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Pope Benedict XVI Disputes Jesus’ Date Of Birth

Pope Benedict XVI questions when Jesus was born

Vatican City — Pope Benedict XVI revealed the third installment in his trilogy dedicated to the life of Jesus, and said Christ may have been born earlier than previously thought.

Our modern calendar, which begins with the birth of Jesus Christ, was created by a 6th century monk, Dionysius Exiguus. However, it may be mistaken about his date of birth.

According to the Telegraph, the Pope says that Exiguus — who is considered to be the inventor of the Christian calendar — “made a mistake in his calculations by several years. The actual date of Jesus’ birth was several years before.”

The suggestion that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25 has been debated by historians, theologians, and spiritual leaders for centuries. But the fact that the leader of the Catholic Church has his doubts makes the case different this time around.

Pope Benedict XVI’s book, Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives, was published Tuesday. It is predicted to be a best seller, like the previous two installments, and a million copies have already been printed. The book is expected to be translated into 20 languages for publication in 72 countries.

The Infancy Narratives follows the life of Jesus from his birth to his presentation in the temple at age 12. The Pope described the book as a “small antechamber” to the trilogy, according to the Vatican Press Office.

Pope Benedict writes that the Gospel of Matthew claims that Jesus was born when Herod the Great ruled in Judea. If Herod died in 4 B.C., Jesus must have been born earlier than Exiguus originally document.

The Gospel of Luke contends that Jesus was born when Quirinius was governor of Syria in A.D. 6.

Pope Benedict also took the opportunity to reaffirm the doctrine of the virgin birth as an “unequivocal” truth of faith. He reminds readers that sexual intercourse did not play in the conception of Jesus, and that the virgin birth is a “cornerstone of faith” and a sign of “God’s creative power.”

Do you think Pope Benedict is right that Jesus was born earlier than originally believed?

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34 Responses to “Pope Benedict XVI Disputes Jesus’ Date Of Birth”

  1. Nolie Bautista

    This has been revealed by none other than bro Eli Soriano on several Bible Expositions; now its Benedict XVI confirming it, maybe because he is also listening to the teachings from the bible thru THE OLD PATH – "ITANONG MO KAY SORIANO BIBLIA ANG SASAGOT" by the Most Sensible Preacher of our times BRO. ELI F. SORIANO. :)


  2. Vic V Florence

    Brother Eli Soriano has been telling it to our Filipino Brothers for a long long time . Reading to us scriptural basis of his belief .

  3. Kinfe T. Gebretsion

    as a follower of Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which will be celebrating Jesus' 2005th birthday this year, I would say the pope is right. Ethiopia declared Christianity in 320 AD, 70 years before Rome, and celebrate Christmas on January 7.

  4. Oliver Jagudilla-banza

    I have been celebrating xmas but never felt the spirit o it..not ieven once in my life coz it is about business…gifts if your not satisfied you feel bad…the 25 december or xmas is the biggest crap invented by catholics….crap…crap…

  5. Macario Pacione Jr


  6. Macario Pacione Jr

    ADD magsaliksik kayo dahil ang palitaw ng iglisia ng dios(kuno) na pinamahalaan ni Eli Soriano ay kaalinsabay ng paglitaw ng mga bulaan propeta ayon sa Bible prophecy kaya marami ang tumatalikod sa tunay na iglisia, FALLING AWAY FIRST.

  7. Macario Pacione Jr

    You ADD people are beginning to idolize Eli Soriano. If he is the most sensible preacher why don't he makes a book about of what he believe instead of using the MAYBE… Idolatry is a sin…Remember Eli Soriano has rape case according to the computer. Ang Iglisia niya na Iglisia ng Dios (Kuno) ay lumitaw sa huling araw kasabay ng paglitaw ng mga BULAAN PROPETA AYON SA BIBLIA..

  8. Macario Pacione Jr

    Ipaabot mo kay Eli na isa libro niya ang paniwala niya dahil puro batikos siya na hindi niya pinapatunayan na tama siya. ang nakakatakot sa kanya nagmumura siya na parang sinapian ng demonyo.

