‘Yuri On Ice’ Season 2: Yuri Katsuki’s Loser Moments Capture Fans’ Hearts, Mitsurou Kubo Hints Story Is Far From Over

Yuri On Ice has proven to be one of the best writing in anime so far. The Japanese animation series already gathered so many fans around the world in its first season, especially because of the protagonist’s personality and struggles. While other lead characters usually won and got what they wanted in the end, Yuri had to experience mockery and defeat.

When Yuri On Ice first premiered back in October 2016, many might have expected that it will just be like one of those regular Japanese anime television series: something sporty, feel-good worthy, nothing spectacular. However, the show has proven all the critics wrong. Yuri On Ice was extraordinary and became such a huge hit that fans all around the world are now waiting for the sequel to be released soon.

The show’s protagonist, Yuri Katsuki, was a 23-year-old figure skater who achieved his success through his introversion. Being on the ice was his escape; he’s an anxious young man who eats his emotions and will run off to the rink when faced with adversity or pressure. This helped further his abilities but also put a cap on his growth.

In Yuri On Ice Episode 1, fans saw a chubby Yuri returning home, faced with posters of himself plastered all over town, banners wishing him luck yet to be torn down, and all sorts of people who know his name. Just like a normal human being, Yuri Katsuki has definitely considered giving up, which made him relatable to people who had experience hardships in life.

But when a video of him skating to his idol Victor Nikiforov’s choreography goes viral, the living legend flew all the way from Russia to Japan to be Yuri’s coach. It has been previously reported that the duo immediately made a connection, more of a romantic one than just as coach and student, leading fans to ship Victor and Yuri. But even with Victor’s training, Yuri interestingly ended up bagging only the silver medal in Yuri On Ice Episode 12.

Meanwhile, Mitsurou Kubo already hinted the possibility of a Yuri On Ice Season 2 in a previous interview. The Japanese sports anime television series’ writer revealed that she has a lot of plans for next year, “including the wish to create a sequel [for ‘Yuri On Ice’].”

That’s all fans needed to hear and the hype for Yuri On Ice Season 2 continued.

[Featured Image by Yuri On Ice/Twitter]