April the giraffe looks into the giraffe cam

April The Giraffe Live Cam Update: Animal Adventure Park Latest Is More Of The Same

April the giraffe is still very pregnant and hasn’t gone into active labor despite showcasing all of the signs that she is ready. Animal Adventure Park updates have given us more of the same over the past few days and their pregnant giraffe is keeping us captivated, but we still haven’t seen a calf.

Although things looked promising over the weekend and Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch seemed confident that active labor was “imminent,” the weekend came and went. And now it’s Wednesday, and we still have not met April’s fourth baby.

April continues to carry her great demeanor as you saw with Jordan, Corey, Joel and support staff today while cleaning the giraffe barn. She is big, udders are full, light discharge —-aaaannnnndddd thats it! She looks, and is acting, great,” read the Tuesday night update.

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For many viewers and fans of Animal Adventure Park, the waiting game has taken over their lives. People have been glued to YouTube, watching and waiting for April to go into labor, which we’re told could happen at any moment. Every different move she makes or odd behavior she showcases suggests that labor could be very soon — maybe tonight! — and that piece of “unknown” has hooked us all.

In Animal Adventure Park’s Wednesday morning update, we learned that April’s condition hasn’t changed. And this shouldn’t surprise you. If we’ve learned anything about giraffes, it’s that they do what they want when they want and they aren’t going to rush just because they have an audience!

“Allysa is back on site and doing better from her cold – she appreciates your well wishes! She reports that April is in the same condition as reported on last night’s ‘Evening Update.’ We have a new photo of mammary development in comments section. Today should yield additional yard time, as temperatures hover at safe levels and the rain as subsided,” the Facebook post read.

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The most important thing that Animal Adventure Park is stressing is that April is healthy. Although it may seem like she is taking forever to give birth, April is progressing at her own pace and there is nothing wrong with her or her calf. While everyone wants to know just when April will give birth, it seems that the best answer to that question is: when she’s ready. Nature is running its course, and things are moving slowly but there’s nothing wrong with that — even if it is a little frustrating for the watching world!

“To answer a few question we have seen on the web in various places: no, she isn’t late; no, she isn’t overdue; no, I’m not concerned she is ‘taking so long,’ nor should you be. Yes, she remains happy and comfortable (considering the circumstances). Yes, she will have this calf when she is good and ready. No, public outcry won’t change that. No, We cannot induce her, nor should we want to… (those are human constructs which don’t apply to large wild animals and only endanger the life of April and her calf ). Yes, it will be awesome when the calf arrives. Yes, we have been watching her for a very long time,” read another recent update.

Are you excited to meet Animal Adventure Park’s first giraffe calf? When do you think the little one will grace the world with his or her presence? Let us know your best guesses in the comments section below!

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