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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Sues Bar Over Super Bowl Promo

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is suing a bar in New Orleans over a Super Bowl promotion.

The boxer says that The Wine Bistro used his named and likeness without his permission to promote a pre-Super Bowl party.

Mayweather says that the bar used Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and posted flyers up around the city promising that the boxer would be stopping by the club before the Super Bowl.

Mayweather, who says that he makes $100,000 for a club appearance, said that the bar promised that the boxer and “The Money Team” would be parting at the club during Super Bowl weekend. Mayweather’s money team, according to TMZ, consists of Justin Bieber, Lil’ Kim, 50 Cent and Miss Jackson.

In addition to getting stiffed for an event he never agreed to appear at, Mayweather is also upset that his fans were tricked into going to event with false promises.

Mayweather Jr. filed his lawsuit at the Nevada District Court on Thursday. The boxer wants an unspecified amount of money and for the bar to stop using his name.

Here’s one of the YouTube spots for the Super Bowl party.