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‘Pawn Stars’ Fined For Leaving Trash At Campsite


Pawn Stars Rick and Corey Harrison were reportedly fined last month for trashing a state campground in California.

TMZ reports that the Harrisons, as well as several friends, were fined $1000 per person for leaving their campsite filled with garbage and beer bottles. Rick supposedly told the cops that “he’s got a buddy who’s an expert in fines” who said that the ticket was only worth $50. Unfortunately, trashing a state campground in California is considered a misdemeanor and the fines are not negotiable.

Corey Harrison downplayed the incident saying that the Pawn Stars crew was not fined by California police. Harrison said that he left early with his father and that his friends were supposed to clean up. Harrison’s buddy didn’t clean and they were all given tickets.

Harrison said:

“We left the campground before our buddies did and they were to clean it up and apparently didn’t follow through. My father nor I were cited.”

Harrison may deny that the Pawn Stars were fined during their rowdy Thanksgiving weekend but he doesn’t deny that they left the campground a mess. Local law enforcement said that there was enough garbage to fill 10 trash bags at the Glamis, California campsite.

Here’s a photo of the trashed campsite.

trashed campsite

The trash incident wasn’t the Pawn Stars only run-in with police that weekend. Corey Harrison posted a photo on Twitter during the trip of one of his friend’s getting arrested. According to Harrison, the friend had purchased a dirt bike off of Craigslist before the trip. Police thought that the bike was stolen, however, and had him arrested.

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134 Responses to “‘Pawn Stars’ Fined For Leaving Trash At Campsite”

  1. Pat Oaks

    Come on guys you follow up sales at your business you should keep up with what was suppose to be done at camp site. No difference since you told them what to do,.

  2. Bobby Davis

    Never liked that program. They are allways are trying to beat customers out of their merchandise.Now it seems they are above the law. Go back to Las Vegas and stay.

  3. Darren Bennion

    Corey, I thought you and your buddies know all about buying hot merchandise? But the fines will pay themselves off instantly with increased ratings and viewership…..which reminds me…I have some tivo-ed episodes to watch!

  4. Dave Daniels

    I hope those fucking VULTURES are robbed, shot and killed. They are nothing but scumbags preying on desperate gambling and drug addicts.

  5. Larry Smith

    Corey ( big hoss ), is a retard to start with. Have you ever seen him, stick his hand straight out to shake someone else's hand? No! He has to swing it way out like he is slapping something. He is a Big Hoss A$$.

  6. Charles Hines

    No excuse -Always leave the campsite a little cleaner than when you got there. Of course the show jumped the shark when Chumley thought he became a star.

  7. Anonymous

    They're responsible for littering the television airwaves with trash. Can they be fined for that too?

  8. Chris Eberle

    Not true. A woman came in once with a spider that had jewles all over it and she wanted $500. Rick examined it and told he couldnt give her what she wanted. He offered her $5000. It was a classic designed by Carl Fabragie (I think thats the spelling) This isnt the only time they've offered more than the cstrs ask for if they know they can get more.

  9. Tony Neeland

    My wife's co-workers daughter has a friend in Las Vegas who was a paid actor to be on the show..Like all reality shows IT IS FAKE!

  10. Anonymous

    Their business buys as cheap as they can and do not put a gun to anyone's head to sell. That is the nature of the business,, to MAKE A PROFIT. It is not the salvation army,, it is a business. People are free to leave if they don't like the price offered.

  11. Lance Moat

    It's all a set up. Ever notice tons of people in the shop looking, but hardly anyone in there when someone comes in to sell something.

  12. Anonymous


  13. Judith Anne

    I've watched their show a few times. Sometimes there are interesting items brought in, and they are knowledgeable, but I can't stand to watch those guys. I think they are gross. JMHO

  14. Anonymous

    The other 99% are suppose to pick up their garbage! Mix arrogance with opulence and this is what you end up with.

  15. Scott Anderson

    Surprising. Rick is the smartest guy on the planet. You would think one of his cronies would come out and clean up for him. Corey knows a butt load of cops. All for the wrong reasons. And the Old Man could have come up with an "easy cash" scheme for the cops since he is basically a swindler and won't be welcomed in North Carolina again due to stealing peoples money in real estate deals.

    But then again, they could be the Golds. What a grimy, cheesy, unscrupulous bunch of scumbags who make a living off the less fortunate.

  16. Nick Marchese

    Who's surprised? They are Pawn brokers, they're filthy people…and by the way, anyone following Corey (the son that was never taught how to shake someone's hand) really needs to find better things to do.

  17. Glenn Coy

    corey is a arrogent cocksucker….I hope they shut the show down…..Im so sick of all the re-runs…..Rick and his father are his bitch….LICKING HIS NUTS ON A DAILY BASIS………I'VE NEVER BEEN SO SICK OF A SHOW IN MY LIFE AS I AM PAWM STARS……GO KILL YOURSELF AND DO US ALL A FAVOR FROM SEEING YOUR SHIT DAILY.

  18. Bryan Shrock

    Yes it is a set up. That's no secret. The store is closed, with just a few folks allowed in during taping. However, the transactions are real. I had a buddy that was an extra during the taping of a show.

