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‘Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Breaks Down On TV Over Impending Prison Sentence

Abby Lee Miller will be heading to prison in a month and a half and is incredibly nervous about her time behind bars. Yesterday, she appeared on E! where she broke down over the year and a day she will be serving after concealing $775,000 in assets from the federal government and committing bankruptcy fraud.

The reality TV star made it big on Dance Moms, a series centered around a group of girls and their mothers at her dance studio, Abby Lee Dance Company. Abby Lee Miller admits that she didn’t really know how to deal with her success, and therefore made a lot of mistakes along the way.

She filed for bankruptcy after failing to make payments on her Pittsburgh studio and one of her vacation homes, but a judge grew suspicious of the claim when he saw her on Dance Moms and investigated her income. Sure enough, it was found that she had been concealing assets and failing to report a large chunk of what she was making from the television show.

Although Abby Lee Miller’s sentencing drew lots of support from friends and co-workers, there were those who felt she had treated their daughters poorly during their time with Miller as their teacher. Dance Moms stars Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland were there to cheer on the prosecution and were seen celebrating on Instagram after Abby’s sentencing.

Abby Lee Miller, despite the backlash she’s received, knows she’s had trouble doing the right thing along the way.

“It is surreal. How does a nice Catholic girl end up going to prison for a year? It’s crazy. I’ve made mistakes. I have to pay for those mistakes. I feel like the whole case could have been handled differently.”

The Dance Moms star started to get emotional when she spoke about her upcoming time behind bars. She broke down about how her time in prison could impede her career in the long run.

She stated she was worried about “what all you’re gonna lose in the long run. Will I be right back where I started from in 2010, struggling to pay for my building?”

However, Abby Lee Miller isn’t going to slow down while she’s spending time in prison. Instead, she says she’s going to spend time focusing on herself, learning Spanish, writing a tell-all book and planning her next series, which she claims is already in the works.

“Someone’s already called me to be there to start saying shoot. We’re ready with cameras. We’re ready to go. I think I’ll be ready to go. If worse comes to worse, I’m a good teacher. I’m good at what I do. I have an eye for detail. I can take a beginner kid that has never danced in their lives and I can teach them something or I can take a really advanced dancer and I can make them into a professional,” she said.

Although Abby Lee Miller wouldn’t reveal what exactly the show was, she says it is a scripted show that focuses on teens who dance. Previously, she has said it would have a supernatural element and might feature some of the old favorites from Dance Moms.

The reality star said she would be spending her sentence in Southern California so that if people want to do business with her and plan her next show, they can come visit her in the penitentiary.

She admitted she has a lot of people, including former Dance Moms mothers reveling in her punishment. But she has a message for them.

“There are tons of haters out there but I have to live with what I did and I’m taking responsibility,” she said.

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