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Tarek And Christina El Moussa’s Post-Divorce Battle: Is This The End Of Flip Or Flop?

Tarek and Christina El Moussa are getting sweet revenge on one another, post-divorce, by rocking amazing bodies, debuting new hair styles, and generally sticking it to their exes by enjoying life and not focusing on their breakup.

As USA Today reports, both Tarek and Christina have taken to social media lately to show off their new looks. The couple, who filed for divorce in January, have had their ups and downs since their split, although the specifics of just how well, or how poorly, they’ve been getting along are in dispute, to put it mildly.

Last week, Tarek posted a photo of himself on Instagram, getting his workout on, and wow, is he buff!

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Not for nothing; just a few weeks ago Tarek posted an Instagram photo that showed him looking emaciated. It was taken a few years ago when his body was being ravaged by cancer treatments. Take a look and see where Tarek was a few years ago compared to where he is today.

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Christina, meanwhile, had been using social media to promote herself long before Tarek got in on the action. A few weeks ago, Christina turned heads (and got the internet talking) when she posted a few shots of her photo shoot for the L*Space Swimwear Collection. Here you can see Christina rocking a hot purple bikini, joined by daughter Tay in a child-size version (and apparently enjoying a doughnut), and the newest addition to the family, a French bulldog named Cashie, who was adopted just in time for National Puppy Day.

Welcome to the family!! @cashiethefrenchbulldog???? Click link in my bio!!????????

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Then, just this week, Christina posted a photo of herself at a real estate convention, showing off a new haircut.

Had so much fun presenting at the real estate expo… now back to Cali… ✌???? out Chicago ❤️ Thank you so much for the beautiful hair and makeup @nikimoonsalon ❤️

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So is all of this social media bragging a sign that the El Moussas aren’t getting along? And further, if it’s true that they’re not getting along, does that mean that Flip Or Flop is coming to an end?

As to the first question of whether or not Tarek and Christina can’t stand each other; that depends largely on whom you ask. Some reports have accused Tarek of being downright abusive to Christina on the set of their popular HGTV show, such as this January report from In Touch Weekly. Other reports, such as this March E! Online report, indicate that the couple is getting along as best they can and are working together to peacefully co-parent their kids.

Meanwhile, Tarek and Christina may or may not be looking at the end of their careers hosting Flip Or Flop as a couple. As Realtor reports, rumors have been swirling for weeks now that the show that made the two household names is coming to an end. What is true is that HGTV has been planning on expanding the Flip Or Flop franchise to other cities with other couples hosting, but whether or not that means the Tarek and Christina southern California edition is coming to an end is, as of this writing, unclear. HGTV has not commented one way or another.

Do you believe that Tarek and Christina El Moussa are using their new looks to get back at each other?

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