IQ score, it is pass fail. You never get the results.

    As for IQ tests they are terribly flawed. There have been countless studies of IQ tests taken at the end of highschool compared to IQ tests latter in life. The scores always drop greatly.

    All these types of tests are biased towards practice and study. If you are fresh out of highschool and still remember things like how cells produce, names of animal groups biggest to largest, several algebra formulas you will score higher.
    The only tests they have besides academics on these tests are "perception".

    Also a score of 160 means nothing, there are dozens of tests for intelligence, the scoring is not all the same. She being 16 years old, took an adolescent intelligence test. Because some brains mature faster than others, it is easier for a fully developed 16 year old with large amounts of eduction to beat a typical teenager. Both will end up the same place in life.

    I would also like to point out more geniuses where considered "simple, dum, slow, or retarded" early in life.

  48. Ryan Quattro

    Dave Booker No one was hyping Einstein’s intellect when he was 16. Why don’t you use the matter that resides between your ears–no, not the waxy buildup–and ponder the absurdity of trumpeting a TEST SCORE. I’m NOT saying that she won’t accomplish great and notable things, only that she should actually achieve those great and notable things to warrant such acclaim.

  49. Robin Palmer

    Well, she's 16. She makes great grades. That's what 16 year olds are supposed to do. She can change the world once she graduates from high school.

  50. Robin Palmer

    There's nothing wasted. She's 16 and it is far better to live life at 16 than to worry about how smart you are. She's got plenty of time to do more than tan.

  51. Jennifer Curtin

    Good for her, but when I was 11, I was told I had the highest IQ in my school-160-and, although smart, I'm no Hawking or Einstein…just saying.

  52. Roger C. Smith

    So true, Gabe. 130 is a very high score, far above average. If all her girlfriends were getting that same score, it makes you wonder about the test or how it was administered.

  53. Ryan Quattro

    Jasper Hodge No, he makes HIMSELF look stupid and weak. What this jerk says has no bearing on how I am perceived. If someone chooses to do so then they are guilty of judging the content of a person’s character on the color of their skin. Who can respect such a person?

  54. Anonymous

    honestly people….who cares what ths girls I.Q. is? I highly doubt she is smarter then Einstein.

  55. Susannah Buchanan

    I thought this was strange. My brother's IQ was in the 160s and my son is 176 and sadly neither of them has done anything sensational with their brains. My IQ is 141 and I know I am above average but nothing special. If this girl's friends are all at 130, maybe she has a low tolerence for unintelligent people.

  56. Kerry Michael Soileau

    Judging by some of these entries, posting on an Internet forum apparently adds 30 points to one's actual score. 😉

  57. Paul A. Leslie

    Don't know you, but you seem to have engendered some heated responses. Einstein was considered slow when he was young. So was Pasteur. I never had my IQ tested,so I may not be the best defender.:)

  58. Cathy Warner

    She looks way older than 16! She won't die of cancer, but she doesn't look like she has a tan. Maybe it's all that makeup gooped on her face.

  59. Stephan Grimm

    Well book smarts obviously don't translate to usable knowledge. Architecture is high on the jobless degrees list. She should probably consider engineering…structural engineers are used more often than architects, but if she's that smart she'll figure it out.

  60. Christopher Mattox

    I tend to agree. I have always thought of really smart people as being great at math and logic problem solving. I am terrible at both so I hope good people skills, good manners, a reasonable work ethic and having a clue will be another way we can judge genius.

  61. Carl Easley

    Not sure what my IQ is, but I am retired and get 3 checks every month, and live near the beach in florida, and love riding my scooter.

  62. Pat Mojarro

    IQ tests were developed by the U.S. government to test the intelligence level of immigrants to make sure they were smart enough to support themselves once they were let into the U. S. They are irrelevent today. I'm extremely smart and I don't need anyone confirming it. It's just a number, people. Considering the government developed it and the low IQ's we have running this country I don't think we should put too much stock in it.

  63. Fly Guy

    Typically people that score much over 140 begin to loose other developmental aspects and it is odd to see someone that appears to be so socially well rounded at that level. It is assumed that Einstein was around 160, yes but if he was born later in life he would have also been diagnosed with aspergers. Just an example.

  64. Robert Stalnaker

    We have dumbed down schools and now students can easily score 161 on an Q test. Give me a call when this girl disproves the Theory of Relativity or the co-existence of particles and waves at the level of quanta. I doubt this girl can even pass a college level trig exam. Einstein added more to the world body of knowledge in one week than this girl will add in her lifetime.

