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Westboro Baptist Church: Counter-Protestors Devise Ways To Block Connecticut Shooting Pickets

Westboro Baptist Church Announces Plans To Picket Funerals Of Connecticut Shooting Victims, Counter-Protesters Spring To Action

The Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to picket the funerals of the children and adults killed in Friday’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, and almost as quickly counter-protesters have begun making plans to protect the grieving families.

Soon after members of the “church” tweeted about their intentions to picket funerals of those killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School, the internet began buzzing with those wanting to help stop the protest. On the link-sharing site Reddit, a post asking for ways to help quickly became one of the most popular submissions of the day.

Within the post, several commenters began organizing counter-protests and devised ways to block out the Westboro Baptist Church picket. One poster mentioned that if Vice President Joe Biden were to deliver a eulogy, protesters would be forced to stay away or violate federal law — though it’s not clear what truth there is to this strategy.

Others have noted that the church members often bluff about their intentions to picket. In the past members have threatened to picket the funerals of celebrities and other notable people, but never showed up.

The current threat to picket after the Connecticut school shooting came from several Westboro Baptist Church members.

“Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment,” Shirley Phelps-Roper, a member of the church, tweeted.

The Westboro Baptist Church’s announcement that it would protest the Connecticut school shooting funerals echoes statements members made this summer after the Aurora, Colorado, shooting at The Dark Knight Rises premiere. In that case, church members tweeted their intentions to picket at a memorial service for victims, leading counter-protesters to prepare themselves. The church members never showed up, however.

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94 Responses to “Westboro Baptist Church: Counter-Protestors Devise Ways To Block Connecticut Shooting Pickets”

  1. Anaiya Daniels

    Seriously? If these people follow through with this, they are apt to find themselves on the wrong end of a gun. Grieving parents are not going to stand for this.

  2. Anaiya Daniels

    And I'm referring to the Westboro crazies, not the counter protestors. FYI. I know we have freedom of speech rights in this country, but there should be some kind of law to prohibit picketing at funerals. These people are nuts.

  3. Anna McNeil

    This deeply saddens me. People please send prayers/positive thoughts to those affected… and those attending the funerals of these precious babies.

  4. Jodi Sargent

    People that intend to cause more grief are not with god.. God would NEVER want someone doing this to these families.. There definitely should be something to protect grieving persons at funerals.. This should never be aloud to happen.

  5. Rob Braasch

    Both Christians and Atheists agree: Fuck the Westboro Baptist Church!

  6. Cathy Wolfe

    Someone needs to wipe out this so called church and it's followers. These are the lowest form of life…. I hope you people rot… Go to hell…. Devils

  7. Rissa Skarlett

    How can you people even havr the audacity to hold your head uo high and call yourselves 'christians'. How do you muster up the confidence to say you are doing what God has instructed you to do? God did not instruct you to rub salt into peoples wounds. Anyone who turns up with such intentions deserve to rot in hell.

  8. Amanda Elizabeth Harrell

    how dis respectful to those poor children and family! and these are suppose to be adults! you need to wake up and learn some thing called manners and respect and don't put your two cents where it CLEARLY doesn't belong!

  9. Sam Basso

    There are plenty of scriptures to condemn what this group does… Where do I start? Like loving your neighbor as yourself.

  10. Andrea Rysak

    They don't believe the crap they spew and just want attention. Best to just ignore them. I mean look at these folks…how else are they going to get attention?

  11. Steve Ludwig

    This so called Church has nothing to do with God! They give Churches and Christians a bad name. This is more a Church of Satan than it is if God!

  12. Zachary Dahlin

    I wish we could execute people for mutany because that is exactly what westboro is, a mutanous cult that needs to be exterminated

  13. Zachary Dahlin

    Its more like a cult if you study their structure and methods of operation

  14. Robin Barrera Hattox

    please sign the petition that would have them recognized as a hate group. obama will be there today. with 3800 more signatures, we can show him in person. this is how we make a difference.

  15. Robin Barrera Hattox

    please sign the petition that would have them recognized as a hate group. obama will be there today. with 3800 more signatures, we can show him in person. this is how we make a difference.

  16. Robin Barrera Hattox

    please sign the petition that would have them recognized as a hate group. obama will be there today. with 3800 more signatures, we can show him in person. this is how we make a difference.

  17. Zachary Dahlin

    Please do not refer to these anarchists as a church, they are a cult!

  18. Robin Barrera Hattox

    please sign the petition that would have them recognized as a hate group. obama will be there today. with 3800 more signatures, we can show him in person. this is how we make a difference.

  19. Adam Randolph

    yall dont need to even call yall selfs a church yall make people like me sick yall need to go to hell

  20. Sam Basso

    I don't believe in hate group legislation. I don't think it Constitutional, nor can it stop this. If we use a free press and free speech to publicize what they do, then people of good conscience will tune them out and they will become pariahs.

