Acnologia could fall into a trap in Fairy Tail Chapter 529 manga

‘Fairy Tail’ Manga 529: Ichiya Plans To Trap Acnologia, Who Is The Female Mage?

Fairy Tail 529 manga, which is scheduled for release next week, is expected to answer some questions introduced by the recent installment. The Black Dragon Acnologia is back in Fairy Tail Chapter 528 and demonstrated once again that he is in a totally different league regarding power compared to the mages.

Despite Acnologia’s resurgence, the chapter ended on a hopeful note. There appears to be a way of defeating the dreaded dragon, a maneuver they the mages will attempt to do in the coming Fairy Tail 529. Also, the upcoming chapter is expected to reveal the identity of the mysterious woman seen at the end of Fairy Tail Chapter 528. Unlocking the woman’s identity is of great interest to fans as she appears to be the source of the method of defeating Acnologia.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Black Dragon Acnologia reappeared in the recently released chapter of the manga series. However, he was not interested in confronting Zeref at the moment. He was reintroduced into the storyline on the same spot where he was last seen, kicking the dead body of Irene Belserion out of spite.

Even though Erza had no emotional attachment to her fallen mother, what Acnologia did to Irene was distasteful to her. She called the attention of Acnologia who, at that time, was still in his human form and was not yet recognized by both Wendy and Erza as the Black Dragon. It was probably a bad move for Erza. Previously, the Black Dragon was just happy with what he was doing and just ignored their presence. Now that Erza disturbed his activity, Fairy Tail Chapter 529 will most likely feature the team trying to stay alive by getting away from the Black Dragon as fast as they can.

Acnologia immediately noticed that Wendy smelled similar to Irene and correctly concluded that she too has the power of the dragons as her disposal, a dragonslayer. This activated his hatred for all dragons and dragonslayers, and he immediately launched a magical attack on the two. It would have been fatal as Wendy and Erza are exhausted, having fought with Irene very recently. Fortunately, Jellal arrived just in time to cast a defensive magical barrier, which saved their lives.

Jellal wanted to quickly end the battle against Acnologia. He started to cast the powerful spell Grand Chariot, which is said to be just as destructive as a real meteor falling from the sky. To their surprise, Acnologia merely opened his mouth and just ate or absorbed all the magic power contained in Jellal’s attack. After his fill of magical power, Acnologia transformed into a massive dragon, his most fearsome form. With this transformation, beating Acnologia will prove to be more difficult in the coming Fairy Tail 529 as they will be up against a full-fledged dragon, a beast that is not only physically very powerful but is also immune to their magical attacks.

As Acnologia prepared for his attack on the trio, luck was on their side. Acnologia did not notice the approaching vessel, he was rammed by Pegasus guild’s ship Christina, piloted by Ichiya. Wendy, Jellal, and Erza quickly boarded the flying ship. They quickly became airborne before Acnologia was able to recover his footing. But the danger posed by the dragon is far from over, Acnologia is expected to give chase in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 529.

Fairy Tail 529 is expected to reveal the identity of the mysterious woman seen last chapter
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But it was all part of Ichiyo’s plan. He wanted Acnologia to follow the flying ship to a specific spot outside Magnolia in Fairy Tail 529 of the manga series. According to Ichiyo, bringing the Black Dragon to that specific spot will give them an advantage that victory is possible, but he declined where the spot is located or what is special about the place.

A woman was partially shown at the end of Fairy Tail Chapter 528. Ichiyo confirmed his plan to the still unidentified lady giving the impression that it was her idea in the first place. Fans may expect the mysterious woman to be featured in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 529.

As if highlighting her importance to the story, the manga referred to her as the “Key to bringing about the light.” Naturally, this sparked a healthy discussion among fans with some convinced that she could be a younger Irene Belserion who traveled from the past while others are betting that it could be Anna Heartfilia or her descendant Layla Heartfilia, Lucy’s mother.

Fairy Tail 529 manga will be released next week. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting manga series.

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