  65. Renee Hedden Archer

    Jennifer–Lucky you — when I was in school they told us they couldn't give us our IQ scores until we were 18. And I graduated at 17. I could probably go back and see if they still have the records….

  66. Renee Hedden Archer

    Jennifer–Lucky you — when I was in school they told us they couldn't give us our IQ scores until we were 18. And I graduated at 17. I could probably go back and see if they still have the records….

  67. Mike Yee

    Gabe Spangler the avg. IQ is 80-100 mine is 117 & Oprah is 118. Iam 75 yrs. old it's not just IQ that counts Emotional intelligence is more important to your life acheivements, drive is far more inportant. There are lots of high IQ people on skid roads & accomplish nothing of value Mike Y

  68. Pennie Gant

    My first husband's IQ was 159…he lived life on the edge and used the intelligence recklessly, but he lived it his way and tried just about everything once…he loved reciting and researching Edgar Alan Poe and his poetry. He died of lung cancer at 51. I just hope this girl uses her intelligence for the betterment of mankind.

  69. Jill Johnson

    Netanyahu- 180, Einstein- 160, Warhol- 86…. very easy to look up. "IQ of famous people". You'll be surprised at who has high IQs. Many, many surpass this kid.

  70. Jenee Price

    My IQ is 170 and noone ever did a story on me! Hawkings and Gates have IQ's much higher than 160. And I really suck at math. The writer should have done more fact checking than guessing.

  71. Kimberly Nell Thomason

    Jennifer Curtin me too but in elementary school. I don't consider myself genius, just smart but there are various types of smarts too-book smarts, street smarts, ect. I never became an Einstein, never will but my mom told me many times I ranked way above average on those tests and it was nuts. I got tired of doing them and felt it punishment. They tried to get me to read cards from across the rooms and guess. At first it was fun, then annoying. They made me do those inkblot tests too. Those are creepy.

  72. Sarah Renee

    Why does an article about a young girl who is intelligent have to spark so much hate and criticism from GROWN ADULTS? She may never find a cure for cancer and that may not even be her calling, but to childishly put down this young girl because you doubt the veracity of the results? I will say this, go and take the tests yourself and see what you get! Also why would you try to put down a 16 year old girl? So what, she likes tanning and nails….she is 16!

  73. Bernardino R. Villorente Jr.

    Just because you have an IQ higher than that of Albert Einstein doesn't necessarily mean that you're wise and intelligent. As Professor Dumbledore once said, "It's not our abilities that show who we truly are, it is our choices".

  74. Jon Leopold

    have any dudes scored this high? Wouldn't it be weird if there were a bunch of dudes who scored this high in the last 30 or 40 years but the pressi didn't make a big deal out of it? What would the lesson be? Would there even be a lesson?

  75. Harriet Darling

    Yes, I'm a Mensa member too (though my IQ is onlly 142), but I know that Hawking, Einstein, and quite a few people in Mensa have higher scores. There is a portion of Mensa where the top 1% are found — that's the top 1% of the population, and there are a great number of these people and their IQ's are above 185. So 161 isn't all that great.

  76. Richard Lloyd Myers

    My IQ is 147 and I quaified for Mensa. I decided not to join the "club", as I don't have a serious nature and my friend that is a member assured me I would be bored silly with the sententious crap therein.

  77. Anonymous

    What I like to no was the IQ test a basic military one.
    So the numbers skip so many areas.
    The best and only one that really sums up a person takes 9 months to complete and it takes place 5 hours a day 6 days a week.
    The test breaks down the way you walk.

  78. Harriet Darling

    According to Wikipedia, "In 1985, Guinness Book of World Records accepted [Irene] vos Savant's IQ score of 190 and gave her the record for "Highest IQ (Women)." She was listed in that category from 1986 to 1989." Just so you know.

  79. Sarah Renee

    Well…the fact that you say "theyre are none" that speaks for itself dude! Did you mean there aren't any? HA

  80. Sarah Renee

    Ok, I do have to ask where you guys are taking these IQ tests-unless you pay to go and take one (not online) I would not really count the results.

  81. Charlotte Natale

    All of you are missing the point of the article. Actually it's quite an insult. She has a high IQ and likes fake tans, etc…..which usually means she should be stupid? She even said herself….."I’m glad that I might be able to show people that we aren’t all ditzy and blonde.” Soooo most girls that like makeup, fake tans, fake nails, etc…have low IQs?

