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Bigfoot In Oregon? Residents Report Strange Noises That Could Be Legendary Creature

Bigfoot In Oregon? Residents Report Strange Noises That Could Be Mythical Creature

Is Bigfoot in Oregon?

People living near an Indian reservation in a remote part of the state seem to think so. They’ve been waking up to some strange sounds coming out of a nearby forest, roars and screeches that sound nothing like the wildlife they’re familiar with.

The reservation is home to about 1,500 people across 178,000 acres in Oregon’s Blue Mountains. The possible Bigfoot noises were heard near an old reservation community center just north of Wilhorse Resort and Casino.

Residents first started hearing the noises last month, and rumors quickly spread that it could be a young Bigfoot separated from its mother.

The noises of the possible Bigfoot in Oregon are so frightening that even grown men’s hair stands on end when the noises were heard, resident Sylvia Minthron told The Oregonian. Another man said his dog was too terrified of the noises to go out for a walk.

Not everyone thinks there really is a Bigfoot in Oregon, The Daily Mail notes. Others in the community think the simpler explanation is that the strange noises come from a fox or coyote.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is known as a mysterious ape-like creature believed to inhabit forests. Sightings have been centered on the Pacific Northwest region, Oregon in particular.

So is there a Bigfoot in Oregon? Enthusiasts of the creature think that they are getting closer to finding the elusive Bigfoot, and sightings continue. Late last year, a group of hikers in Utah encountered what they thought was a bear, but then the animal turned and stood on two legs, looking very much like Bigfoot.

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158 Responses to “Bigfoot In Oregon? Residents Report Strange Noises That Could Be Legendary Creature”

  1. Stacey Holt

    Are they sure it wasn't just some guests from the resort who got drunk and wandered into the woods for some "private time"?

  2. Brad Borchers

    Whats the difference between Bigfoot and jesus?? Bigfoot is real.

  3. MrLawless Antipc

    It was Beyonce, thats what she sounds like when she isnt lip syncing.

  4. Michele Carlson Engel

    Katie Catherine Brolet, here ya go, it's finally happening. Now you HAVE to move to Oregon! lol

  5. MrLawless Antipc

    Be awesome if Barry and Big Foot could trade places.. like in that Disney movie.

  6. Michele Carlson Engel

    the whole thing is just silly. my friend who still lives in CT, is convinced I will see BigFoot out here in Cave Junction, OR one day. I told her I have sat outside in the middle of the night by myself and never have I heard or seen Big Foot, Now it is a running joke. It keeps us occupied anyway. Obviously, there is no such thing as big foot.

  7. Michele Carlson Engel

    starting to get old? It is almost as ridiculous as the whole Zombie apocolypse, which I thought for a long time was just a joke, but then came to realize that there are people who really think this is going to happen. Like all of the dead people are going to rise from the graves and come to eat our brains. Really people? what are we 5?

  8. Michele Carlson Engel

    clearly someone else who realizes this is all a joke!!

  9. Anonymous

    I don't know why anyone believes in bigfoot, ghosts, aliens or sea monsters?

  10. Anonymous

    MrLawless Antipc Do you know what lip syncing is? ITS "HER" VOICE JUST PRE RECORDED. She still sounded beautiful regardless if it was recorded before the event.

  11. James Cole

    We would have to be some pretty messed up kids if we were thinking of the undead eating people's brains at age 5.

  12. Robert Rob Cornelius

    Ok read the story.. Big news in case you didn't know bears stand on two legs..

  13. Anonymous

    You will never know what it is if you don't investigate the sounds. Have a bunch of people with guns investigate.

  14. Anonymous

    Get a bunch of people with guns, and investigate the noises. Until you do that you won't find out what it is…duh.

  15. Eric Gallmeyer

    segadsden23 do you know that they make most people sound better on cd's

  16. Anonymous

    oh so you knew jesus himself? tell me what does he do these days?