  9. Macario Pacione Jr

    Satan used these word when he tempted Jesus!!! It is written that……..

  10. Macario Pacione Jr

    Eli Soriano is not telling…he is criticizing all christian churches without proving that his is right. Marami siyang explaination na sablay kaya takot siya sumulat ng libro..gusto niya mamuna pero nagmumura siya pag siya pinuna.

  11. Alex Dimawala

    Buti nga may malakas ang loob na pumuna ng mga maling practice ng pananampalataya.. Matagal nang pinapatunayan ni Bro Eli na mali yan ayon sa biblia. Kita mo nga ngayon pati papa sa roma nagduda na din sa paniniwalang yan tungkol sa birthday ng panginoon Jesus, Now kung ang katolikong mananampalataya ay hindi pa nagdududa eh nasa kanila na yun.. pero ang puno nila sa roma ay duda na. Salamat sa Dios binigyan si bro eli ng mata na nakakapuna ng mga hindi nakikita ng maraming mangangaral… Basta sinabi ni Bro Eli na mali ang isang bagay Ayon sa Biblia.. mali talaga yan at para mo masabi na mali ang isang bagay siguradong alam mo kung ano ang tama. Pero kung sa tingin ng sinoman ay mali si Bro Eli patunayan mo din nmn sa kanaya na alam mo kung ano ang tama. Madali lang makausap si Bro Eli laging may Bible Exposistion ang ADD. doon pwedeng tanungin si Bro Eli ng kahit anong klaseng tanong ng pananampalataya.

  12. Macario Pacione Jr

    Nobody is holding an absolute truth, whatever is true today may be false tomorrow. about Eli Soriano why don't he write a book about his belief instead of getting a credit in other person achievement or might too
    scared doing it because he might screwed up and cannot delete it anymore for it is black in white. I've listened to Eli a lot and his answer isn't complete, it's half truth and sometimes its far from the question. you don't noticed because he's your idol. There 's one here in America like Eli solo scripto his name is Jack van Impe a walking bible. Check him up in your computer.

  13. Macario Pacione Jr

    Why not Eli Soriano write a book about his belief so that nobody can steal his thinking or too scare doing it he might screw up and cannot take it back anymore cause its in writing.I listen to him and I noticed he made a lot of accusation but not proving he's right. He even accuse that a pope is the antichrist when all the Vicar of Christ died poor serving God.Eli Soriano is like Jack Van Impe solo scripto but not good in interpretation.

  14. Macario Pacione Jr

    December 25 was made a birth of Christ because in pagan Rome before that's a carnal day were you can wear a mask and have sex to anyone and was changed to xmas to abolish that sinful day.

  15. Macario Pacione Jr

    Bakit hindi ninyo sabihin ang totoo na ang Papa lamang sa Roma ang hindi yumaman bilang leader ng Iglisia sa news nyo at namamatay silang mahirap di tulad ng mga cukt religion.

  16. Macario Pacione Jr

    The popes are the only church leader who didn't get wealthy serving God, they all died poor not like those cult religion. One of last day sign is FALLING AWAY from true church so they are getting lots of member to make them very wealthy in this generation Jesus predicted that all these things will happen.

  17. Macario Pacione Jr

    ADD ka dahil may insignia kang hatred sa GMA 7 at galit din kayo sa INC. Balang araw magkakasama kayo ni Soriano sa paraiso na naka laan sa kanya.

  18. Cheryl Dennis

    I am Catholic and I love the Catholic Church and it would be wonderful to know the exact date of Christs birth but at this point what's important is that we celebrate His birth noatter what the exact date is….

  19. Benita Iijima

    Macario Pacione Jr Di si bro eli ang may sabi na antiChrist ang papa nyo kundi ang Panginoon, tagabasa lang naman si bro eli being appointed by God.

  20. Evangeline Reyes

    Alam na yan ng mga taga ADD.. :) And writing a book (like the pope did) is not necessary in my own perspective since madaming video footage si Bro. Eli.. Kung kailangan ng proof, i-play ang Ang Dating Daan! Besides, he is only teaching words writing in the Bible. If somebody "steal" the information, then SALAMAT SA DIOS. After all, sa Dios pa din ang lahat ng Karangalan at Kapurihan!