  82. Rob Michetti

    @ Anthony, when considering that the highest possible score at HER AGE is 162, i would say she is well on her way to reaching the "great minds" mentioned, because you have to factor in life experience. I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that Hawking didn't test in the 220's at that age, and Einstein was never actually tested, that's just an educated guess.

  83. Rob Michetti

    @ Mitch, you have been mislead if you were informed that your 11 year old stepson tested over 180, because the highest score for a teen or younger is 162. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  84. Anonymous

    The "dumb blonde" thing is a myth and is a reverse racist reaction to the Nazis. Fact is blondes generally are more intelligent. But if you can't handle that then…BLAH!

  85. Anonymous

    My uncle had a 161 IQ and he is finally out of jail. IQ means nothing.

  86. Carl Mayo

    If you spend more time reading books than watching TV or talking on a cell phone, that will put you over most of your peers.
    You don't even have to be born with any natural ability, since most of the population is dumbing itself down anyway.

  87. Anonymous

    Despite her pedestrian "likes" I'd probably still do her so how smart am I?

  88. Erik Weisz

    @cRy'n Quattro – It's pretty clear you feel slighted by your own – quite revealing – low IQ score and are a petty, jealous little man. Just shut your goddam whore mouth already and fuck off and die. Punk ass little bitch. Damn.

  89. Anonymous

    Poor thing, how sad she has joined the mensinian group of high intellectual thoughts. Figure out the key word, IF you can. Why anyone would want to join a group of people who think and consider themselves above the rest of the general population amazes me. What's the point truly? Thus the birth of what I have coined, "Intellectual Arrogance." Case closed. Good for her that she is a smart young lady. I sincerely hope she does well in life with her concluded smarts. So many often don't. I'd include myself, but I'm not so smart, if anything what I know for sure, is that "I" don't know much at all actually… but thankfully I am always interested in learning. My best to everyone always. Read and communicate, talk in depth. Learn TOGETHER. :-) Huggs to all, Always Nicholas in Seattle.

  90. Real JB

    Thanks, for saying that. We need people like Einstein, to say , something like he said; I am upset, that my science was used to destroy, or make more greed happen.

  91. Anonymous

    Doesn't anyone want to question the gender bias in this article? Just because she's a girl – and a "girly girl" at that, why can't she have a high IQ? Would this article have been written if she was a boy? Doubt it.

  92. Carl Mayo

    I notice that most of the negative comments seem to fall into two categories:

    1. "She might got book smarts, but she ain't got know KOMMEN SINCE!"

    Come on, she's only 16. Worldly wisdom comes from age and experience, so give her a break.

    2. "Her EYE KEW ain't worth NUTHIN if she don't KURE KANSER or invent a WARP DRIVE so's I can TRAVEL 2 THA STARZ!"

    This is a really stupid demand to make of someone with high intelligence. Who are YOU to tell her what her brain should be used for? She should follow her own interests and talents, no matter where they lead. Being smart doesn't guarantee proficiency in a particular field. It simply gives you an edge in the area you naturally gravitate toward.

  93. Dominic Rubrecht

    Yes, she's a genius that has so far figured out how to get a fake tan and put on fake nails. Who among us isn't impressed by those shocking achievements?

  94. MoGolf Link

    So… I've been drinking vodka lemonade since breakfast. I flunked out of college 3 times and am now a golf course superintendent (I cut grass and kill moles). I just took an iq test and scored a 140 even though I am mostly wasted and not particularly smart… Not impressed

  95. Wesley Alexander

    but the real question is: Does she have street smarts and common sense?

  96. Mitchell Kellogg

    I assure you my facts and he is in a Mensa program and is study and tested once a month, as for his mother she is terminally ill and has a full scholarship to any Ivy League school of her choosing which she is unable to use and is in danger of losing because of her illness. I have documents to prove it and for you Danielle Golfieri to doubt me is a real slap in the face. Unlike you I'm not constantly looking for something to be praised for. Plus I have no reason to lie on this meaningless thread. Feel free to leave your nasty comments you Fuck Face Phonie………

  97. Anonymous

    All I can say is good for her! Like someone said, she is only 16 so what do you expect that she hasn't done anything with it yet? She's getting good grades and doing well. My only thing is everyone please remember common sense and life experience. I really hope this girl does well and she's as cute as the dickens, but how many of us know of book smart person that makes poor life choices? Or about someone that has low IQ and skills, but yet always has a roof over their head, a job and no debt? Again, I want to see this girl and everyone do well, but sometimes in this game of life, there is no telling where it may lead you, no guarantee who you'll marry, how your kids will turn out, or how your life will turn out, maybe life is truly like a box of chocolates and you never know what you going to get?

