Deathstroke and Felicity.

The ‘Arrow’ Finale: Which Popular Characters Will Be Coming Back?

Many people are expecting the Arrow finale to be amazing, given the awesome season the showrunners have provided us with this year. In many ways, the most recent episodes of Arrow have been reminiscent of the highly popular second season of the series. In fact, some fans feel that last week’s episode entitled Kapiushon may have been the best episode of the entire series. Now people involved in the production are hinting that some popular characters may be returning for the finale.

Just who will these returning characters be? According to Screen Rant, Arrow’s Stephen Amell has been hinting on Twitter about the possible return of everyone’s favorite villain, Deathstroke/Slade Wilson. Played by Manu Bennett, the character of Deathstroke was one of the few villains who could ever give Oliver a run for his money in hand-to-hand combat. Viewers really miss him.

But as loyal viewers of the series know, Deathstroke has been imprisoned on the island of Lian Yu – in the Argus prison there– for a long time, having been defeated by Oliver’s sister Thea in hand-to-hand combat. This was an odd decision on the part of the producers, since Thea’s role on the show has diminished significantly, while viewers have been eager to get Deathstroke back. Now it looks like fans will get their wish by the end of this season.

Manu Bennett himself was reportedly not too happy about the new direction they decided to take his character. In particular, finding Deathstroke trapped on the island and essentially placed in limbo wasn’t particularly appealing for the actor.

Another character who – if the actor’s tweets are any indication – will be appearing in the season five finale of Arrow is Captain Boomerang. Even though in the comics the boomerang-wielding villain known as – appropriately enough – Captain Boomerang is actually a major antagonist for the Flash, for The CW television universe he’s primarily a Green Arrow adversary.

This has happened before on Arrow, with villains from both the Batman and Flash rogues galleries showing up to take on the Green Arrow. In fact, this is one of the reasons Green Arrow on The CW can be considered a less rich version of Batman.

Captain Boomerang is also imprisoned on Lian Yu, so it makes sense that both of these characters might be returning in the same episode at the end of the season. Presumably, some kind of prison break is going to take place on the island that Oliver and team Arrow have to deal with.

There is also the ongoing story line featuring Prometheus/Adrian Chase. While it seemed in the last episode that Prometheus had broken Oliver and that the Green Arrow might be laying down his bow, it’s clear that a season ending showdown on Lian Yu is in the offing.

In fact, the show producers have recently hinted that the finale will not take place in Star City at all, but will be at another location entirely. This alternate location almost certainly has to be Lian Yu. Unless for some strange reason they decide to go back to Nanda Parbat or that little mountain hideout Talia al Ghul was training her students at.

It’s probably not going to be Russia. The flashbacks have already given us all the Russia we need, and going there in the present would just confuse things.

All of this will probably tie back into the first season of Arrow, especially since the flashbacks from the island – and elsewhere around the world – are supposed to be wrapping up this year with Oliver – in the flashbacks – finally escaping from the island.

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