Barbara Walters and Star Jones at the American Heart Association's Women's Luncheon

‘The View’ Feud Rumors Debunked By Star Jones

It has been a while since rumors of a feud on The View surfaced, but fret not, one has surfaced just in time for the weekend. This go around, the supposed feud was supposedly between Star Jones, who was on the show until 2006, and Barbara Walters, the show’s matriarch.

According to Gossip Cop, Radar Online published a story claiming Walters was not a fan of Jones’ new show, Daytime Divas. The show, which is based on her book, Satan’s Sister, tells the story about co-hosts on a talk show — something that Jones can totally relate to, even if her book is fiction. The site reported that Walters is “upset” about the new show — and that she actually “hates” it. The report goes on to say that Walters is worried about where Jones’ show will go with the details in upcoming episodes and doesn’t want any of the secrets of The View getting out.

It didn’t take long for Star Jones to hear about these rumors and to call out Radar Online herself. According to Gossip Cop, the former star of The View took to social media to set the record straight.

Furthermore, as Gossip Cop pointed out, Jones was on The View to promote her show (and, in turn, her book). Would Barbara Walters have actually allowed that to happen if she was upset or unhappy with the information — the fictional information — that Jones had been sharing? Probably not.

Gossip Cop reached out to Walters’ people to get a response and they confirmed that Walters wasn’t the slightest bit angered or upset by Jones’ new show or the material on it. Even still, Jones wanted to let everyone know that she doesn’t have an iota of beef with Walters and that everything is perfectly fine between the two women.

Jones sent out a series of tweets in which she called out Radar Online directly, and praised the legendary talk show host that is Barbara Walters. Not only did she say that the reports of a feud were “BS,” but she also said that she loves Barbara Walters and that she is grateful to her for giving her a start in the business. You can check out the tweets that Jones posted below.

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