  98. Chris Gleckler

    Good for her, but I would steer clear of mensa as they have a bad reputation of being braggarts and brain-prowds. I wish I could warn her that having a high IQ is a burden because people expect so much of you, and that as you progress in your career raw intellect only gets you so far as a salary employee. Oh and if she pursues a career in science, she will be managed by a non-scientist and that's when your work life is really like a Dilbert cartoon.

  99. Anonymous

    MY IQ, as compared to you Humans, is 1,000. The only reason I don't Vaporize you all, is that I am holding out Hope that you will one day use your Intelligences of all types to make this Earth the Paradise it should be!

  100. Carol Snyder

    Roderick Berry, I hope you are doing well at Wake Technical Community College and find a career that allows you to make full use of your intelligence.

  101. Denise Hughes

    @quattro you are so right its what you can give back to society, i have twins and are both considered exceptional, born in switzerland. My son at is an aeronautical engineer and my daughter is an md. They are still in school persuing advance degree in their field but i have never agree to get them tested, I have always instill in them it is what you can do to help make the world a better place knowing they did something great in this world.

  102. Alloy Metel

    that was funny…read what you wrote(type).The 16 year old was testing herself…so she kinda wasnt livein la vida loca….kinda like a conundrum.

  103. Tyler Hwang

    The story is certainly exaggerated, but let us consider she is 16 years old. Who knows what is in store for her future? However, I will say IQ tests do not determine anything noteworthy. How she utilizes her ability / having a contributing mentality is far more important. Personal opinion about Mark Zuckerberg aside, he didn't revolutionize social media as we know it by simply knowing he is an intelligent person. He pursued an idea that he could realistically accomplish with his knowledge.

  104. Martin Coronell-Rodriguez

    So what if she earns straight A's? Grades in regular school mean absolutely nothing.

  105. Anonymous

    Mensa is a scam, I went to a Mensa dating site and got in (with a fee), it's all a big scam.

  106. George Woodard

    Guess what? IQ scores are periodically adjusted so that 100 always means average no matter what exactly "average" is. So while she scored higher than those other people, who's to say she's actually more intelligent? Unless those other people have taken the same test as her, of course.

  107. Derek Goob

    161 I.Q. Yet going to school for architecture eh? One of the job fields with no jobs growth? Total B.S… Can't believe I was actually suckered into this article. Even when people are smart they are dumb, great googly moogly.

  108. Roza Iovtcheva

    She can make A LOT MORE OF HERSELF, if she is really that smart, she still too young, hope she won't fall in drugs or something else stupid…

  109. Steve Bshaw

    James Mcbride Actually, hillbillies come from states such as KY, WV, TN, and my very own AR – states with, you know, hills. If you are going to be a bigot, at least try to educate yourself so that you can use the correct slurs. Oh and FYI, your sentence structure actually reads as if you are saying that YOU are a hillbilly from SC. Perhaps a bit more time learning grammar would be in your best interest.

  110. Roza Iovtcheva

    Is it sure that the test she and her friends took is REALLY MENSA test, or something made-up as so many things we read on yahoo page?

  111. Carol Snyder

    It means that it was wasted on him. So sad, too bad. My guess is that other disfunctional things in his life overrode his intelligence.

  112. Eric Richardson

    The only thing faster than the speed of light is the the speed of a troll.

  113. Izanne Marais

    Ryan you hit the nail on the head. What difference is she going to make in this world.? People with far less "intellect" has done far greater things. Mother Teresa being a good example. I thinks wisdom means more than just brains. It means using that talent for the greater good of mankind.

  114. Damian Tscherne

    Richard Feynman had an IQ of 125. And I foresee that she will not accomplish as much as he did.

  115. Matt Mink

    I'm not going to even bother reading that and I'm shocked that you did.

