Joseline Hernandez rumors from VH1

Joseline Hernandez Rumors: ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Star Tells All

Never get the Puerto Rican Princess angry, because she’ll start telling everyone’s secrets. The latest Joseline Hernandez rumors suggest that she’s spilling all the beans about everyone, from her co-stars to her baby daddy to, even, herself!

First, let’s talk about the Joseline Hernandez rumors disclosed in the official VH1 blog. According to them, Joseline — who just came off a successful guest host run on The Real — has been showing off a more domestic side of herself since the birth of her daughter, Bonnie Bella. While on The Real, she shared her secret recipe for mofongo, a traditional Puerto Rican dish that is served with white rice and red beans.

Of course, Joseline had her own way of sharing her preferred recipe. Check out the clip below.

One of our favorite parts of the recipe includes the suggestion of “making your man happy, enjoy!”

But not all of the Joseline Hernandez rumors have been positive. According to the latest news from EurWeb, Joseline has been coming under fire because she’s been talking about her new daughter, Bonnie Bella, getting plastic surgery. And she’s not even a month old!

“She’s like her mommy of course. But, if she does come to me and she feels some type of way about it, maybe she want to fix something. I’m going to be there for her because I want her to be confident and I want her to go out into the world and be the best that she could be, so yeah I’ll help her out.”

This statement has left people to wonder if, in fact, Joseline has admitted to plastic surgery herself. And while this isn’t shocking for someone as old as Joseline is, it’s certainly shocking to hear a mother say that she’ll take her baby daughter to get plastic surgery.

And while Joseline has been teasing photos of her daughter on her social media pages — by showing pictures of her cuddling the baby, but only showing the back of the baby’s head — she hasn’t come out with official photos of what the baby looks like. However, we have no doubt that little Bonnie Bella is a cutie — just like her mommy! — and that she won’t need an ounce of plastic surgery for a long time.

Finally, but certainly no less importantly, the latest Joseline Hernandez rumors from In Touch Weekly suggest that everyone’s favorite Puerto Rican Princess is more than happy to spill the beans on her co-stars, especially if it means getting the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ratings up. The new season of the show is set to premiere in March, and Joseline is personally making sure that everyone’s business is being put out there for the world to judge.

The latest cast member to come under fire is Kirk Frost, who is married to his Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star Rasheeda. According to Joseline, the two are having a lot of trouble in paradise because he got his mistress — who is a stripper — pregnant.

Allegedly, of course.

“The word is that he do got a baby and, you know, it’s not from Rasheeda. It’s from some ex-stripper that used to…”

Of course, that’s where Joseline stopped herself.

Now, this isn’t the first time that Kirk Frost has faced allegations of infidelity, nor is it the first time that he’s been accused of having a baby outside of his relationship with Rasheeda. In Joseline’s defense, so far, everything she’s ever said has come to pass, so maybe one should be looking into these rumors some more!

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