Insecure over Aniston

Angelina Jolie’s Worries Over Jennifer Aniston And More Rumored Secrets Revealed

Filmmaker Ian Halperin, best known for his biopic about the life of superstar Michael Jackson, is in the process of creating a tell-all documentary that reveals secrets and never-before-seen footage of estranged couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The pair first became an item back in 2005 when they starred opposite one another in the steamy film Mr & Mrs Smith and began an affair. Ange was even considered the reason that Brad split from then-wife Jennifer Aniston, yet Halperin has stated that the former couple were estranged for months prior to Angelina and Brad getting involved.

However, Halperin has also stated that Angelina continued to be worried and insecure that Brad would rekindle things with his ex-wife, and reportedly pleaded with Brad to cut all contact with Jen. The filmmaker has leaked these details in a number of interviews to various publications.

Yahoo relays the recent details.

“I truly believe that Angie always harbored the fear that Brad and Jen were secretly in contact and might reconnect,” Ian recently told Star magazine. The investigative journalist makes the claims in his upcoming explosive documentary about Hollywood’s former golden couple, Broken: The Incredible Story of Brangelina. And it seems Ange’s insecurities got the better of her during her 12 year relationship with the 53-year-old Allied star.”

Halperin also spoke with Hollywood Life, claiming that Angelina has always been “quite jealous and insecure.”

“She really wanted Brad to distance himself from Jen completely after he left her. No matter how much Brad assured her, Angie, deep down, always feared he would go back to Jen,” he continued.

It has reportedly been difficult for Jolie over the years, and now, even though she was the one who filed for divorce from Brad back in the fall, the actress is not too happy at the news that her estranged husband has begun communicating more frequently with his ex-wife. Aniston has always maintained that she and Pitt were on amicable terms ever since their divorce.

Another new bit of juicy gossip begun by the filmmaker revolves around his claim that Brad and Angelina wanted to end the marriage long before the point that Jolie announced she was divorcing Brad. The couple were apparently estranged for almost a year before that point. Halperin spoke to OK! on the subject.

“The bottom line is that they both wanted out of this relationship for a long time. Angelina was never going to go away quietly, but the decision to take this public may well be the biggest mistake she ever made.”

It’s even been shared by the filmmaker that the two had agreed to dissolve their marriage in 2015 around the time that rumors of a split did begin swirling, following the filming of By the Sea. It was said at the time that the former couple had a very tough time with their relationship while acting as a volatile married couple onscreen for the film.

According to Halperin, the rumors were true, yet Angelina was not ready to go public with their split. He even alleges that Pitt threatened to go public six times before Angelina finally announced she was filing and completely blindsided Pitt.

“‘In the two months leading up to her decision to file for divorce, he had threatened to publicly dissolve the relationship six times. She was afraid and she wanted to beat him to the public,’ Ian said, adding that Brad felt betrayed by her decision.”

Angelina did not only announce the split and that she was filing for divorce, but also indicated that she would be seeking full physical custody of their six children for the sake of the kids. The statement was followed by an FBI investigation launched against Pitt due to abuse that was alleged. The star was soon cleared, however.

Ian Halperin also noted that Angelina and Brad were never very compatible and that the relationship was doomed to fail.

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