  19. Anonymous

    I like their show but I never considered them terribly sophisticated so this isn't a shock.

  20. Jason Van Hoesen

    WOW! Talk about news that nobody really cares about, why is everything made public knowledge that is so small as this. Whocares if they got a fine or not, worry about your own lives people and don't feel into this crap.

  21. George Massengale

    These people are disrespectful and only think of themselves.I think the fine for littering should be $2500 per person but of course they will weasle out of it…..

  22. Susan Mathew

    I was in Vegas and visited the pawn shop. It is not the same as in the show, was told they film in another section of the shop. I looked at the prices and was amazed to see items that they bought for nothing and were selling for 3-4 times what they paid for them. I know it is the way of the business, but to sell something you have to contact the show and those people coming in have already made arrangements to sell their item. That is why Rick seems to know so much about the item, he has researched it before the airing of the program…

  23. Sylvia Bu

    @Christ Eberle, I saw that esposide and it was a faberge Spider worth 30k and he did give her $15k for it I was really wondering if it belonged to her grandmother as she claimed, I would have sold that sucker on Ebay and got the full price or more especially if it was legit I'm just saying lol…

  24. Anonymous

    see how damn millionares act! oh I have a buddy who's an expert in fines1 what a lazy fuck.

  25. Thomas Albaugh

    Maybe you wouldn't want to shake hands with him anyway, he probably doesn't wash them after using the bathroom. So I wouldn't be so quick to shake his hands if I were you lol

  26. David A Lewis

    Well, they are Hollywood wheels, It's beneath them to stoop so low as to do the same thing required of the common man. They won't even own up to their poor behavior but blame it on " the buddies". Stay in Vegas where you belong.

  27. Anonymous

    Own it! You trashed it, own it and pay up. None of them look like they are capable of respecting any rules. Can't stand the show with chubbly or whatever his name his. His son or his father. Replace it with something else.

  28. Drew Armstrong

    I ran into them all one night on the strip in Vegas. Chumley was the only remotely cool. The rest of them wouldn't even give you the time of day. Rick was drunk off his a$$ and couldn't hardly function and it looked like Corey was baby sitting him.

  29. Conrad Platek

    Drew, the so-called handwriting expert comes in carrying his big suitcase and pulls out a magnifying glass. What a phoney!

  30. Jamie Hart

    Well bottom line is respect for our earth people. Some were never taught to not litter and clean up after themselves. Maybe this will teach them a lesson. You reserve the campsite, you are responsible! Should have put someone in charge! All About Pride Pawn Star Crew…All About Pride! Do the right thing, pay the fine and offer up your crew to do some community work for California Parks.

  31. Anonymous

    First off, they are all adults. They had no right to trash the place and then think someone else was supposed to clean up their mess. You are supposed to be taught when you are a kid to clean up your own mess and not expect others to do it for you. If the older guys helped trash the campground they should have picked up before they left. Its amazing how when someone has a little money and are on TV they think they are above the rules. I am sure they would be pretty ticked off if someone trashed their shop. Time to grow up dudes. Especially that old grumpy man. Can't stand him.

  32. Anonymous

    I got a buddy who can fix these kind of fines. Let me get him down here and see what has to be paid.

  33. Michael Anderson

    Thats what I say about over paid corporate do-nothing executives who spend more time kissing each others butts on the golf course than at the office or on trips with barley legal teenage females!

  34. Susan Mathew

    Yeah like what is up with that goofy briefcase, which looks heavy and there is nothing but a huge mag. glass in it…And this is with everything he is called in to look at…

  35. Michael Anderson

    Actually that award goes to the scum executives at the television headquarters & the mindless fools who watch reality tv garbage. Double for the pimps who stage Tots & Tiaras…..

  36. Ira Ratner

    I love the show–but it's all nonsense. Rick, Corey AND the old man try to give everyone a history lesson each episode, as if they knew what they were talking about.

    But all they do is go and Wikipedia it, and THEN get filmed, thinking we're all idiots.

    Chumley is the ONLY one worth watching. The only one with a sense of humor, and the only one with a heart. The other three are obnoxious morons.

  37. Anonymous

    Hey Larry Smith your photo is a link to your facebook. Were you have posted Jesus loves you.When you post thing that are trashing and judgmental and full of hate and are degrading. You are not representing Jesus,In fact your pushing people away from Jesus by being a hypocrite.Jesus said ye with out sin cast the first stone.He also said that before you pull the splinter out of your brothers eye you must first pull the plank out of your own eye.Also he said by there fruit they shall be known.Your post is your fruit and that post best describes you my friend.Jesus didn't name call or use profanity he corrected with love.

  38. Nick Skim

    What's wrong with that? At least those people are living in the real world unlike Clown Stars where they'll do anything to make a profit or generate more ratings.

  39. Ira Ratner

    They're NOT knowledgeable. They go to the computer and read up on the stuff…or are given a script to read…and THEN get filmed.

  40. Paul R. Asbell

    That doesnt excuse there behavior for trashing a site. The fine was to small for there taste? Give me a break
    Give them a hefty fine to remember there sloppyness.

