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Stevie Wonder To Perform In Support Of The Israeli Defense Forces

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder is set to perform at the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces annual gala at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles on December 6. Wonder is scheduled to headline the event, which raises millions of dollars annually to support the Israeli Defense Forces. The event is the largest held yearly in support of the IDF across the world.

The event is set to be hosted by Cheryl and Haim Saban and will be attended by more than 1,000 members of the Los Angeles Jewish community.

Over the years, many of the world’s top artists have performed at the event. Last year, the gala was headlined by famed singer Barbara Streisand. Two years ago it was headlined by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli.

Haim Saban said of the event in a statement:

“The annual FIDF Western Region Gala has become a tradition and a must-attend event for the Los Angeles Jewish community. The event connects the warm community to the IDF’s soldiers, and this is our opportunity to thank the soldiers who defend the State.”

The guests of honor at the gala will include Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces National Director Major-General Yitzhak ‘Jerry’ Gershon, Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces Chairman Nily Falic, Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces National President Julian Josephson, Israeli-American businessman and leader of the Los Angeles Jewish community Eli Tene, and many others.

Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces is a non-profit organization which has been operating in the United States for 31 years. It was founded by a group of Holocaust survivors who immigrated to the US to provide for the well-being of the men and women who serve in the Israeli Defense Forces as well as the families of fallen soldiers.

The Israeli Defense Forces have recently been called to action to defend the State of Israel against the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip in what became known as Operation Pillar of Defense. The operation was launched after Israel came under constant and deadly rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

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20 Responses to “Stevie Wonder To Perform In Support Of The Israeli Defense Forces”

  1. Wil Hutton

    Shamefully one-sided reporting there; the 'Hamas terror group' was democratically elected by the people of Ghaza, and the 'constant and deadly rocket fire from the Ghaza strip' has killed less people in Israel than road accidents, peanut allergies or drownings. On the other hand, just in the last month over 150 Palestinians have been killed by the IDF, over half of them women and children. The IDF is not a defensive force protecting Israeli lives, if they were they would be epi-pen carrying, paramedically-trained lifeguards, they are an occupying and terrorising regime. Shame on Stevie Wonder for supporting their oppression.

  2. Matt Mortimer

    I think the best analogy I heard was Gaza being a little sister slapping Israel in the face, with Israel's response being clubbing Gaza half to death with a baseball bat. The whole thing is a joke.

  3. Galen Muhammad

    How could Stevie Wonder go into this with such short-sightedness, no pun intended. He was educated on the deal with apartheid in South Africa and protested it. Now, he is, knowingly or unknowingly supporting apartheid in Israel!

    Not good at all, Steveland! :-(

  4. Jonathan Scott

    That's too bad cause I used to really like Stevie Wonder. The ironic thing is Stevie had a song called "It's Wrong (Apartheid)", unfortunately Stevie loves apartheid when it is against the Palestinians. The real Semitic people.

  5. Mehrdad Shahabi

    Stevie Wonder makes us wonder.
    Till now, I used to think he could see with his "inner eye".
    Now, I know THAT is where he is TOTALLY BLIND.

  6. Talia Masri

    Bull. Shit. The "arab brothers" of the Palestinians have been oppressing them for years, before Israel. Look ay Syria, Lebanon and Egypts past and tell me how well they treated the Palestinians. Arafat betrayed them. He was offered 95% of what he asked for but did not accept. They would have had their country long ago. Even longer into history if they followed the UNs decision for 2 states in '48. What would you do, how would you feel if while having lunch a missile would land in your back yard or your kids playground without warning. Not because of a war but just because. Hamas is a known terror organization and our government, the USA declared "no negotiating with terrorists". Now we want Israel to negotiate. Afganistan, Iraq, they are on another continent. We, the US did not let up on that war against terrorism… Shame on you for trying to sell us lies and not seeing the truth.

  7. Talia Masri

    Blind is you. Not having the facts does that. Not knowing the truth does that. Even surgery cannot help you… Now that is sad.

  8. Majdi Jaber

    what a rip off to humanity the one voice behind reason against apartheid is performing at This!

  9. Mansour Farah Haddad

    Talia Masri, Stevie Wonder's preacher must be reading Old Testament prophecies to him.

  10. Abbas Jamie

    Talia, I know whats apartheid I stay in South AFrica and grew up in an apartheid state. But even the apartheid government did not bomb our townships with warplanes meant for military conflict. The South African government and ruling party has taken a stand against the zionist occupation of Palestine and condemns the attacks on innocent civilians, mostly women and children. The occupation of Palestinian land is illegal by UN law and any other law that supports basic human rights

  11. Galen Muhammad

    Out of the mouth of one actually living in the former apartheid state of South Africa!

    Thanks, Abbas. I won't have to waste one keystroke addressing Talia….one who knows less about apartheid than I do.

    Admittedly, I've never lived through that. I probably wouldn't have lived. I would have been among those fighting for my people's freedom… the Palestinians are fighting THEIR oppressors!!

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