  17. Darren Bennion

    I've seen a UFO ( about 8 or 9 of them all at once in 1988) and a ghost (in my sisters home, in the bedroom I was sleeping in, in the dark, right in the middle of the room, A bright illuminated column of light..I got out of bed….walked around the light and when I reached out to touch disappeared…I was sober and it scared the crap out of me. I will never forget what I saw. …but not bigfoot, sea monsters or the easter bunny. But seriously I have seen the UFO's and a ghost (or whatever that strange light was)

  18. Anonymous

    see its people like you that saying that JESUS isn't real thats the problem with people like you if JESUS isn't real than how was the earth created and how were people created it wasn't by no big bang theory and we are not from no monkeys

  19. Eric Bondad

    I really bow the curiosity mission on mars and telescopes on light year stars, but I think earth itself is more mysterious.

  20. Mike Gessel

    Almost choked on breakfast reading that the only real jesus is the one that works in the restaurant down the street from my house

  21. Anonymous

    There is a research center in the city where I live. I once babysat in a plantation home about 1/4 mile from the center. I kept hearing screams/noises and got a little scared. As it turned out, the noises were tcoming from the monkeys at the research center. The sounds that I heard on the bigfoot video are very similar to the sounds I heard that night while babysitting.

  22. Tracey Jones

    its not bigfoot panthers make sounds like that it can sound like a woman screaming or a baby crying I have personally heard panthers in north carolina when camping they only do it at nite that's when theyre hunting.

  23. Olde Rose

    After you are beamed aboard the Mother Ship, you will have part of your answer. We of the Planet Zargon are with you insofar as your skepticism of sea monsters, though.

  24. Anna Chek

    Actually, cougar make screeching sounds that will definitely stand a person's hair on end. Normal.

  25. Mark Hadley

    There have always been Bigfoot reports in Oregon–more than in most places. Not sure why this non-sighting even made the news.

  26. Brian Hart

    Yes, it is a previously made recording, but, is it a recording of Beyonce? Did you see her record it? And don't forget, according to liberals, truth and reality are based entirely on individual perception so no matter what the truth is concerning Bigfoot, Alien visitation, Beyonce, Obama's birth certificate, perception, no matter how made, is all that matters.

  27. James Ellis

    a few people who distorted facts and ignore what even secular scholars say as true about a real historical Jesus, have given something new for Atheist to claim. But for these so called enlightened people who want facts sure are quick to jump on lies that agree with their predetermined outcome of thoughts.

  28. Brian Hart

    Be careful about reanimation. Reports persist about nearly invincible Nazi platoons in WW2. NOT brain eating ghouls but bodies that would not die when shot many times. Soldiers witnessed Allied intelligence officer bagging these particular bodies and hauling them away while leaving regular Nazi dead lying about. Drugged up enemy soldiers? They did not cry out in pain when being shot nor did they attempt to protect themselves. Understand that of all the myths and stories, reanimation is most likely to be achieved. Just ask those veteran witnesses of WW2.

  29. Dan Lindholm

    This story neglected to tell you that an American team has three complete DNA strands of Sasquatch and have determined conclusively through 5 years of study that Sasquatch are 99% Homo Sapien or Human and the other 1% is an unknown primate. Sasquatch and humans split 15.000 yrs ago when a male of the unknown primate species mated with many human women and created the hybrid species. This is 100% proof that a previously unknown primate species has been living on the fringes of our knowledge the whole time. So you can scratch Bigfoot off of your list of non entities. The findings of the American team are under peer review and an official announcement of the new species and official scientific name is forthcoming. Russian scientists have found the same evidence to be true concerning the Yeti, and British scientists are also studying the DNA evidence. There is an apparent race to get the credit for this new discovery. Look it up on Youtube and see the evidence for yourselves. It's the real deal.

  30. Sigmundr Úlfhéðnar

    I've heard plenty of foxes and wolves etc and also heard recordings of these noises that are believed to be bigfoot and have heard it myself in northern MN and believe me it is nothing like a fox, wolf, coyote, mountain lion. if you have lived in a city forever and never even heard either you may assume "its a fox" but foxes cannot make a noise so loud you can hear it for miles and also audible language like the bigfoot "samurai chatter".

  31. Brian Hart

    There is a TV show called "Finding Bigfoot" concerning the efforts of a team of investigators searching for Bigfoot. The leader of the group claims he's been searching for over 25 years, yet, he has no definitive physical proof. The one "scientist" on the show is either playing along so she can stay on TV or is totally inept. The other two are funny with the "Bobo" character being so ridiculous that he destroys any shred of the show's credibility. He clearly spent too many nights alone in the wilderness.

