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Has Eminem Become A Born Again Christian? [Rumor]

Eminem has supposedly become a born again Christian

Rumor has it that Eminem has become a born again Christian.

A source claims that he has witnessed the Detroit rapper’s transformation firsthand. He said Eminem has removed himself “from the depths of the music industry” and will no longer be conforming to what the business expects of him, according to Christian Post.

There is some merit to the rumor, although it requires traveling back to 1996 when Eminem released his debut album, Infinite. In a song titled “It’s OK,” Eminem says:

“But in the midst of this insanity, I’ve found my Christianity through God and there’s a wish he granted me. He showed me how to cope with this stress and hope for the best, instead of moping depressed.”

A little less than three years after releasing Infinite, which was a commercial failure, Eminem made his major label debut with The Slim Shady LP. The album won Best Rap Album at the 41st Grammy Awards, and the first single, “My Name Is,” won Best Rap Solo Performance.

While many of his lyrics have focused on killing his wife or being addicted to drugs, Eminem — born Marshall Bruce Mathers III — has written more inspirational songs such as “Lose Yourself” from the 8 Mile soundtrack and “Not Afraid,” the first single from his most recent album, Recovery.

The website ChristWire profiled Eminem as a “Christian Warrior” in 2011, applauding him for his Chrysler ad during Super Bowl XLVI.

“Through any problems he has had in live he has risen above the blackness that surrounded him,” the article writer, August Weisz, said. “He is truly a Christian hero.”

Eminem and his camp have yet to confirm whether the rapper has really become a born again Christian.

Would you be surprised if this rumor turns out to be true?

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46 Responses to “Has Eminem Become A Born Again Christian? [Rumor]”

  1. Heather Rene'e Farris

    No considering he is on Facebook asking people to like a page for Jesus.

  2. Danielle Raye Lawson

    I only pray that he's turned from the dark ways of the entertainment industry to show his little girls how to live the right life… the life where Jesus is the leader! I'll be praying it IS true! Blessings to you Marshal!

  3. Lindsey Dees

    Nothing is possible with god. He will never turn anyone or anything away. I would really like to know if this is a true fact. The affect he could have on the industry would be insane.

  4. Angela MA Blevins

    Eminem has ALWAYS spoken the truth- to a fault. He is a lot more honest than at least 95% of the people I know. While his lyrics are strong and he curses too much, they are VERY VERY honest. I wouldn't really be surprised if he has become a Christian. Again, he is one of the most honest people I've ever heard. Can anyone reading this say that they could be as truthful as he is?

  5. Tone Loce

    if he has truly meet the real; virgin born, sinless life, crucified on the cross, resurrected Jesus Christ, then he WILL change. You can't meet this Jesus and NOT be changed. If he says he meet Jesus, but doesn't change, he didn't meet Jesus.

  6. Christina Connor

    well I love his music and hope he neva stops rapping. if he found god good for him, I just hope it doesn't change him to much. I think hes one of the best rappers out there. and I loved his last cd. so em don't change to much. hope all is well.

  7. Ashley Alafberg

    I hope its true! It will prove to show that God can save anyone no matter what they have done in life, plus his amazin lyrical genius would be a huge blessing to the Body of Christ but only the fruit will tell if it is true!

  8. Colleen Ann Thomas

    I always suspected that he had faith in a higher power, so happy to hear this! I'm a definetly a fan even before this news.

  9. Norma Bowen

    Don't be an ass like some born again Christians I know. Be true and be yourself. Good luck. :-)

  10. Julie Love

    It would not surprise me at all. Eminem is extremely talented. A gift given by God. I pray for him and have since my son "likes" his music. How powerful his message would be if he was using his God given talent to bring others to Christ. Love it

  11. Alan Dickens

    I think it's interesting how I used to listen to his music and then got saved. Now, years later, I see him turning his life over as well. It's funny how God works. I hope he does turn his life over, for his own sake as well as for the influence he will surely have.

  12. Peggy Attaway

    My husband loves him and interestingly enough, he is very talented and quite brilliant..While his lyrics can be "offensive" to some, he often times throws reality out there…Sometimes people are not ready to hear the truth..I wish him well, also.

  13. Paula LaValliere

    Hope he's prepared for the persecution he's going to get now from the media……and others. Personally, I say, good for you Mr. Mathers!

  14. Maria Madai

    God will do what He needs to do, I pray He gives him inter healing and start being a witness in that industry.. God is Almighty :)

  15. Desde Elbronx

    looking forward to sitting back and seeing the transformation happen!

  16. Maria Madai

    Yesss me too and I know God Himself will give him music to write 😉 I can't wait

  17. Robert States

    Could somebody just explain to me how doing the Chrysler ad made him a Christian Warrior? Otherwise, I think this would be great for him to reach so many people with his gifts. These indications noted here are vague but hopefully he will come forward and proclaim His name!

  18. John Hess

    It's because he has it. Check out this guy…

    Godsownaddict 3 years ago

    rappers who arent murdering people DO make tracks about murdering people and influence kids to be little ghetto nasties. and its cuz those fucking rappers have NOTHING important to say. They're talentless. LowKeys got the gift that only like 5% of rappers have. Realness.
    · 70

  19. Ranelle Rae Seuffert

    Maybe he has been a reborn Christian ever since he did recovery and we have not known about it….I mean he hasn't released a solo since recovery. So its been almost 3 years so I wonder if he has been doing some soul searching and finding God while working on his next album. Who knows. Anyways

    if he wants to let the world know about his religious beliefs to the world then he will tell but there are some things that he should keep to himself. I don't understand why his Christianity beliefs are a big deal to everyone. It's only relevant to him not the whole world. Respect his beliefs and personal life, but great for him. It's a new year so maybe it's a new resolution for him to become a reborn Christian. God works in mysterious ways and god has blessed him so so far with his success, fame and wealth compared to what he came from before he was famous. He changed his life around, got cleaned and on top or that he is a father! I'm pretty he does pray and secretly goes to church. Lets all pray that he did!

  20. Barbara Womack

    I've told my family if he ever did this he could be the one to truely change the world.

  21. Tina Thomas

    I think a lot of this is put out to see how many people will turn away from him. Most articles like this are meant to stir the pot and nothing more. Whatever he does with his life is between him and his creator. If he makes a positive impact on people (which I believe he has done by addressing other issues) then more power to him. People change as they get older and I think his friendship with Dr. Dre has helped him through a lot of garbage too.

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