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Secret Files On Aliens? Russian Prime Minister Says ‘Men In Black’ Is A Documentary [Video]

russian prime minister

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev may have some secret files on aliens.

Medvedev talked about extraterrestrials living on earth during a television interview on Friday. Medvedev said that he has two folders containing secret files about aliens that are currently walking among us. The Prime Minister said that he didn’t want to give specifics about the size of the alien population because he didn’t want to create a panic.

According to, Russian television stations did not air the footage of Medvedev talking about aliens on earth but the footage did leak on the internet.

According to the Telegraph, Medvedev said:

“Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet. Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country … More detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called ‘Men In Black’ … I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.”

The Russian Prime Minister was probably making a joking about the secret files on aliens but it has created a bit of a stir among conspiracy theorists.

What do you think? Was the Prime Minister joking or does he really have secret files about extraterrestrials living on earth?

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95 Responses to “Secret Files On Aliens? Russian Prime Minister Says ‘Men In Black’ Is A Documentary [Video]”

  1. Anonymous

    You think HE looks like an alien? LOooL visit California's San Frisisco Tenderloin Area part of the city often enough and YOU'LL SEE Puh-Lenty weird characters walking about

  2. Eric Brown

    maybe I'm just here to observe you're race! gather intelligence, take specimen samples, walk among you see if you're worthy of our knowledge?

  3. Hurit Nitika

    Took over what? What makes you that aliens are here to take over anything, and not to assist you all in overcoming your government atrocities against humans.?

  4. Hurit Nitika

    Took over what? What makes
    you think that aliens are here to take
    over anything, and not to
    assist you all in overcoming
    your government atrocities
    against humans.?

  5. Hs Stern

    I do think that since time began there are leaps in areas of our human history. in American the government has those same type of files. from majestic, blue book and newer files. so my short answer is yes it is possible aliens are among us and look human.

  6. Kevin Moore

    Hurit Nitika go baby! Intelligent life doesn't want us infecting them with our stupidity.

  7. Ann Ortiz

    I watched the video a couple of times, and yes, his face is in fact shapeshifting. So I agree with Frank Padilla's post.

  8. James Butch Buck

    Since the aliens ate the dinosaurs, we better be really careful. Like the twilight zone show where the aliens came down here to "serve people".

  9. Christine Henderson

    He's not joking, it's been going on for a while, and not just in Russia. Also, I don't think there are any laws that refer to Alien life forms because all of our Governments have denied the existence, so no laws to apply. The reason why we haven't noticed them is because the ones walking among us look like us.

  10. David Ayers

    Is He saying Putin is a Alien? It would answer a lot of questions!

  11. Randy Cole

    Ummm, only here to enjoy life, fake death from natural causes, then go back to our dimension of conscious pressure the forerunner of your energy. It adds to the balance and style. We also take only the ones that adds balance to the overall encompassing everything. No time, no space, no gravity, but within the boundaries of something greater. Energy to pressure to energy on infinite levels. I'll tell you more after, only after your time is fully polluted.

  12. Kerry K-Slade Cutino

    I agree. I mean there are TONS & TONS of video footage of UFO's and Objects in the sky that defy any and all aircraft that are man-made. So to say we may have beings from another planet living among us in plain highly possible. I'm not like some who "have to see to believe". I'm very open-minded about this. Because unlike The United States….other countries will talk about that subject freely and even have courses in college that teach about UFO's and Alien encounters. Case in Point,they are living with us,and you as well as I may have seen or worked with them…….and never even knew it.

  13. Steve Collins

    I have to laugh. I thought Men in Black was a comedy… bha, ha, ha, documentary… I admit, I kina like this Prime Minister.

  14. Kerry K-Slade Cutino

    I agree. Our GOV just wants to deny everything. But if some catastrophic situation occurred and those Aliens wanted to take us civilians away from here….the GOV would want to go first. But yet they deny they exist. I myself know and believe they are real. And the time is drawing closer to where they will make themselves known to the world.

  15. Kerry K-Slade Cutino

    Why would they take over? That's not why they come here. Leave Hollywood out of this. They come here to share knowledge,to those that are ready to receive it. They come from Galaxies,greater and more advanced than ours. So in their minds,they wonder how can we survive with such primitive tools and lives. Granted we think we're "High Tech".

  16. Tony Parachinni

    Its not possible that aliens are among us. differences in gravity from their home world and ours would make adaptation impossible.The Prime Minister is joking.