  21. Karen Lowe

    If this church really does believe this then they are mislead and very confused.God would wrap his arms around these grieving families in their time of grief. And no matter what, God" always" loves the sinner just not the sin.I'm sure" they" think they are Christians, but true Christian portray Christ like attributes and are always ready to show compassion, love and support to anyone no matter who they are or what they have done. On the other hand I've noticed many people responding with hate and venom to these church people, even though we all know they are wrong and extremely confused, what good does all this hate get us. I mean I've seen comments referring to them being shot and gotten rid of and other horrible violent words toward them. Gee, when did hate and violence "EVER" solve anything? That's exactly how we got to where we are now… think about it… Hate what they are doing, Don't hate nor hurt them, We don't need more violence! We should 1st pray for God to comfort these grieving families and 2nd pray that God will open the eyes and change the hearts of these church people that are so confused.

  22. Megan Northup

    These people make me suck!!! It was not gods work it was pure evil that did this!!! The devils hand not our Lord and Savior… They need to let these poor families grieve in peace!!!

  23. Brian Godwin

    You know what would be great? If the media would stop giving attention to this group. All of the attention they've gotten over the years is just empowering them. Much like the mass amount of media coverage makes all of these shooters infamous and provides an "idol" for future incidents.

  24. Mandy Wasserman

    These people are taking up precious oxygen space. How can anyone use and exploit the word of God to justify the killing of innocent people, especially children? These sorry excuses for human beings are going to be in for a big surprise when they die and and are forced to face their horrible selves.

  25. Mike Sorrentino

    Westboro is not a baptist church. They are not recognized as a church by an legitimate church organization. What they are is a bunch of inbred cultists from one family who obviously have no concept of the God of the Bible and do not know His Son. They claim to know how God judges…I think they are going to find out for sure.

  26. Shenea Neca Dunn

    These folks crazy as hell don't nobody wanna hear that bs right now….Yes the Lord works in mysterious ways but he didn't do this….sometimes people just need to stfu and just sit back an reflect on their pray for these parents!!!

  27. Corinne Crosby

    the best thing to do with these people is NOT give them any attention…but of course, that's easier said then done.

  28. Colton Slivka

    these people are not part of a church they are not baptist, they seem like they praise the devil more then god, it sounds like their god is the devil, this is absolutely horrible that they would even consider doing this, they are just trying to get public spotlight, they just want to be the center of attention but its not them its the children and their families.

  29. Alex Latini

    Unfortunately, some of the things that make this country great also allow them to do these protests. As immoral and disgusting as it is, they aren't doing anything illegal, and they know it. These sickos know how to push the limits without breaking the law. People who oppose them need to think similarly, by keeping them sidelined without breaking the law or taking away their personal liberty. Denying them any press coverage or a platform to voice their opinions would help.

  30. Justine DeRuvo

    We need the "Hells Angels".. I have already notified about this.. I am sure they will not stand for this..

  31. Jacob Kirby

    When Fred Phelps dies, we should ALL picket his funeral with signs that say "Thank God for dead Christians." (this is not an anti christian message, simply a fitting end to the life of these hate mongering attention seeking individuals).

  32. Anonymous

    I hate fags too, but that is just fucking ridiculous. These gullible jesus freaks are something else.

  33. Charles Sansing

    They have no respect for anyone. IF they do what they have said it could get very nasty. Law Enforcement must stop this from happening. I would think it could be a charge of "Inciting riots " along that line to do as they have threatened. These poor people deserve love and prayers, compassion and for us to respect their privacy. Let the learn how to cope individually and as a community. God could intervene, hope he does! All we can do is pray these people will not be so disrespectfull as to make this terrible thing worse.

  34. Eileen Knauf

    If God hates America then this cult should leave America! There is nothing more associated with Satan then a group of zealots trying to hide behind our Lord. I was raised to believe that God does not like ugly…..certainly this group of obviously evil, ugly people will reap what they sow. This evil will not be allowed to happen to these tortured families……stay out of Connecticut……we cannot see any more evil!

  35. Anonymous

    Time for the Marines to protect these families. These "so called Christians" are a hate group. First to protest at funerals for fallen soldiers and now at children who were murdered. Let me in line to stop these asses from disrupting one of these funerals.

  36. Corinne Crosby

    a lot of people don't even know this group exists….i think everyone should be aware…

  37. John Knauf

    Ignorance, intolerance, and religion have always been a volatile mix, and these whack jobs are proof that it's still a factor today. People like this are thinking with the archaic reptile brain – all reaction, no reasoning. And like a reptile, they can only be dealt with one way – a big stick alongside the head.

  38. Jonathan Bach

    I agree, just because we have freedom of speech in this country, it does not mean that such freedoms should be exercised in every possible situation. However, asking Westboro to "have a heart" and to use "tact" is like asking Congress to donate their whole salary to charity.