  116. Sean Christman

    That is great for her AND her teachers could be right she could be a ditzy blonde!! I scored 152 in 3rd grade skipped 5th and 8th grade Im a sawyer (Cut Lumber) At a truss plant

  117. Alexandria Lauren

    Steve, your point of view and grammar are both appalling. Also, cut your fingernails. GROSS.

  118. Anonymous

    The most stupid phrase I hope I don't see here is that she may have a high IQ but no common sense. IQ IS A MEASURE OF COMMON SENSE. It measures your ability to think, reason and problem solve. It is not about how book read you are. If one more idiot says that I am going to have a fit.

  119. Anonymous

    My wife's blond , yesterday I asked her to check the left turning signal in my car , she goes to the back of the car and goes : it works ,,, now it doesn't ,,,, now it does ,,,, now it doesn't!

  120. Tom Thompson

    Forest Gump had an IQ below 75, and now he's a B-ill-ion-aire… Ted Bundy spent his supposed 140 IQ raping and murdering… She might be the ditziest-dumbest-smart person we know or maybe being able to recognize shapes and count triangles tests something other than intellectual potential.

    I'll bet the truth is: 70$ a year on 110,000 members is a Clever trick of convincing dumba$$e$ to be slaves for a 7 million-dollar-a-year company. (Figure this one out and they'd tell you your IQ is below average).

  121. Lu Chang Wu Tang

    "It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you." -Batman.

  122. Tony Hi

    Well not to brag but @ 9 Y.O Mensa didn't accept me because at that time the age limit was 13 , but I was 135 so I just carried on and 2 years later I was @ 165 after many other tests and even to this day @ 2 US Census Bureau tests 2000/2010 I finished fastest , came out with the best score at the first test and was immediately appointed Group leader and was getting paid $17.70 + mileage @.45 per mile which would average 30 miles a day but my car broke so there goes that , but so as not to "challenge a US Government agency ", LOL , "someone" took up fixing computers and was making no less than $30 an hour :) and for the past 3 years "that very Someone" sold maybe 2500 tablets and their highest commision on each one was $150 so go figure but now the the tablet wars have caught up to MR SOMEONE LMAO…oh and on the second US test I scored 2nd :) Thank you Lord Jesus for making "someone" intelligent.

  123. Tony Hi

    So….my Yahoo Sports IQ is 321 and I rank 462 (highest @ 89 , been slacking off) out of 67,492, both are still in the 99th %-tile 😛

  124. Randy Carter

    Mensan here as well. I also thought Mensa took just the top 2%, and didn't keep (or at least) reveal scores. I have taken other tests that put me in the low 130s…

  125. Jimbo Limbo

    Roza Ivotcheva, just because MENSA does not give you a score, does not mean that you cannot take an IQ test and get your score. I could have joined MENSA based on my SAT score (I won't go into what it was, the SAT has changed since that time, and I don't think that MENSA admits based off of SAT anymore, as a result), but I did not. Since then- some things happened that undoubtedly changed my IQ score. I am still a bright guy, but I'm no leading scientist. Maximum potential does not equal maximum results; it all depends on the decisions one makes, and the actions one takes. Throw in some good fortune, or bad fortune, and call me in twenty years, when we know what this young lady has done with her potential.

  126. Derrick Johnson

    @Ryan Quattro I think you should calm down and get whatever it is out of your ass that is making you so uptight about this issue. Firstly she's a teenager, and second, it's not like it was her choice to write this article about her. Someone is simply writing an article about someone who scored a 161. It's just an online article on Inquisitr. Calm down. The world isn't ending. You'll be ok.

  127. Anonymous

    First I see a died blonde not true blonde….An if she is so smart why would she get the fake tan when it causes cancer an not smart enough to do her own nails at home to save money… Duh all her friends have a IQ of 130 wow sounds like they beter check the test or the grader?

  128. John Roever

    Of course being able to blend that rich backround of genetics and money and smarts does have it's advantages. But for those poor kids that just might have a enough of that "shinning hand of God" as I like to call it them, they end up by the side of the road with dreams shattered and mouthes to feed. Oh that and the big banner from the store nailed to the ceiling of the young person's dorm unit of "Homer" sayin "you want fires with that?"

  129. Anonymous

    Test scores that measure intelligence is so antiquetted. They reflect conventional mindedness rather than predict mental creativity.

