How Did Jack Die This is Us Spoilers

‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Did Jack Die In The 9/11 Attacks? New Fan Theories Suggest This In Light Of Tomorrow’s Episode

Fans are certainly looking forward to tomorrow night’s episode of This Is Us on NBC, especially since more hints have been dropped about Jack’s death in the latest This Is Us spoilers.

Warning: This article contains spoilers. Please do not read this article if you do not wish to read any This Is Us spoilers.

Bustle, of course, has the latest round of This Is Us spoilers, and they specifically focus on theories surrounding Jack’s death. Fans undoubtedly know at this point that Jack is deceased, and he died while watching a Steelers football game with Kate when she was just a teenager. This stayed with her for a long time and, as fans discovered last week, has shaped her decisions from that day to this.

But there’s a new fan theory, according to the outlet, that suggests Jack may have died in the 9/11 attacks.

“Fans have been trying to figure out what happened to the beloved character. Now Tumblr, via Buzzfeed, has unearthed the most troubling theory about This Is Us’ Jack’s death yet. Did the Pearson family patriarch die during the 9/11 attacks? Some fans believe the Big Three’s plane fixation points to yes.”

While some fans think that this is going a bit too far — indeed, it doesn’t explain how Jack and Kate were watching a football game together when he died — there is some fixation that “The Big Three” have with planes, and it’s sure to be explained in the coming episodes.

Meanwhile, according to the latest This Is Us spoilers from Us Weekly, fans are going to get more answers from Kevin about his rather interesting romantic past that came to light in the last episode. The outlet spoke to Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, and he confirmed that fans are going to be shocked at what’s to come for his character in the upcoming episodes, especially as it relates to his love life.

“I’ve never been in that situation where you’re like, ‘Which girl am I going to pick?’ Most guys don’t have that situation, right? But for him, it’s just another Wednesday, I guess. But he figures it out, and he gets a little advice.”

Finally, the latest This Is Us spoilers from Entertainment Weekly suggest that fans will see more details of how Jack died on this week’s episode. The outlet spoke to Mandy Moore, who spoke extensively about what everyone can expect from Jack’s death, and what it was like filming those “eerie” funeral scenes that we saw in last week’s episode.

“It’s potentially the most critical age because they are on the precipice of adulthood and need their father moving forward probably more than ever. You start to make the connection between where Kate finds herself in life, and she has this real block about talking about her father and the loss of her father and how this affected everything in her life from that point forward. I think you are starting to put the pieces together, like, ‘Oh, this changed everybody’s life. But this really affected Kate in a way that maybe didn’t affect the other two…’ Or maybe it did as well. But I think it’s interesting to discover that extra piece of the puzzle with her story that maybe we’ve all been waiting to unfold.”

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