The 'Final Fantasy 7' remake gets new photos from Magic Monaco 2017.

‘Final Fantasy 7’ Remake: Photos From Monaco Magic 2017 Show Off New Style

The Final Fantasy 7 remake may be one of the most anticipated remakes of the year, and also one of the most polarizing. Photos released of the revamped title show that Square Enix isn’t pulling any proverbial punches when it comes to making Cloud and the gang look more realistic or amazing.

One of the things most fans of the classic PlayStation version might not like about this remake is the fact that Square Enix is planning to release it in parts, much like what Telltale Games does. They are the ones behind the recent Batman game series, as well as a cinematic game based on The Walking Dead. It’s almost guaranteed that the Final Fantasy 7 remake won’t play anywhere close to those, instead taking a different direction even from the original game.

If you can’t handle the changes being made, the PSN Store has the original, plus “cheat” functions, available to relive the nostalgia of a time when the whole game came on five CDs. The graphics have been untouched, and the gameplay, aside from the PS4 exclusive functions, remains unchanged.

Xbox One and PC owners will have to wait, but the remake is coming their way. In the meantime, PC owners can still play the original.

The original 'Final Fantasy 7' is still available on PC and PSN.
The original ‘Final Fantasy 7’ is still available on PC and PSN. [Image by Square Enix]

One of the greatest weaknesses the original had was its graphics, which really didn’t age well. Back then they were artful and vibrant, but eventually, we realized it’s a combination of blocky 3D models and painted backgrounds, and sometimes it wasn’t clear where the pathways were. The blocky models really reared their heads when cut-scenes used in-game graphics. Nostalgic gamers are among the least likely to mind this flaw, as it remains one of the most iconic RPG titles ever released.

Gamers today demand more in general, often expecting the currently ultimate benchmark of 1080p and 60 frames per second, at least until 4K resolution becomes the norm. To reach anything close to that, Square Enix had to take a massive leap from the original look, turning Final Fantasy 7 into something which looks once again impressive. This meant saying goodbye to those old character models while maintaining the basic look we’ve come to know. No “modernized” looks would be allowed, with stereotypes running rampant like they usually do in classic titles.

This doesn’t mean Square Enix might not give alternate “skins” for Barrett and Yuffie turning them into a 90s gangster and a traditional Kabuki ninja. Red XIII could easily be turned into a giant kitten for chuckles. Cait Sith seems to have been given a massive character model revamp, keeping only the cat intact and giving his remote controlled monster mount a furrier bear-like appearance.

Revealed by GameSpot, the first photo released at Magic Monaco 2017 showed what appeared to be Cloud hiding behind a portion of the environment, giving the impression that Square Enix might be adding an element of stealth to the game. A health bar appears over his head and an action menu is present, so this isn’t a cut-scene. With the recent popularity of stealth tactics making their way into nearly everything now, especially in Ubisoft’s games like Watch Dogs 2 and Tom Clancy’s The Division, it seems Square Enix is looking to add it to FF7 as well. It could also be a cover system like in Gears of War, still meaning a radical new take on the classic gameplay.

'Gears of War' may have inspired a cover system for the 'FF7' remake.
‘Gears of War’ may have inspired a cover system for the ‘FF7’ remake. [Image by Microsoft Studios]

The second photo revealed the first boss fight in the game, the Guard Scorpion, with particle effects in full view and only two characters in the foreground. It might be changed from the side view the original gave us, switching between sides as a third character in the rear uses sneak attacks.

Square Enix’s remake of the classic RPG favorite looks to be really pushing everything it can while maintaining the story and overall look.

[Featured Image by Square Enix]