  32. Mags Vazquez

    Big Foot AKA Rush Limbaugh and apparently his mother is looking for him.

  33. Scott Andrews

    they should be captured and work for the CIA…They are the most elusive creatures on earth. We could deploy them anywhere and get instant results. Seriously they have to be the smartest living thing on earth if their real!

  34. Kathy Ralston

    I am sure the area would love to have money from the tourists that they are hoping to get from this convenient publicity. Times are hard!

  35. Joel Hobson

    Lets focus on your mother GERALD CHERNEY YOU LITTLE BIOTCH. Nobody wants to talk about your boy jeeessuuusss. Shut the f u c k up and move on pusher boy.

  36. Anonymous

    So this means they will probably send that group of "chickens" from the Animal Planets show about Bigfoot, right? I have watched that show enough times to know that when they actually hear a bigfoot type of noise, they all of a sudden start turning on their normal bright lights and start talking louder. When ever one of them says,"did you hear that?" the camera is pointed in some other direction insted of where the host is pointing. I don't watch the show anymore because of the on camera chickens hosting the show!

  37. Curt da Silva

    It's just the Republican party moaning and crying, now that they have realized that they are no longer relevant.

  38. Steve Huff

    I do think it is more likely Rosie O'donnell John, but one thing that bothers me is people from New York or Chicago thinking someone from Oregon or Wyoming might not know what a coyote or fox sounds like. The larger creature a coyote makes a yelping sound when a group is united. It can be loud and irritating. Other than that, they are silent hunters. Wolves make a wolf howl that everyone is familiar with, and a similar yelping among pups when the Alpha male, female, and the pack return to a den. The sounds are distinct! So when some elitist jerk from some big city tries to tell a Native American or a native Montanan what a coyote sounds like, I find them very irritating, especially when the NY media can't even tell the difference between a European Elk (moose), and an American elk.

  39. David R. Williams

    Steve, we hear coyotes nearly every night in the woods around us. The next time you come over will have to have a few MULs and listen to them.

  40. Sherri Kowalski

    I would NOT have gotten out of bed. I just would have covered my head with the blanket :(

  41. Paul Yates

    Sure Big Foot lives here, its our state mascot. LOL However the person in The Dalles that had so called foot impressions, admitted it was all fake. But, don't leave home without your camera.

  42. Paul Yates

    Sure its in Oregon, that is our state mascot. LOL Don't leave home without your camera.

  43. Paul Yates

    Sure Big Foot lives in Oregon, its our state Mascot. Don't leave home without your camera.

  44. Steve Huff

    I listened to the sounds they recorded. No creature I have ever heard. Not a four legged creature. Almost like out of a horror movie.

  45. Anonymous

    What in the heck is Ray Lewis doing in Oregon, you are suppossed to be getting ready for big game.

  46. Lynda Newman

    One never knows for sure. They keep finding new species and even ones they thought were extinct.

  47. Gary Newton

    I think we should send the I.R.S. to find bigfoot If they can't find it then it doesn't exsist.

  48. Wellington Mot

    I was driving south from Bend, Or. in 2008 and as I got near La Pine, Or. around 5:am my headlights caught an enormous figure crossing the HWY about 500 feet in front of me. As I got closer I could see a hairy, bulky creature that was at least seven feet tall and probably weighed around 400-500 pounds. It had huge neck and shoulder muscles and a big head with short hair all over it. It's body seemed to have longer hair than on its head. This thing jumped over a chest high cyclone fence and down into a ravine just before I crossed the bridge after slowing down. It cleared the fence in stride and went down a steep embankment like it was nothing. As it crossed the path of my car it turned its entire torso toward me without breaking stride. This thing actually looked like it was mad at me or my car(?). It was completely terrifying. I would not want to encounter anything like this on foot.

  49. Jöhn Wïllïäms

    follow the screams..and arm yourself..and even take a few friends…stay together..get some big ass bright flashlights and boom! then kill it when you find it everyone open fire on bigfoot! lol then you got your proof!

  50. Wellington Mot

    I would also add that all of the crazy people and the flakes and the opportunists that latch on to this subject, for whatever motivation, are why people think the whole idea of a bigfoot is absurd. The fact is these creatures are real, I have seen one and it is not a joke.

