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Vicki Soto, Sandy Hook Teacher, Dies Protecting Kids Huddled In Closet

vicki soto interview

Vicki Soto is one of the first identified victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, and many have taken to Facebook to hail the slain teacher as a hero in the wake of the tragedy.

Vicki Soto was just 27, a first grade teacher in Newtown confronted with the situation all of us charged with kids — whether our own or students — hope never to face. And Soto, in that moment, knew she wasn’t entirely able to keep her students safe.

A 27-year-old like Vicki is in many ways just embarking on life themselves — maybe getting married, starting to think about kids, just a scant few years out of college. Soto’s name first began circulating with a tweet from her sister, Carlee, who has since asked for privacy due to multiple interview requests.

But last night when Carlee tweeted about Vicki’s death, little was known about the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, and now we know. Vicki Soto barricaded her first grade class in a closet when gunfire broke out.

And then she blocked the door with her own body, becoming one of the six school staffers who died protecting the 600 students at the school. Reports indicate that Soto told gunman Adam Lanza that her class of students were in the gym before he shot and killed her.

Vicki Soto’s cousin James Wiltsie spoke to ABC this morning about the teacher, saying:

“From what we’ve been told, my cousin, Vicki, and her first grade classroom, took her students and huddled them into a closet. And then, shielded the children in the closet, trying to protect them from bullets… Put herself between the gunman and the kids.”

Wiltsie continues:

“Her life dream was to be a teacher. And her instincts kicked in. And protected her children from the harm that was coming… “

vicki soto interview

Earlier yesterday, Soto’s sister Carlee tweeted:

Below is a video of Vicki Soto’s cousin speaking about her life-saving decision to protect the kids from gunfire. A memorial page on Facebook for Vicki Soto currently has more than 1,700 likes.

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14 Responses to “Vicki Soto, Sandy Hook Teacher, Dies Protecting Kids Huddled In Closet”

  1. Dm Diamond

    Help me make a difference…..lets make the lives of these kids count help me get this off the ground….to send it around the world and then turn out the lights on this ugly episode we have endured in our lifetimes… more money being made on soap commercials from the lives on innocent people. If you have never done anything about anything before do it NOW!

    I would like to take this time and opportunity to start a life saving campaign. This latest event Saddens me beyond extremes. As much as I understand the need to share these thoughts other thoughts come to mind that have bothered me even more then this Bizarre attack. Before Columbine when did you ever hear of these grand standing power play suicides? Nothing anybody says or does will stop these yoyo's from doing these horrific acts. Not Gun control. Not Tax on ammo, Not public awareness programs. Not around the clock stupendous news coverage. Not profit making talk show hosts. Not radio call in shows. Not tabloid's Not candle light vigil's, Nothing I repeat for the sake of future potential victims of these senseless attacks. NOTHING! Please wake up people NOTHING EXCEPT lack of notoriety will curb this growing trend of sick people who perpetuate these senseless sick killings that continue to plague our society. These people are sick individuals with an ax to grind period. For whoever they are or whatever drives them to this point. Their main goal in these acts is sensationalism and society gives them this planting the seed for the next attack on innocent people. The next attack will be bigger and more horrific then the last if we don't all make an effort to remove the sick glamour of the act itself. The only way to curb this is to do nothing and to get the word out for all to look the other way. Yes I know we are all curious. We all want answers and we have feelings that we want to share. We want people to know that we are after all only human. please help me stop at least one more of these attacks and pass this along to anybody that will listen. Lives depend on it… Maybe yours or mine or our kids. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU ALL! HELP!

  2. Lola Aileen Vanslette

    This is so sad, yet inspiring. Someone actually thinking about others is a rare thing in this world. I guess we never know what we would do until we have to face that situation. That is when true character is revealed, and this woman had character. My sympathies go out to the all the families suffering, but do yourself, and God, a favor; stop blaming him. He had nothing to do with the murder of innocents. A deranged man did that.

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