  17. Jon Lawrence Pokras

    Wow, finally….of course theirs ETS and IT's (inner terrestrials) that's why we have a 70 billion dollar a year Black Budget! That's what that mini shuttle.(that the defense dept sent) was doing up there for 6 months this year…monitering and testing alien warfare devices, it's probably what HARP is 'really" all about. As far as living amoung us…well, these beings are at a higher consciousness than us, therefore multi dimensional. Any Doubters and haters…read The Day after Roswell before reactively leaving snarky responses.

  18. Jon Lawrence Pokras

    Tony…your assuming all life forms exist with the same limitations as 99.9 % of the human race. That they are trapped in the same band of frequency….untrue.

  19. Jon Lawrence Pokras

    How does someone who posts a pic of Buddah get so closed minded and reactive? Do You think other levels of consciousness are only available to Humans?

  20. Anonymous

    I have been a believer since I was a child and the beauy is in the sky, especially at night and you can detect certain patterns of movement. Also, you can sense when you are different in ways that even you cannot explain.

  21. Willie Goodin

    I sure wish our government would open up & tell the truth. They are either totally helpless or are afraid all the weirdo's will go out of control from knowing about it. I suspect that the religions are behind the coverup.

  22. Anonymous

    Kerry K-Slade Cutino My step dad and I were just talking about this very subject. He worked with all the aerospace divisions over the years and agrees there are alien files and hidden documents and footage that he has seen and pilots he knows that have witnessed u.f.o.s and talked to him about this subject. Yes they exist and probably do live amongst us . No doubt in my mind .

  23. Joey Bozzoni

    You know they must be the most highly evolved/intelligent 'humans' we have. So, with that knowledge, you know that the Kardashians aren't aliens, unless they're trying reverse psychology on us.

  24. Anonymous

    Maybe whoever drew the pictures on cave walls saw flying saucers on the 10 oclock news and maybe all the planets we can see and the ones we can't see are all totally empty except this one OKI think big foots are aliens going to get picked up in remote areas to get picked up to go home nobody ever finds bones of one nobody sees baby ones they show up on every corner of the globe just as easy to believe in as God or at least only ONE God anyway.

  25. Cecilia Clyne-Hosten

    Jesus said there is nothing hidden under the sun, so if there are aliens out there we will find out sooner or later.

  26. Sonny Mills

    I read in a secret document that Elvis was an alien and made 4 point 5 Billion Dollars in his 20 year career….that explained his superior good looks as no other earth male had those looks……he made all this money then returned to his planet Zedaxcintrifulicatiagrimanoskorfius and is living comfortably. says he made enough to live on his planet for 500 years with little or no effort and therefore would never return to eart or seek out any new planet…in his own words he is glad to be back on his own planet….so there, you have aliens comming and going……

  27. Sonny Mills

    This was on yahoo about aliens….Russian prime minister says Russia has their share of Aliens…

  28. Sonny Mills

    Thatsssssss right, this is too funny……i`m gona stop reading pop ups on yahoo……who knows i may be an alien myself? i bet my Mother thought i was one anyway as much trouble as i was to her…….

  29. Anonymous

    I gotta tell ya, I love the subject of alines and UFOs but am so sick of the willfully crazy assholes that make researching the topic such a crawl through the intellectual sewer for people of objectivity like me. Assholes, go to college. Learn to research and write. Stop smutting up legitimate research and results with your attention seeking geeky crap. If you really want people to believe, step down and let the professional academics handle it until you can control yourselves.

  30. Terry Moskowitz

    mars has been long know to have the ability to harbor life, in fact there has been seen a subway like system built there, and no I am not kidding,…how the mayans and egyptians built pyramids without help is obviously something to consider,…that being said,…there is a problem with religeon once we acknowlege the presence of aliens, and in the absence of religeon chaos would ensue, so its in the govenments best interest to hide these things,…however….the government will need a great catastrophe to get the masses to herd themselves like sheep and do what the government tells them in order to create their dream of a new world order,..and what better way to unite us (as slaves) than to conscript us in a war with alien invades? just sayin….mind like parachute,…only function when open!

  31. Markus Lee

    It's people like you that keep us ignorant, is it that hard to believe the we are the only thing living in this universe, even a bacteria found drifting aimlessly would shatter your close-minded.

  32. Markus Lee

    Didn't we at one point think the earth was flat, yea it might freak some people out but that should never be a reason to keep people ignorant. Oh no some religious groups' security and peace of mind was compromised by counter productive revelations, still doesn't mean keep it from the rest of us. Keeping steak away from grown men because babies can't eat it bullshit.

  33. Anonymous

    Medvedev just cleared it all up. We got this end of the world thing on 12-21-12 all wrong!

