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Cats To Go!: New Zealand Man Calls For Pet Cats To Be Eradicated

Cats To Go New Zealand Man Calls For Pet Cats To Be Eradicated

Auckland, New Zealand – A New Zealand man has launched a campaign to wipe out domestic cats in the Pacific nation.

Economist Gareth Morgan wants to rid New Zealand of all pet moggies – even the cute, ickle ones like the fellow above – to protect the country’s native wildlife.

Dr. Morgan has set up a website to support his drive for a “pest-free New Zealand”. On Cats to Go!, he describes cats as “sadists”, adding:

“That little ball of fluff you own is a natural born killer. Every year cats in New Zealand destroy our native wildlife. The fact is that cats have to go if we really care about our environment.”

Morgan has proposed that New Zealanders should make the cat they currently own the last one until the island nation is devoid of killer kitties.

New Zealand is an ornithologist’s dream, renowned for its outstanding array of native birds. In trying to protect the country’s native wildlife, Morgan suggests that owners should keep their pets indoors 24 hours a day, fit them with a bell, and avoid replacing them when they head to kitty heaven. He writes:

“While there are many issues to address, getting one step closer to being a pest-free New Zealand would most certainly be a step in the right direction.”

However, it’s fair to say most Kiwis are not supportive of Morgan’s suggestions. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) chief executive Bob Kerridge argues that stopping people from owning cats would undermine civil rights:

“People consider cats to be a member of the family. So he’s trying to, quite frankly, take away the civil liberties we all have to choose who we want in our home.”

Kerridge concluded that Morgan’s argument was “a bit radical, over the top and completely wrong”.

Such opposition hasn’t deterred the economist’s enthusiasm for his cause. Indeed, while not many would agree with his views, there is little doubt that cats can be cold-blooded killers.

What do you make of Morgan’s suggestion for phasing out pet cats?

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45 Responses to “Cats To Go!: New Zealand Man Calls For Pet Cats To Be Eradicated”

  1. Jessica St Claire

    Seriously? Playing God is not his role in life to choose what lives and dies! I say we get rid of him instead of the cats! The food chain has been around since the beginning of time and is the normal cycle of life…and he wants to mess with this? Idiot! Makes me mad!

  2. Mikasta Clemons

    Getting rid of them completely is not the best solution. But it would be a good idea for people to keep their cats preferably indoors for their own safety and for the local wildlife.

  3. Christine Granlund

    I like how he states "cats have to go if we really care about our environment". We do more damage to our environment than cats ever will….maybe he should think about that!

  4. Keith C. Parsels

    It seem the world is becoming full of extremists of one type or another. Everyone seems to know how to run everyone else's lives for the common good.

  5. Cyd Abner

    I hate to say this… but, he has a point. I've owned cats all my life and have 3 now. I love them and wouldn't give them up for the world, but it absolutely breaks my heart when they bring me "gifts". Last Summer, one of my little darlings brought home (that I know of!) 2 bats and 4 hummingbirds, along with every small mammal and reptile he could find. The number of songbirds is down in North America and research has found that in large part it's due to housecats. I tried keeping them inside exclusively, but since they were all rescues and used to being outside, that failed miserably.

    As for humans (rather than cats) being to blame for most of the environmental disasters on the planet today, I agree completely. But, we're the ones responsible for bringing the cats to a place like New Zealand in the first place – they are NOT a natural part of the ecosystem there.

  6. Aimee Boswell

    Actually the current domestic cat was created by man in the last several thousand years. We bred and cross bred them, domestic cats and dogs are part of our legacy. Humans should protect that legacy and care for them. There are too many unwanted pets today. We made them so we should be responsible and care for them. Don't buy pets but adopt a shelter pet!

  7. Arrista Belk-Pottle

    Seems like the best solution inNew Zealand would be to deport Morgan to anisland where there are no cats, dogs or other domestic animals…and let his beloved wildlife take care of him…

  8. Jeri Jahnke

    If he's really concerned about the wildlife, it's HOMO SAPIENS that needs TO GO. No felis catus would have made it to NZ without homo sapiens bringing them there — and carelessly letting them out.

