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Obama Is Going To Hell, Says Virginia GOP Official [Photo]

GOP officials says Obama is going to hell

Virginia Republican Party official Bob FitzSimmonds recently speculated that President Obama would live a long life, but would go to hell after he died.

FitzSimmonds wrote on Facebook, “When Obama is 90 years old and he dies and goes to Hell, he is going to say ‘This is all Bush’s fault.'”

The GOP official defended his comments, telling the Virginian-Pilot, “My Facebook post was not about Obama going to Hell. It was about his obsession with blame shifting and I don’t really see anything inappropriate about it.”

A spokesman for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who is a close associate of FitzSimmonds, said, “Mr. FitzSimmonds does not speak for our campaign, and we don’t agree with his assessment.”

Virginia Democratic Party chairman Brian Moran said Cuccinelli and state GOP chairman Pat Mullins should condemn FitzSimmonds comment. He also said an apology should be issued.

Moran said in a statement:

“Taking to Facebook to muse on the death of the President of the United States and whether or not he will go to hell is well below the standard of conduct Virginians set for their public officials and political leaders.

Mr. Fitzsimmonds should apologize and his close allies like Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Pat Mullins should condemn his inflammatory remarks immediately. As leaders in Washington put the elections behind them and try to solve the enormous challenges we face as a country, this type of rhetoric raises serious questions about whether certain factions of the Republican party are capable of putting Virginia families ahead of ugly partisan rancor.”

Bob FitzSimmonds Obama hell post

Do you think Bob FitzSimmonds should apologize for his comment?

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6 Responses to “Obama Is Going To Hell, Says Virginia GOP Official [Photo]”

  1. Richard Pastor

    And Repubs are still blaming Bill Clinton for Bush's problems so what is this Idiot talking about! Just ask that dumb ass Sean Hannity… these repubs are making me sick of there double standard BULL CRAP… they are such sore losers LOL ;)!

  2. Jane Stanley

    Well, the republicans have really gone to the deepest end of despicable. God please forgive this guy. He is an excuse for a man.

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