  130. Christine Tezel

    I scored 140 a few years ago. I'm 53 now. my father was a NYC surgeon and we have currently 4 MDs in our family. High IQ is one thing, however many with high IQs have sadly wasted their life away. its drive and motivation that are very important also. Lauren if you read this, DO NOT get fake tans. my father was a noted dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon and you are aging yourself. come on now. you are a very intelligent girl so realize that tanning beds will harm you in many ways. premature aging and cancer among the most serious.

  131. Flowe Luke

    a score is one thing. I'm interesed in her ability for processing and application.
    the next ten years. I'm patient. we will see.

  132. Anonymous

    Article is absolute rubbish. mensa publicity? hey, girls, you too can be genius.

  133. Beth Eichler

    I've taken the MENSA IQ test (for fun) and got a 143. Just because you score high on an IQ test does not mean you will end up successful. I find this girl rather stuck on physical pursuits. Do something great with your brain instead of promoting fake tans and nails.

  134. Mikal CG

    A 160 IQ deserves an article? Hold on, I have a few dozen friends I need to send over to you.

  135. Mike Zylstra

    why is this news? a smart kid and scholllar….she will end up running a business some time……good for you. is that top rated news?

  136. Brian Quahog

    You're all a bunch of idiots. It means NOTHING. Take over the world like an evil genius or do something to prove how 'wicked smart' you are.

  137. Brian Quahog

    "oh. I'm a member of MENSA… and blah blah blah blah" – GET A LIFE and do something besides bragging about some stupid test you took.

  138. Sean Hannahs

    DANG! I've never seen so much narcissism in one place. All of you trying to one up this girl. My mother is in Mensa, and the.99%ers. And you know what? All it meant to me was, I better not lie to her. Plus I don't believe most of you.

  139. Sean Goodwin

    I am a 4th year doctoral student in clinical psychology and Anthony, Three standard deviations is as high as the WAIS-IV and any other IQ test goes….thats >129….or the top 2%. So, excuse me, but you do not have an IQ of 165 I am sorry you were misinformed. Also Einstein and the like are expected to have 160 not 220…as that does not exist.

  140. Bob Dunn

    Good for her! Nothing like a shot of confidence to propel one onto bigger and better things…
    I hope she does.

  141. Clint Kuhlman

    Yep, the way she talks I'm sure she has a 161 IQ, notice NOTHING is used to prove that? Also if you fall for that, Milli Vanilli also won the Grammies to! Unlike this crap artical I can prove that!

  142. Diane Clifford

    Poor little thing. Everyone will expect astonishing things from her and the remark 'I thought you'd better than that' will haunt her. How do I know? 157. It demonstrates your potential ability only.

  143. Gracia Akubuike

    For Heaven's sake she is just 16 with an IQ of 161. She sure do have alot to accomplish. She is very young so I believe in her even if some of you don't.

  144. Cameron Dubenion

    There's nothing about where she studied; was she home schooled, private or public school? Are her parents garbage collectors or academics themselves? How much time does she spend at the mall or in front of a TV?

  145. Brad Russell

    There are soooooo many different IQ tests out there its outrageous… I have tested from 185 to 130… Good for her though, I just hope she's smart enough to not believe the internet…

  146. Anonymous

    Just a little bit presumptuous to claim that this person is smarter than the moist prolific genius of the 20th century, merely because she scored one point higher on her IQ test than he was, umm, "projected"…

  147. Scott S. Powell

    A few months ago I saw something on the Internet about a guy ( college student ) who had scored close to 200 on his I.Q. tests. No big to do about him at all, name wasn't given or anything, why all the bru haha now.

  148. Ernest Alvarado

    So yeah…from all the comments I read, this story is basically pointless. Now, if she were to actually did something and then mentioned the 161, would been worth to read.

  149. Mike Chappell

    who cares….she's going to studying to be an architect….productive.

  150. Shirley Vitale Ford

    Lonnie Anderson is a member of Mensa. All blonds are not dittzy.

  151. Brenda Taylor

    Good for her! Hopefully she will grow up and help this pitiful world in one way or another. God knows we need it.

  152. Dolly Blaney McDermott

    A 165 IQ is not that unusual. She's cute and a normal teenager, and that's why this is a story, but I hope she uses her intelligence well because now people will be watching.

  153. Mac Gardner

    Allen, you are now qualified to watch Fox TV, since recent scientific studies show that the average Fox viewer has an IQ of 80.
    Don't be discouraged, that doesn't mean that you HAVE to watch Fox, and you are still ahead of cats and dogs, fence posts and rocks.

