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Joseline Hernandez Plans Second Pregnancy With Stevie J: Why ‘LHHATL’ Star Wants Another Child Soon

Joseline Hernandez has reportedly made it known that she is ready to have another baby with Stevie J, telling pals the sooner she gets pregnant, the better.

According to Hollywood Life, Joseline Hernandez had a miserable time being pregnant with Bonnie B, but that wasn’t down to any sort of complications she may have experienced — it was actually down to Stevie’s absence during those nine months that left her furious.

The Love & Hip Hop star had strongly denied claims that he was the father to Joseline Hernandez’s firstborn, despite the 30-year-old having openly stated that the only man she was actively having sex with at the time was with the music producer.

It led to quite a bitter row between the two until Stevie J eventually decided to take a paternity test, proving that Joseline Hernandez was not lying when she said he was the father of her baby. And while the duo was rather distant with one another at the time, Joseline and her on-again, off-again beau are said to be back together.

Stevie has definitely stepped up to the plate and shown Joseline Hernandez that he’s a great father to all of his children, including the newest addition, Celebrity Insider reports.

As recently revealed, Joseline and Stevie have reconciled since the birth of Bonnie, and in recent weeks, Hernandez has done nothing but gush about how much she can’t wait to have another baby, hoping that this time she will not be accused of cheating with other men.

Hollywood Life lets it be known that Joseline Hernandez loves being a mother, but she hates the fact that Stevie wasn’t there for her while she was expecting their baby because he was too busy denying the fact that he is the father of her child.

When the twosome starts trying for baby number two, Joseline Hernandez has stressed that she doesn’t want to be in the same situation again. If she says she’s only sleeping with one person, then Stevie J should take her word for it and not question her motives.

“Joseline [Hernandez] loves Bonnie B with all her heart and she’s eager to have another baby,” the insider shares.

“She’s still mad at Stevie for being completely absent from her life when she was pregnant. It hurts like hell that he wasn’t there to comfort her, bring her food, take her to her doctor’s appointments and all of those intimate things that a man’s supposed to do for the woman who’s carrying his child.”

“She didn’t have the experience with him and she wants that. She’s young and in the prime of her life and career and could handle another baby!”

And what’s even better is that Joseline Hernandez has seen just how much Stevie loves his newest addition. The reality star has been spoiling his baby with an endless amount of gifts — it has even questioned Joseline as to how some of Stevie’s other baby mothers can accuse him of being a bad father when he plays such an important figure in hers.

Whatever the case may be, Joseline Hernandez is convinced that having another baby is the right move forward, so long as she’s not being accused of expecting another man’s child and that the biological father wants to be in denial about it for as long as he can.

Joseline Hernandez has yet to confirm reports claiming that she’s planning to expand her family with the addition of another baby with Stevie J.

Hernandez can currently be seen on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, airing Mondays on VH1.

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