Jaden Smith shows off new girlfriend and shaved head.

Jaden Smith Shows Off Shaved Head And New Girlfriend Odessa Adlon At Coachella

Young Hollywood heartthrob Jaden Smith is getting a ton of attention at Coachella 2017, both because of his newly shaved head and his hot new girlfriend. The 18-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith recently broke up with his years-older girlfriend of over a year, Sarah Snyder. But Jaden’s status as a single man didn’t last long, and now he’s been romantically linked to 18-year-old actress Odessa Adlon, of Conception and Nashville fame.

When Jaden Smith and Sarah Snyder were an item, the pair were frequently spotted and photographed engaging in various forms of PDA. Now that he’s seeing Odessa, the newly shorn actor, musician, model, designer and activist can’t seem to keep his hands off her, either. The new couple were spotted holding hands all over Coachella this Easter weekend.

As Hollywood Life reports, Jaden Smith’s newly smooth skull came courtesy of his famous father; Will Smith lopped of Jaden’s signature dreadlocks (a part of the teen since he erupted onto the celebrity scene) for Jaden’s new role in the upcoming Will Smith film, Life in A Year. The elder Mr. Smith posted photos of Jaden’s extreme makeover on his Facebook page, along with a caption on April 11.

“Getting Jaden Smith ready for the first day of filming #LifeInAYear…maybe I should’ve used scissors?!”

Will Smith also shared Jaden’s haircut journey on Instagram.


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In addition to a fashionably updated hairstyle, Jaden Smith was sporting his trademark casual style along with new girlfriend Odessa Adlon, who appeared to have nothing but love for her man’s sleek new look. As for Odessa, she was looking pretty casual herself in gigantic denim overalls and sunglasses. Both Jaden and his new lady love were also sporting JUST Water “bottles” in biodegradable cardboard.

Indeed, Jaden and Odessa seemed like a carefree, established couple as they trekked through Coachella, but the truth of the matter is that their budding romance is a fairly new deal. Up until just this week, it was the stuff of rumors; this weekend, the darling duo finally took their couple status public at the star-studded annual Coachella art and music festival.

It’s possible that Jaden and Odessa’s relationship will fare better than his doomed love affair with Sarah Snyder. First and foremost, Odessa Adlon is a bit more age-appropriate; Jaden and Sarah began dating when she was in her 20’s and he was still a minor, a detail that raised more than a few eyebrows. Not to mention that Odessa is part of an established Hollywood clan, just like Jaden Smith.

While Sarah Snyder was a new recruit to the Hollywood scene, heading to the City of Angels to pursue a modeling career, Odessa’s mom Pamela is an Emmy Award-winning actress most famous for stints on Californication and voicing Bobby Hill on King of the Hill.

In addition to obviously having nothing to hide as they strolled through Coachella hand-in-hand, Jaden Smith (sans his newly shaved head) was also spotted recently getting up close and personal with Odessa in Miami just days ago.

Officially, Jaden Smith is supposed to be spending his days and nights in Toronto, Canada putting in the hours on his upcoming flick, Life in A Year. The much-hyped tearjerker of a film takes on the story of a high school girl dying of cancer and her boyfriend (a high school senior played by Jaden Smith) drops everything to live out their entire future (or what it would have been) in a single year.

Apparently, the young lovers’ life plan doesn’t include Jaden’s dreadlocks.

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