  154. Anonymous

    Henry Kissinger Albert EinStein Both had IQs very differnt however they were both Genius. This GIRL May have score 161 equal too , on a curve grading system. She couldn't compete with either Henry or Albert or Hillary Clinton and for Sure not Bill.

  155. Joni Pinkney

    "If you are going to be a bigot, at least try to educate yourself so that you can use the correct slurs"
    Luv it!!

  156. Monte Green

    Well there's not to many smart people in here debating about how smart another person may or may not be. Live life and be smart in your own way.

  157. Michael Garcia

    That's cool, I probably have an IQ of 70 and faked my way through college. I am now a Structural Engineer. God help us.

  158. Nancy Bane

    Haha. Thank you everyone for commenting on this article just to post what YOUR IQ is. You're all very smart and very pretty. There, do you all feel good now?

  159. Craig Campos

    To compare this girl to Einstein is an embarrassment to the author of his article. To say anyone is remotley close to the intelligence of Einstein who is still in High school and not changing the world is ridiculous. Einstein, Gates and Hawking have went wayyyy outside the box of intelligence. Just because this girl was able to figure out if wizzles are wuzzles when mixed with woozles doesn't make her as smart as Einstein.

  160. Morey Ladini

    Architecture degrees were on top of the list recently as the least desirable by employers!

  161. Carl Mayo

    she would have been better off keeping her test results secret, and refusing to talk to the press.

    you never know how many jealous crabs there are until one tries to climb out of the bucket.

  162. Amber Rozas

    Mine was 139 when I took the test at 15. I am a housewife who got a GED and didn't finish college, so yeah, you're pretty much right on the money there.

  163. Stan Williams

    @ 50 I still score 157 on the Wechsler and only have one good eye. I guess compared to the troglodytes our schools produce otherwise this girl is impressive but this is also very, very sad.

  164. Charlene Wilson Rogers

    Just read Anthony Ferrara's post claiming he has an IQ of 165. As a retired teacher I know that the highest scores ever were 160. No one can score over 200 Anthony because the score only goes to 200 and no more. The standard deviation is 17 pts. The highest score of 160 was held by Hawking and others have said Einstein. I am glad to see that score has been broken but also remember that with the standard deviation being 17 pts. her score could be 144 or as high as 178. WOW either is impressive.

  165. Christopher LeClair

    I have heard of quite a few 14 year olds with college degrees. It is not how smart you are, it is what you do with the smarts.

  166. Steve Seitz

    The moral of the story is, don't believe everything you read on the internet.

  167. Vic Bullock

    Didn't know that albert never took it! Bill Gates? , he did a lot of book reports! One thing she can look forward.
    to, MEMORY, Einstein couldn't remember where he put his keys either, AMP (absent minded professor) Genius.
    and memory have no correlation! Kind of glad I'm normal……scored 112………ave 100.

  168. Anonymous

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge." – Albert Einstein.

  169. Paul Besmertnik

    There are many forms of intellligence that are not tested by IQ. You also have to have much interest in many things, to gather facts, to reach new conclusions. There is also personality, like risk taking, being cautious, lazy, that will dictate how intelligent you really become. But don't knock a very hi IQ, those people ae usually very intellgent.

  170. Rex Fuller

    I think the kids should take a good lesson from her and she that she is going to get a great education to come. Plus a degree in college and later have the opportunity in life of having a well paid job. A lot of kids today are nothing but dead beats.

  171. Rex Fuller

    Just shows how much of a education will pay off. And what rewards she will get when she has a job. A lot of these kids nowdays are nothing but deadbeats.

  172. Luke Caruso

    A start (Mr. Denis) to ending your need for jealousy would be to not waste time with things like, oh I don't know rapidly tapping the S key pointlessly and do things like "READ BOOKS" and maybe you'll do something called learn, I know it's a hard concept for you to grasp but if you think really hard you might comprehend it.

  173. Joseph Choi

    This is probably another dumb article by a stupid journalist. The reason why you should take those IQ scores with a grain of salt is that each test has its own standard deviation. Now I know that British Mensa administers the Cattell test for admission; and that test has a SD of 24. If the girl's score of 161 were converted to a test with an SD of 15 (which is the case with most tests used in the West) it would be 138; or about 99th percentile. This is how lack of professionalism and unscrupulousness can generate big news. The journalist should get fired and we should be ashamed for making a fuss over this.

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