  51. Mike Awad

    Wow that's very interesting, if there is a bigfoot it could easily hide out in the pacific northwest (Washington, Oregon, Northern Cali) cause there's a huge chamber of underground caves/caverns where some coud be living.

  52. Clae Brewer

    Julian Alvarez Jesus died for your sins Bigfoot didnt. Next Question.

  53. Zachary Allen Byrd

    umm anna i live in pendleton which is right there and my dads a cop on the rez. i knw this place and sorry to tell ya but the cougars don't come down there. theres th occasionl bear but no cougars. all i know is thats areas creepy at night

  54. Dan Varner

    Maybe we'll get lucky and big foot will capture Kim kardashian and make her his love slave and we can finally forget about the big bottomed pop-tart! !

  55. Deborah Bonati

    I guess he does not like ny anymore, not that I blame the beast! Or. is a beautiful state.
    However he reminds of the chairperson of congress.

  56. Steve Huff

    David R. Williams I have a lot of Bigfoot recordings. I consider myself THE authority on Bigfoot vocalizations. I have recordings of Bigfoot getting stung by bees, finding a stash of fresh greens the misplaced, during orgasm including simultaneous, and screaming at kitten in a tree. This one is unique! Though slightly higher pitched, it most closely resembles a Bigfoot passing Himalayan Blackberry, a densely thorned invasive plant found in Oregon, while nursing a bad case of hemorrhoids. No doubt about it!

  57. Jimmy FiveFingers

    It's my understanding from the US Forest Service this event has been attributed to Sarah Palin making her way back to Alaska after resigning from Faux "News".

  58. Jimmy FiveFingers

    Jerome, you're a douche nozzle. By the way, what mother would name her kid "Jerome"? I'll bet you were bullied in school. Ya, that's it… that explains your seventh-grade level comments.

  59. Jerome Lopez

    Naw! He's obviously to good for the CIA. Other than his tracks. Maybe……deploy him to the White House. Clean House. I hear hey smell pretty fishy.

  60. Mara Perp

    Julian Alvarez ..I don't normally even reply to such discussion since God gave us free will and I'm not a Bible thumper per say. But if you truly don't know the difference between Jesus, our Lord and Savior, the Son of God, the very principles of who our forefathers esablished this great country and a bigfoot, Then my friend, I will truly pray for you.
    Even athesists call to God when they are in the fokhole taking on fire.
    Let me be clear, I am not holier than thou but I really think you should give some consideration to your statements and re-evaluate (Possibly re-evaluating your stance on Jesus and God, maybe yourself as well)

  61. Gail Moore

    Ask the indigenous people if their history mentions this creature. And leave the matter alone. Human beings should mind their own business.

  62. Tim Wilson

    I seen Bigfoot out on I-695 (Baltimore) beltway, driving a tractor trailer. He works for Swift…..Swift will hire anybody!

  63. Luke Whoever

    maybe do some research Jesus was very much real look it up anywhere

  64. Luke Whoever

    maybe do some research Jesus was very much real look it up anywhere

  65. Patrick Heatley

    I think I hear a Squatch…………I'm willing to keep an open mind on the subject. There's enough area in North Western US and Canada to support a population. But all you ever hear about is reports. Noises, footprints, fuzzy pictures. In this day and age where you can't take a towel from a Red Roof Inn without being on a security camera or someones cell phone you'd think there would be a little more conclusive evidence.

  66. Christopher C Martin

    I saw some apes driving trucks in balto. They work for Ost

  67. Cheryl D'Anna

    Well, you should bother with Jesus, cuz he is REAL. And if you don't, you're gonna get a big surprise when you die when you realize that you're going downstairs instead of upstairs. I know you'll laugh and make a joke of this – but this is serious, dude. Where do you want to spend eternity? Anyway, Jesus shouldn't really be brought up in comments about a Bigfoot article – it just makes people say bad things. Personally, I hope the Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) are real!!! That would be awesome!

  68. Cheryl D'Anna

    Jack Krueger, excuse me, but um, he is not dead. He died on a Friday and the following Sunday he rose from the dead (and not as a zombie, either, so no undead jokes, please). He rose from the dead through the power of God the Father, and his own power, being the Son of God. He stayed here on Earth for awhile, hanging out with his disciples from time to time, who were shocked, amazed, and overjoyed to see him. You can read all about it in the first 4 books of the New Testament in the Bible.

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