  21. Alex Dimawala

    Hindi na siguro kailangan ni Bro Eli sumulat ng Libro para sa belief nya. Pero malay natin baka sakali gawin ni Bro Eli.. Pwede mo syang makausap at itanong sa kanya yung tanong mo Mr Macario. This coming January 4 we'll be having our Bible Exposistion at pwede ka pong magsadya sa mga coordinating centers ng Ang Dating Daan para makausap mo po si Bro Eli. Hindi po sya natatakot ipaalam sa buong mundo kung ano ang paniniwala niya at handa syang humarap sa sinomang tao na kukwestyon sa kanya. Sa panahong ito siya ang may pinakamalawak na programang pangrelihon sa buong mundo. Kung talagang nakikinig ka po kay Bro Eli alam mo he is not accusing, dahil bawat sasabihin nya may batayan sa Biblia. Kung sa palagay mo nag-aacuse ang bible ikaw ang makaksagot niyan. He doesn't need to prove na tama siya, but he always prove na ang tama ay ang Dios na ipinakikilala ng Biblia. Magbasa ka ng biblia at makikita mo kung ano ang role ng papa sa mundo. Kung hindi mo po alam itanong mo kay Bro Eli. pag sumagot siya tutulan mo po, ipitin mo sa isasagot niya sayo.. subukin mo po siya at malalman mo he is not really accusing but only proving what is right..

  22. Macario Pacione Jr

    Benita wala sa loob ng kasulatan na nagsabi ang panginoon ang papa ang antichristo. That accusation was being made by the SDA fabrication and Eli took it their garbage can to feed his follower. Have you noticed your leader doesn't have any books in publication. ang lahat na ginagamit niyang pangatake ay pulot niya kaya atake lang siya pero hindi niya pinapatunayan na tama ang kanya.

  23. Macario Pacione Jr

    The bible was compiled by catholic st Jerome through the request of catholic pope Damasus at the end of fourth century. The catholic church determined the canon of the scriptures what books belong in the bible' Nothing in the scriptures tells us what scriptures are inspired. Instead the bible says that the church, not the scriptures is the pinnacle and foundation of the truth( 1 timothy 3:15)

  24. Macario Pacione Jr

    Francis E. Guevarra napapansin ko mahina ang mga pangintindi ninyo. I am depending the church of God/churches of Christ to preach all over the world until it become a UNIVERSAL CHURCH. hulaan mo kung anong church iyan.

  25. Macario Pacione Jr

    ON FOURTH CENTURY, There's no other christian just catholic to determined which books belong in the bible meaning which scriptures were inspired by God. God uses the catholic church to bring the bible to the world. Eli can't denied it. THE CHURCH COMES FIRST NOT THE BIBLE. SOLA SCRIPTURA CANNOT STAND ALONE.

  26. Macario Pacione Jr

    On fourth century, the only christian is the catholic church. God uses this universal church to bring out the holy scripture to the world to determine which of his words are inspired through the manifold wisdom of God (Ephesian 3:10). THE HOLY BIBLE IS THE GIFT OF Catholic church to the world.

  27. Macario Pacione Jr

    Alex Ayaw niyan sumulat ng libro dahil baka pumalpak ay hindi na niya mahahabol pa. Ang youtube ni Soriano marami na ang na delete. hinahanap ko pero hindi ko na makita. Ang atake niya sa muslim ay wala na. ang tanong ng babae kung bakit ang sabi ni Cristo Eli Eli lima sabatani ay wala na rin dahil ang bakit mo ako pinabayaan ang sagot ni Soriano dahil si cristo daw nagkasala. Muntik na ako nasalam ukan dahil uminom ako ng coffee. KAYA PAG NAISA LIBRO NIYA O KAYA KATULAD NG GAWA NI HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG ANG MAGAZINE NA PLAIN TRUTH ang kanya ang dating o kaya ang tamang daan na magazine.

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