A new technique will be revealed in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 3

‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Episode 3 Spoilers: Boruto Reveals A New Technique

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 3 will be released a few days from now. Fans of the Naruto spinoff can expect the action to kick up a notch as Boruto and his classmates will finally be showing off their skills and specialties. One exciting possibility to watch out for is Boruto may be pressured to show off a new skill even though he has not mastered it yet.

This should be good news to fans who may have been a little disappointed about what most consider to be a rather tame second episode, especially when it is compared with the explosive premiere. It is understandable, though, since the new series is yet building up its narrative and a little dip in the action department is to be expected. However, the upcoming Boruto Episode 3 will pick up the narrative’s pacing as it continues to tell Boruto’s story as he faces the challenges inside the Ninja Academy.

In Episode 2, Boruto is back from his two-week suspension due to that train carriage derailment incident. However, his classmates are less than impressed with his attitude. He even overheard some of them loudly speculating that Boruto seems to have received special treatment because he is Naruto’s son and that he should have been jailed for endangering the lives of his fellow students when the train carriage smashed into the Hokage Rock.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sai and Ino’s son Inojin stirred up some trouble for Boruto. In front of all their classmates, he accused Naruto’s son of riding on the Hokage’s coattails. Shikadai asked Inojin to take back his insult. While Inojin apologized, he also clarified that it was basically how everyone felt, adding that if it were someone else who caused the train incident, the student would surely be put in jail.

Surprisingly, Boruto showed self-restraint and maturity in this scene. One can’t help but wonder that if this happened to Naruto during his younger years, a fight would surely have ensued. Instead, Boruto let Inojin’s tactless comment pass and even offered his hand in friendship. However, it was rejected by Inojin, adding that he did not consider Boruto worthy of his trust.

While Inojin’s sharp tongue was troublesome, he was not the most problematic character introduced in Boruto: Naruto Generations Episode 2. The honor belonged to someone else, a bully named Iwabe. He is a senior who was not able to pass the graduating exam twice in a row. However, he is a very skilled fighter especially with taijutsu as he topped their class in their teacher’s assessment of their basic strength with Boruto coming in second.

Iwabe and Boruto’s paths eventually crossed when the former bullied Denki for trying to defend the latter. As such, Boruto challenged Iwabe to a fight and, as can be expected, all their classmates skipped classes to witness the combat.

Iwabe initially had the upper hand due to his strength and experience. However, Boruto’s Shadow Clone technique prove too much, and Iwabe was not able to evade Boruto’s combination attacks. This angered him even more, and despite previously announcing that he will not be using any weapon, Iwabe got his spear. As he was about to seriously attack Boruto, a phoenix-like bird came swooping down and wrest the spear away from him. It was later revealed to be Inojin’s Super Beast Scroll technique. The combat ended with Iwabe accepting that he attempted to cheat. Just like his father before him, Boruto slowly gained the trust and friendship of his classmates; he even managed to become friends with Iwabe and Inojin by the time Boruto Episode 2 ended.

In the coming Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 3, Boruto and his classmates will finally get to show their skills and special techniques. As shown in the brief preview of the upcoming episode, Boruto will be trying out a new technique, the Demon Wind Shuriken also known as Fuma Shuriken.

However, showing off the new technique in Boruto Episode 3 could potentially create problems for Boruto. Apparently, he has not yet fully mastered the new skill which means that the shuriken may be a bit unstable. It is likely that Boruto was only forced to reveal the still unmastered skill after he sees Metal Lee’s mastery of shuriken throwing.

The brief Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 3 preview also shows Shikadai demonstrating his special skill. Just like his father before him, Shikadai is already able to use Shadow Imitation Technique, the specialty of the Nara clan.

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