  41. Liz Peterson-Rayburn

    like the show! sure some is made for TV. dad & gramps seem to know a lot about history, corey still learning chumley is in a class all by himself. i don't bleive he is as stupid as he portrays.(at least i hope not)

  42. Anonymous

    Wait just a cotton picking minute. Well @ least he's not black. LMFAO :~D

  43. Troy Alexander Prater

    You've obviously never been to a pawn shop. They're a business. They need to make money. Do you think History is making them millions? No, they still have to turn a profit.

  44. LennyandApril Shafer


  45. Julie Moskal

    @Anthony: Pretty LUCKY for a retard! I agree with Larry! I hate men who shake hands like swinging their hands out is a chore. They look like dufuses! It's obvious that one can be a rich, famous moron so there's hope for you, too, Anthony!

  46. Jack Brown

    Enjoy their show, but things like this seems to be the norm when popularity takes over (free to do whatever you feel like regardless who it hurts) It's a shame you guys feel it's OK to trash a State Park and let someone else clean it up.

  47. Bill Wells

    I don't know why some people think their better then someone else, when we camp, the camp ground is cleaner then after we lefted. That's what everyone should do, put trash where it belongs!

  48. Paul Maxson

    These guys didn't get where they are because of their good manners. They are in a thug business and act like it. If brains were what counted, they'd be out on their asses. Besides, they are doing business in Vegas, the most shady city in America. I like the show oddly enough, but I am smart enough to take it for what it is…trumped up and scripted "reality" show.

  49. Sam Snavely

    Julie Moskal if you agree with Larry then you too need to read what it means!!!!!!Stop puttin' down the people who can't defend for themselfs!!I pray for you people!!!

  50. Sam Snavely

    For Alll the haters of Pawn Stars……..If you have nothing nice too say, don't say nothing at All! Plus, don't watch the show, Stop insulting disabled people, cause alot of them are alot smarter than You!

  51. Roger Smith

    First, anybody who takes something to a pawn shop expecting to get what it's worth is an idiot…or a democrat. Same with an antique shop. Second, Pawn Stars is nothing more than a blue collar version of Antiques Road Show. Sadly, like most pop culture TV today, the show has veered away from it's original purpose…interesting stuff…and into the personality drama zone. Now it's 3 fat guys, a senile, creepy old man and occasionally an interesting find.

    And of course it's all staged. Most of the business at pawn shops centers around tools, jewelery, electronics and musical instruments. Seriously…who takes a freekin WW2 airplane to a pawn shop???

  52. Stephen Fagg

    Wow, a bunch of jealous haters on here. It takes money to run a pawn shop. Then again I wouldn't expect poor, uneducated people who don't know anything about managing money to understand that. Not to mention ive seen Rick actually say he would pay more to a few customers because they were low balling themselves due to lack of knowledge.

  53. Sam Snavely

    How are they not Knowledgeable? If you don't know anything about something, you go, like anybody else goes to the computer to find what they are looking for!! Ira your post doesn't make Any sense!!!

  54. Sam Snavely

    Shame…Shame…Shame on you Larry!!!Thought you was old enough not to put down the Disabled!! Read the dictionary on "Retard" before you post it!!!

  55. Randy Baker

    @Bobby Davis..Your a fokn idiot.. They have never tried beating people out of their merchandise Ive seen them offer way more than the people asked for many times,, STFU and know what your talking about idiot

  56. Anonymous

    Chris Eberle Rick offered her $15000 for it. Not $5000. I believe they are honest people who are out to make money by buying things at a good price in order to make money. Nothing wrong with that.

  57. Kathleen Karrer-Lewis

    obviously a dumb ass who is a sore republican loser……cry in your beer. GET OVER IT ALREADY….blame the real problem…..CONGRESS….look up the job duties of Prez and congress.

  58. Joe Mackinac

    I was already veering away from these guys once I found out what the shop and parking lot ACTUALLY look like now. No antiquities….just Pawn Stars dolls, Tshirts and other Merch. LAME. And the other poster was correct. Cory is the biggest a(s(s(h(o(l(e with that stupid handshake like he's some kind of wigger or something.

  59. Chris Funkmonkey Johnson

    Faberge. And if he was offering $5000 it would have been worth at least $500,000.

  60. Chris Funkmonkey Johnson

    Anthony Johnson Yeah Trent from Punchy is famous too. And Nicky Minaj. Famous and fucking retarded. I think id rather be a nobody.

  61. Jim Wagner

    All three of these pigs are scummy, trashy people who rip off other people.
    They are so rich they think they can leave state park campgrounds littered with their garbage, which is exactly what these people are.
    I used to watch the show, but never, ever again.
    Their latest incident shows exactly what kind of scumbags they really are.

  62. Stan Virgulto

    If they continue to do wrong, The History Channel will cancel them. And I'm sure they are getting BIG bucks for the show.

  63. Sandy Fernandez

    the reason that they are knowledgeable is that they pick there custumers befoe the show and then read up on the articals for flash. you are not going to convince me that cory is that smart.

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