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‘Teen Mom OG’s Farrah Abraham Slammed For Treatment Of Her Pony, Starburst

Farrah Abraham, the controversial Teen Mom OG star, is no stranger to judgment over her choices; but this time she has been slammed for the treatment of 8-year-old daughter Sophia’s horse, Starburst.

The reality TV star is no stranger to buying her daughter whatever she may want, and last year, she purchased her little one a pony. While it may be every little girl’s dream to own one, Farrah Abraham has proven herself not to be the most responsible pet owner on the planet.

Fans of Teen Mom OG will remember that Farrah Abraham has previously been criticized for keeping her Pomeranian dogs in tiny cages and feeding them people food from her hand. And now, she’s under fire for the way Starburst looks.

The pony appears to live in Farrah Abraham’s backyard. Although she has lots of space for the animal to run around, it is still a backyard in suburbia, which many do not feel is appropriate for a horse to live out his days in.

Farrah Abraham shared the photos of Starburst to celebrate her first birthday, which included feeding her an entire cake. Fans were shocked at Farrah Abraham’s behavior, and also the appearance of the animal, whom equine experts said looked fairly bad.

One fan weighed in.

“I would hope you are consulting with an equine veterinarian regarding your horse. Your horses coat looks awful which can indicate worms, they need a dewormer every 6 months. It’s okay to feed your horse sugar every once in a while it won’t kill them or hurt them. But not an entire cake. That will tear him or her up. Do your research before you seriously hurt this little guy. Colic in general is dangerous, and horses can die from this even with surgical intervention. Which is very costly, especially if they are put in isolation due to contagious bacterial infections. Stick to hay, apples, carrots, pellets, sweet feed, and other horse treats from an actual feed store. Learn the signs of a malnourished animal before purchasing one and leading him or her to a death sentence. (After all you don’t want to break your daughters heart) Have a nice day.

“PS don’t forget to help supplement with daily vitamins. Smart Pac for horses is pre measured and an extremely good brand of vitamins. Like I said consult with a vet to help you figure out what type of vitamins will be good for this horse. Also they need vaccines at least twice a year. Goodluck.”

Others expressed concern over Starburst’s skinny appearance.

“hip bones in show and u can see it’s ribs. U would see more if she brushed it once in a while!! And love how many horses do u have? As Someone who had owned horses all my life and worked in all aspects with them. I think I know what I’m taking about!! Thanks love,” one fan wrote.

Still, others noticed that Starburst’s eye looked weepy in one of the photos Farrah Abraham posted and expressed concern that she was not properly tending to her optical needs.

Nonetheless, the controversial star celebrated his birthday with balloons, forcing her to wear bunny ears, a “Happy Birthday” banner and, evidently, a cake.

Farrah Abraham also revealed photos of a lavish Easter celebration with her 8-year-old daughter Sophia. In addition to the festivities surrounding Starburst, it appears Sophia was the recipient of at least a dozen Easter baskets and that Farrah Abraham threw her an Easter Egg hunt. It is unclear if there were other children invited over to participate or if Sophia was given all of the goodies to keep for herself.

@sophialabraham Happy #Easter ! Always loving a big #Egghunt ????????????

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