  39. James Tracy

    I have asked myself over and over again why are these things happening to children? Why the innocent? My little boy saw parts of this on the news and he explained it to me better than anyone, See Dad," I told you there were monsters".
    Every time I see this or hear a conversation about this I have a Glenn moment. Men do Bawl.

  40. Shyla Ramos

    @Darlene, they are a hate group from Topeka Kansas. They picketed a funeral in Garden City KS and some man from the area was ARRESTED for doing to them what they do to other familes that lose a solider. He followed THEM around yelling things that they didn't want to hear.

  41. Eileen Knauf

    Kansas….these are the idiots that showed up at the Virginia State massacre service…and were held at bay by students who formed a human chain to keep them out !!! Looks like they may have been the idiots who made the threat to the church today causing state police to respond again, in complete gear, to Newtown….and causing so many of the affected families and friends to be evacuated from the church during mass !!!!

  42. Terry Allen

    obama should call in his best snippers and kill all them thar hatefull bastards..i have 1 of the best swnipper rifels ever made give me a call and westborough will be no longer a group

  43. Aaron Coffey

    No matter what video I watch of Shirley, she always reminds me of someone who is part vampire. No, I'm not kidding. Her face scares me. Not her proclamation of God or what he's going to do—-that He will take care of in His own time, much to the chagrin of Shirley—no, it's her face.

  44. Patricia Andrews-Philpot

    Is their leadership mental at this church? The Lord God would not approve what they have planned.

  45. Thomas Samoht

    Evey cloud has a silver lining, no matter how dark and dreary the clouds. Christians should look to their god, and praise him for his glory, and that all is good with god. Muslims should look to allah, and praise him for all that there is in this world. Anybody who belives in (a) supreme being(s) should look to the being(s) and ask them to reveal the good in the shooting.

  46. Matt Nott

    I'm the guy who will run u over not enough to kill you just enough for ur families to know how the families of these children and teachers feel and if that don't show u ill haunt the church for the rest of my life idk ill burn it down cuz that its a place of peace at that point

  47. Thomas Samoht

    …Then again, these people (posting) are right. They (the church) are doing it wrong… They (the church) need to clarify their message, so people can decide the moral value of their demonstration. (I won't call it a protest unless Church says so)

  48. Thomas Samoht

    The lord must have needed this to happen in order to give the world a great gift. Good comes from everything, even this. I trust all will be revealed in time.

  49. Kathy Kidder

    they have no business protesting…let the ppl grieve….and just let them try to heal

  50. Elizabeth Bishop

    Oh WBC. While I am glad that the group is exercising their right to free speech, I am saddened beyond words at their lack of humanity and common decency.

  51. Patrick Chambers-Chambers

    They're terrorists and should be on a government watch list as such. Thereby limiting their freedoms in this country. And providing some governmental "harassment" along the way.

  52. Ðëë Ñÿ

    Westboro Baptist Church is PRAISING these school shootings, and are going to be protesting the children's funerals? Really? How sick is this.

    Please, dear God, PLEASE let me meet one of these people in a dark alley when there are no cops, cameras, or witnesses around…….

  53. Sara Schwartztrauber

    The government needs to take their "not for proft" status. I believe they protest in hopes of having law enforcement or government interfer and then they sue them. Many of their "members" are attorneys. They are also almost all of one family. They sued in Nebraska for getting a ticket for letting a young boy jump up and down on the flag….and won!! They damn well are "for profit", that's what this is all about. We dealt with them many times riding with the Patriot Guard, and they are horrible, vile creatures. A young man was holding a sign that said "God hates fags" and when asked by media what a "fag" was, he couldn't answer but said that his grandpa told him it was a bad thing, so he believe him. I also think that they would love it if one of their members were assaulted, then they could sue the city for not protecting them. If they protest the funerals of these babies, something very, very bad could happen, and it would be of their making.

  54. Nathan John

    WWOOOWW Those people again. They really can't leave well enough alone. I watched a documentary about then once it pissed me off so much. They protest funerals for soldiers who died overseas and stuff.

  55. Trent Slabaugh

    I decided to repost this taking out my humorous tone from before (my apologies), but I do feel Texas A&M gave us a great example of how to properly counter-protest. Look into it if you will, but when one of their alumni died in the line of duty and it was heard that Westboro was coming to protest, fellow students and alumni created a human barricade around the church where the funeral was held. They didn't chant, they didn't shout, they didn't even talk. They just stood linked together in silence, and Westboro never showed up. I really do hope this idea is being tossed around in Newtown, or if they're coming up with something just as clever and effective.

  56. Mary Giesler

    It astonishes me how a group can get so engrossed in a cause that it completely blocks their ability to think for themselves. WBC do you really think God want you to make an idiot out of yourselves over and over?

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