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Photos Of Connecticut School Shooting Victims Released Online

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The school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, left 27 people dead. The names of the victims were released earlier this week and now the first photos are starting to hit the internet.

Eighteen of the Connecticut school shooting victims were children under the age of seven. According to the Guardian, 12 of the child victims were little girls and eight were little boys.

The youngest, Noah Pozner, celebrated his 6th birthday in November.

In addition to the children who lost their lives during the school shooting last week, six adults were also killed. All of the adult victims were women. Stories about the adult victims are both heroic and sad.

The Daily Beast reports that Dawn Hochsprung, the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary, died after she lunged at the shooter in an attempt to save the children.

School therapist Diane Day said that Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach “didn’t think twice about confronting or seeing what was going on.” Both women were killed during the attack.

Victoria Soto, a 27-year-old first grade teacher, is also being hailed as a hero. Soto had her students get into a closet and barricaded the door as the gunman entered the room.

Soto’s cousin said: “From what we’ve been told, my cousin, Vicki, and her first grade classroom, took her students and huddled them into a closet. And then, shielded the children in the closet, trying to protect them from bullets … Put herself between the gunman and the kids.”

Here are some more photos of the women and children who lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Not pictured: Madeleine F Hsu, Grace McDonnell, Jack Pinto, Noah Pozner, Benjamin Wheeler, Allison N Wyatt and Rachel Davino.

After the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado earlier this year some of the surviving victims begged the media not to mention the shooter’s name. The survivors wanted people to remember the names of the victims instead of the name of the shooter. There’s plenty of information out now about the Sandy Hook school shooter but please take a moment to flip through the photos and remember the names and the faces of the women and children who lost their lives last week in Newtown, Connecticut.

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24 Responses to “Photos Of Connecticut School Shooting Victims Released Online”

  1. Gary Batchelder

    I don't know why I keep reading articles about this tragedy when I know it's going to make me cry…..R.I.P little ones the world will truly miss you……the Christmas angels will protect you now…….

  2. Nikki Chantel

    Seeing these little childrens faces and reading their names makes me cry. The teachers were so brave throwing themselves in front of the children to save them. God Bless their little souls and the brave women.

  3. John Larsen

    If that Westboro Baptist Church should send anyone here to Ogden, Utah, to protest at the funeral of Emilie Parker, I would be glad to join with anyone who wants to counter prtest. I hope the local government, as well as state governments will do everything to stop any rotests. Last January we lost a great Ogden Police Officerand the whole ommunity turned out to celebrate him. I would hope the same would be donefro Emilie and her family. If half the turnout was done, I am sure that Westboro could not even get close.

  4. Rickey Deree

    i just wanted to stop in and say sorry to here about this it is so sad and if anyone that has lost a love one and needs a friend to talk to im here

  5. Rickey Deree

    people that shows this post some love has a good heart because the kids didnt even get to have a life 20 kids lost there life on this day

  6. Jennifer Angelo

    This is SO heartbreaking to me!! I live right in NY, westchester, which is so close to Ct. I shop at the Danbury mall, and I have a 6 year old! Who I sent to School this morning! But I sit here feeling for those poor kids who lost their lives' parents who can't ever send them off to school or anywhere for that matter again, because of some sickos heartless act of violence…this should have NEVER happened! I look at these babies pictures and I cry !! They are so small and innocent and having a 6 yr old myself makes it that much more real to me! What a shame! God Bless all those who are suffering right now!, right before the holidays! This is too much! My heart hurts for the families directly impacted by this and my thoughts and prayers are with the ALWAYs!

  7. Steve Finley

    You just posted what I was going to post.

    I really can't stand it. There are no perfect places in the world, but there are more civilized places, for sure — places where people don't have this warped idea of "freedom" and who don't indulge themselves in alienating, pathologically individualistic, empathy-killing anti-community-ism that has created a subclass of people who see other people as no more than targets or obstacles.

    I am walking around choked up nearly every minute of the day. Even worse is knowing how little will change after all the emotion and news coverage passes.

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