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‘Ex Gay’ Christian Blogger Found On Gay Hookup App, Grindr

Ex gay blogger found on gay hookup app

Matt Moore, an “ex gay” Christian blogger, was recently discovered on Grindr, a social networking app for gay, bisexual, and bi-curious men.

Moore, who writes for the Christian Post, has written at length about how Christianity helped turn him away from a homosexual lifestyle. In a post entitled, “My Story: Homosexuality, Drunkenness, Grace and Redemption,” Moore wrote about how he struggled with homosexual urges after his “conversion experience.” He also wrote about his mother becoming involved with another woman after she and his father divorced.

Toward the end of the post, Moore wrote:

“I can, in truth, firmly say that the longer I keep turning away from my homosexual desires, the less in strength they become. My homosexual feelings have definitely diminished since the night God started drawing me to Himself in September of 2010. Are they completely gone? No, they are not. Will they ever be completely gone? I do not know.”

With the discovery of Moore’s Grindr profile, it appears his “homosexual feelings” haven’t entirely gone away. Moore told Zinnia Jones, a writer for Freethought Blogs:

“I am wrong in having been on grindr. I haven’t changed my views on homosexuality, the bible, etc. Creating a grindr profile and talking to guys on it was major disobedience on my part….disobedience to Christ. Disobedience to a loving and gracious God.”

Moore said the pastor of his church was alerted to his activities on Grindr before his profile had been exposed publicly.

Matt Moore Grindr profile

Moore not only blogs about his “ex gay” lifestyle, but he also does interviews on Christian websites and radio shows. He also helped organize an “Overcoming Same Sex Attraction” conference in Shreveport, Louisiana.

While there is nothing new about people claiming to have been “cured” of their homosexuality, there isn’t much evidence to support that homosexuality is something that can be cured. Last year, Dr. Robert Spitzer, who is considered by many to be the father of modern psychiatry, recently apologized to the gay community after publishing a study that concluded a “gay cure” could make gay men straight.

“I believe I owe the gay community an apology,” Spitzer said. “I also apologize to any gay person who wasted time and energy undergoing some form of reparative therapy because they believed that I had proven that reparative therapy works.”

Do you think being gay is something that can be cured?

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One Response to “‘Ex Gay’ Christian Blogger Found On Gay Hookup App, Grindr”

  1. Jesus Carbonell

    The Story of an Exhomosexual Jesus Emilio Carbonell :
    when I was a boy, I began to feel same sex attractions. I later became involved with older homosexuals and bisexual men. Before deciding to do my transition, I lived my life as a regula homosexual man., I met a man who I thought was a woman. We spent a great deal of time together. Few Months later I was on my way to becoming a transgender woman, like my friends.
    Time passed by and I was happy with the changes, my personality was diferent.However, as the time went by, I became depressed. I was never able to be happy. I was in love with a guy who did not care about me, it was all in vain: He left me for someone else. Later I fell ill with HIV and HepC with cirhossis.
    In the homosexual and transgender life, youth is very important I was obsessed personal appearance. At one point, I was so depressed and lonely that I wanted to kill myself. After much suffering from abusing drugs and sex , being very sick in the hospital and spending long days at the Psychiatric Hospital, I wanted to change my life.
    Jesus Christ called me out. I stopped abusing drugs and dressing as a woman. I began to look like the real me. I was a new creature. I began to meet with people who were Christians. And they loved me unconditionally.
    I knew Jesus did not want me to live that life. He had made me whole in His love. I began to experience a confidence that I had never had before.
    I pray to my Lord to move me to the next step so that He will continue to work in my Healing.. I have been changed by His HOLY SPIRIT, when GOD is in you, your life will never be the same. JESUS CHRIST is the most powerful experience that ever happened to me!

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