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New 2013 Laws: Gay Marriage, Facebook Passwords Laws Go Into Effect On New Year’s Day

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Tomorrow is New Year’s Day and that can only mean one thing: A whole bunch of new laws. The new laws for 2013 effect everything from gay marriage, to marijuana consumption, to Facebook password laws.

Some of the new 2013 laws tackle major social issues like gay marriage and marijuana while other are a little more unusual.

Illinois is putting a ban on motorcycle wheelies. The state will start imposing a $1000 fine to anyone who pops a wheelie while speeding. But Illinois motorcycle riders shouldn’t be too upset since the state has also decided to let them legally drive through stale red lights.

Illinois has also decided to crack down on the illegal shark fin sales. The distribution of shark fins is a major issue in places like China and California but the last time I checked Illinois doesn’t deal with too many sharks.

Of course, Illinois isn’t the only place for unusual laws.

According to ABC, a new law in Wellington, Kansas will limit the number of cats per household. Yes, cat Kansas cat lovers, it is now illegal to have more than four cats living in your home.

Concord, Massachusetts is outlawing plastic bottles in 2013 and Florida has made it illegal to warn other drivers about a speed trap.

The coolest law of 2013 has to go to California. The state recently decided that it would allow driverless cars to operate on public roads. A human has to be present in the car but it is now legal for the vehicle to be computer driven.

State legislatures may have spent a lot of time this year regulating cats and wheelies but there were also a lot of major new laws passed.

Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, California and Illinois all all tackled a privacy issue that is still plaguing the job market. It is now illegal in those states for an employer to ask for your Facebook password.

Nora Campos, speaker pro tempore of the California State Assembly and lead author of the new Facebook password law, told NBC:

“My legislation protects workers’ privacy. The legislation is necessary because there is a hole in existing law that prevents employers from intruding into an employee’s legal off-duty conduct.”

New laws passed in Maryland and Virginia will certainly give gay couples a happy new year. Gay marriage will officially be legalized in those states on New Year’s Day.

Carrie Evans, executive director of gay rights group Equality Maryland, told the Washington Examiner:

“There’s already some weddings happening right after New Year’s Eve, at 12:01.”

What do you think about the new 2013 laws? Are you happy that gay marriage is getting legalized in more states? Are you upset that people in Kansas can only own four cats?

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35 Responses to “New 2013 Laws: Gay Marriage, Facebook Passwords Laws Go Into Effect On New Year’s Day”

  1. Anonymous

    What employer in their right mind would ask someone for their Facebook password and for what reason? Who in their right mind would even consider giving ANYONE their password for anything? Now I understand better why some people I know have 2 different Facebook pages under different names. Happy New Year everyone! :-)

  2. Mary Stempert

    I would not give my pass word out……. why bother to have one if you are going to pass it around?

  3. Enrique Enriquez

    we are headed for distruction when gay marrage is ok with the united states.God has stated not to do as the gays do and yet the states allow it.God have mercy on us.

  4. Sue Flood

    yes that is why God destroyed the world before. i would hate to wake up to the same sex . People has let satn in and thrown God out. sickkkkkkk people they will see when they have to bow and confess jesus is lord. wake up people put God in your life and see how much better you will

  5. Emmi Carmi

    some companies have train proffessional on how to get in someone facebook without the person knowing, that is why you should not use your real name on facebook, on the setting a person have the right to block everyone from finding them in the search engine, and you should not use the same email address that you use on facebook these are some way they are able to fnd your facebook profile and figure out your password.

  6. Sue Flood

    anyody that belives in gay marriages is ssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk.

  7. Heather Wheeler Sadlemire

    We are headed for destruction because illiterate people such as yourselves think they have a right to tell others whom they should and should not love. Why don't you do a little less preaching and a little more reading of second grade English & spelling text books?

  8. Delores Smith

    that is the best thing 2 do with facebbok because a lot of people that do work might 2 have accounts 2 work with on facebook I don't thing anybody would like looking at some bad picture's of someone @ some bad writing also not a good idel 2 do is the boss man going 2 give up his password 2.

  9. Pat Gombar

    If I am sick or wrong and possibly going to hell for wanting the right to love the person of my choice, then f** you all who believe that way. I'll see you in hell then.

  10. Pat Gombar

    I just had to make a comment to those that commented on the yahoo report about Virginia and Maryland accepting to law to allow Gay Marriages starting on the first. I have to say.. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Emmi Carmi

    well 2013 is going to hard a year for all of us, 20, 30 years ago the word gay was headly heard, now everyone make it seem like its okay I'm living for God only Gay marriage is wrong and its only going to send straight to hell.

  12. Aaron Dougherty

    I support same sex marriage, also known as marriage, I ain't sick

  13. John Sergent

    Mainly because with Facebook they can find out more about you, most of which is none of their business and some of which it's illegal for them to ask in an interview. And logging in as you stops you from hiding anything from them, including anything your friends have posted.

  14. John Sergent

    The only type of job where asking that would be legitimate is in computer security type work… in which case *not* giving it out would be passing that particular test :)

  15. Aaron Dougherty

    God loves everyone, even gays, bis, and trans*, seperation between church and state, marriage shilould be for everyone, not just heterosexal couples

  16. Jay Schneider

    Kenneth Avila Thats right use the Bible to justify you hatred and bigotry, you ignorant asshole

  17. Ashley King

    Wow!! I am a firm believer in God. I also believe in gay marriage. Who are u to put judgement on us??? Didnt God say not to judge others as well?? We all sin!! No sin is worse than another!! How dare you people judge others for who they love!

  18. Rocco Paperiello

    You stated "New laws passed in Maryland and Virginia will certainly give gay couples a happy new year. Gay marriage will officially be legalized in those states on New Year’s Day."
    Check your facts — there is nn legal gay marriage in VA.

  19. Rocco Paperiello

    Another example of "religious bigotry" and irrational thought processes. That LEGAL gay marriage exist is NOT a matter of "belief." Empirical facts are NOT a subject for "religious belief." What you no doubt really mean is that YOU believe that anyone who supports gay marriage is sick. Well I happen to BELIEVE that YOUR brand of religious bigotry is sick. And that your brand of irrational religious belief is a mental illness.

  20. Saul Sosa

    Gay marriage?…seriously?..what is this world coming to?…Yo if you can take care of more than four cats then let them …if they cant take care of them then I would think they would have more logic.

  21. Robbie Gwaltney

    I agree with you that God loves everyone but God hates sin. God calls on us to abandon our sin and trust in the sacrificial death of his son Jesus Christ. "If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father's commands and remain in his love." Jonn 15:10

  22. Kathy Ashley

    Can't believe I read that BS correctly…limit 4 cats per household. Really??? That is so ridiculously stupid I cannot even believe it. Free country…NOT. Insane.

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