    The world is not ending, its just all the intelligent life " aliens" are leaving before their taxes go up! Come December 22, there is going to be a whole S^&%load less taxpayers around.

    Put that in your hash pipe and smoke it Obama!

  34. Anonymous

    Something to be concerned about…..this guy actually was in charge of their nuclear arsenal no less and rambles on about this crap!

    Something to be very upset about…. Putin in now back in charge of their nuclear arsenal and he is ill, so who knows who is the final decision maker and does that guy believe this crap too?

    Something to be terrified about……Obama is is charge of our nuclear arsenal and very well could be one of those aliens! Heck, 4 years into it and we still are not sure where he came from!

  35. Timothy David Shuman

    "1500 years ago, everybody "knew" that the earth was the center of the universe. 500 years ago, everybody "knew" that the earth was flat. And 15 minutes ago, you "knew" that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll "know" tomorrow." – Agent K.

  36. Darrien Jackson

    If you don't take this article with some type of mild concern, then you are living in complete denial. Joke or no joke, it should at the very least raise an eyebrow or two, considering the fact that this statement and on air broadcast is coming from the freaking "President of the Russian Federation". On top of that, other foreign countries have come clean and often encourage their citizens to speak about any 'unexplained sightings or encounters' they may have. The United States are the only ones that down play everything as a hoax. I mean, I don't rock a new era tin-foiled fitted, but there definitely is some truth amid skepticism at the very least. Ijs…

  37. Stephen Joseph Monachello

    Why would they want to take over here? They came here and laughed.

  38. Anonymous

    I hope they take me and my family. Earth is a beautiful planet, but the U.S. government is running it to the ground. I'm ready for change.

  39. Sterling Scoville

    gotta be true. read about the pliades. think about how vast the universes are. technology advances. my question is this to humanity, not the aliens, when wil WE GET OUR SHIT TOGEHTER AND fiqure out that there is enough of everything for everyone, it is supposed to work that way. we needn't kill each other over differences of opinion, or beliefs. governments ( made up of people) need to get it as well. or we need to radically change our governments.

  40. Tim Davidson

    Logic tells me, that, when you see a baby, there is No way, it can take care of itself. People are dellusional if they don't really want to understand , that we were brought here many years ago, as a advanced population, from another planet.Proof of the intelligence, is clearly in the existance of the Roman empire. Arthetcural structures, such as the Pyrimids. I figure we are all part of a "out cropping", and I do still believe that there is "God", which helped to lead, maybe a dying planets popultion to relocate here.Don't believe me, see if this posting actually gets posted.

  41. Ed Willard

    As the Holy Scriptures do not mention alien populations (and if you understand God's purposes and dealings with mankind you will by faith understand that all the universe was/is intended for "future habitation") the answer to the question of aliens walking among us is that they are of evil spiritual origin. See Genesis 6:4 "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."
    And: Matthew 24:37" But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be."

    We are very near the end of this age and the return of the Son of Man, Jesus and at that day it will be as the days of Noah. There will be the offspring of the fallen "sons of God", the fallen angels who rebelled, roaming this earth. Prepare yourselves and seek God for redemption through the sacrifice of His Son.

  42. Patrick McCarthy

    He's talking about those aliens also known as Mexicans. Just kidding.

  43. Anonymous

    I know a woman who claimed to be abducted and probed by aliens. It turned out that they were only a couple of Mexicans. lmao The funniest thing is that she can't wait for their return.

  44. Alvaro Fernandez

    I don't know whether there are intelligent beings out there or not, but it's a fact nobody educated thought the world was flat 500 yeats ago who had any education. The greeks figured
    out of the circumference of the earth pretty accurately. Columbus claimed the worl was smaller than that and therefore the route across the atlantic was feasible. He was wrong but luckily he ran into the americas.

  45. Yeho Fim Do Mundo

    They are saying that many people in Russia are afraid with the supposed Armageddon.
    What exactly is the reason for the panic?
    There is panic there, right?

  46. Anonymous

    Exactly Mike. I totally support you. And one more thing… Medvedev wasn't talking about the movie "men in black". He was talking about not so known russian documentary with a similar title. Here you can watch this documentary with english subtitle and let the world make their own conclusion.

  47. Joshua Beau Harrison

    Kerry WarMachine Cutino How do you know this? To be honest all likely scenarios would tell you if something is travelling billions of light years for something it's usually for survival, If they made it here… it would be for food or resources, They would most likely be hostile and exterminate us right away.

    Hollywood aside look at the war in Iraq for a much closer to home version of the same attitude…

    Do i know aliens exist? No i do not but i don't not believe… I defs can say at least life might be exciting for once if they are

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