  9. Denise Kiedis

    They need to keep an eye on him, because I bet he goes around killing stray cats. And if I find that out I`ll fly to NZ and beat the living daylights out of him personally. I live in the country and my house would be overrun with mice if not for my cat. And I HATE mice.

  10. Marty Goetz Gillaspy

    This may not work, but what could help is a massive PR campaign to educate people about what the cats are doing to their nation (and it's not just NZ). If enough volunteers could trap/neuter/release the feral ones, and owners spayed and neutered, and people then adopted kittens and kept them indoors from the start, over the years it could really help.

  11. Neil Rankin

    Maybe HE should just leave and take people like him, but not here too America, we have too many screwballs as it is.

  12. Alan Hunter

    He's a flippin' loony! cats make great indoor pets, and being indoors protects them from the jerkwads that would be cruel to them.

  13. Janis Eagan

    Yes we have more then enough idiots here in the us for every country. We should ship all dip heads to an island or section off a mountain for them.
    Et them interbreed.

  14. Keith C. Parsels

    I had a cat for twenty years. the hardest thing I had to do in my live was have him put to sleep after he got hurt. I now have a Dog, and God help the person that hurts my best friend. After all the press you should know that The United States Citizens are a violent breed. Just look at the actions taken by our Muslim President.

  15. Audrey Koopmans Albert

    He should, then, try to rid New Zeland of all carnivours on the island, not just cats. Cats only after wildlife if they are not well fed or need to have some stimulation. My cats always bring in birds, mice and lizzards alive and unhurt. They want to give me presents.

  16. William H Lanteigne

    Compare the economic benefit of cats (people buy cat food, cat toys, cat health products, take the cat to the vet, etc) vs the economic impact of damage cats may do to or other small creatures (hardly any); this guy is supposed to be an economist?

  17. Beth Vitto Hunter

    I guess this knothead forgot about the plague and that cats kill rodents? We believe in keeping our cats in the house 24/7 and spay/neutering them. Bug to elliminate cats entirely from outside? Big mistake. Really big mistake.

  18. Beth Vitto Hunter

    make your cats be indoors-cats only and the "gifts" will stop. It CAN be done with a little patience, some cat toys, a cat tree/windows to sit in, and attention from you. It will prolong their lives, keep them safe from abuse, and not let them hunt. All good.

  19. Traci Staehler

    This guy obviously doesn't know one damn thing about anything when it comes to cats or pets! opinions vary, so please keep your opinion to YOURSELF!!!

  20. Dez Crawford

    Spayed, neutered, and indoor lifestyle are the answers to protecting small wildlife from kitties. Some dogs have a strong prey drive, too, and well-fed dogs often kill other animals for no reason. The best solution is for the humans to pack up and leave.

  21. Dez Crawford

    No doubt he has political aspirations — making critical decisions in an area in which you are completely unlettered! Economist wanting to play biologist? He probably wants to be prime minister. You know, like in the United States, where preacher legislators decide that creationism must be taught in school in lieu of science, and senators with law degrees make decisions about the environmental impact of oil companies.

  22. Dez Crawford

    If you don't like gifts and want to protect native wildlife, the solution is simple: keep your cats indoors. ALL of our cats are rescues, and all of them live indoors. Being "used to being outside and failing miserably" is not a forgone conclusion. YOU have to be diligent about keeping doors closed, don't give in to appeals to be let outdoors, and teach your children to do the same. Provide views of the outdoors, cat trees, lots of toys and stimulation. If you cannot manage this, consult with an animal behaviorist for help.

  23. Rose M. Vermette

    This guy has a lot of screws loose. Cats are family they are also good therapy for the elderly and children who have a serious illness. He should be locked up for thinking about doing away with our beautiful and loving animals

  24. Rose M. Vermette

    Taking away our cats is like taking away our babies. Their our kids their family I have four and their mousers their indoors. And their fixed.and me and my family love them to pieces.

  25. William H Lanteigne

    This begs the question- just how many economists do we really need? I can think of at least one we can do without…

  26. Sandy Jackson


  27. Sue Omstead Placey

    I think Gareth Morgan, the guy behind all this, should be banished to a deserted island with a hoard of rats and mice and no cats.

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