Google allegedly orders employees home after Donald Trump's executive order.

Donald Trump’s Executive Order On Immigration Allegedly Results In Google Employee Emergency, Over 100 Recalled [Opinion]

Donald Trump’s executive order on Muslim immigrants, which coincided with his controversial plan to build the infamous wall across the Mexican border, has become a problem for Google’s employees. The search engine giant has allegedly recalled over 100 of its employees who had been currently stationed in Muslim nations back to the United States.

It’s not known if they will be allowed, however, since the executive order bans all travel of citizens from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and Libya for the next 90 days. This order indefinitely stops refugees from Syria from entering the nation at all.

The notion is likely tied to the lengthy string of ISIS-based attacks on U.S. soil in the past few years, as Trump is being proactive about preventing further instances. Though maybe a small percentage of Muslim immigrants actually commit such acts of terror, that small percentage caused enough pain and suffering for the friends and families of the victims. These acts of terror and mass shootings were said to be carried out by Syrian refugees, revealing a kind of “Trojan horse” strategy.

Trump may see Syrian immigrants as a "Trojan horse" for potential ISIS terrorists
Trump may see Syrian immigrants as a “Trojan horse” for potential ISIS terrorists. [Image by Michael Rosskothen/Shutterstock]

To those looking at Trump’s executive order on Muslims from the outside, it could appear to be blanket racism, and activists are unlikely to take this lightly.

Mexico’s border wall is being seen from the same perspective by many, though illegal Mexican immigrants aren’t known for their acts of terror as much as enabling drug trafficking and such. As Trump stated when he initially announced his plan for a wall to stop immigrants from traveling north from their native land, many Mexicans are actually good, hard-working people. Once again, it’s the corrupt few who ruin it for everybody else.

The infamous wall will likely cut off a portion of Southern Texas due to the state border, and create an even bigger problem for residents living south of San Antonio. It is being funded by a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports, which could be problematic. Many things we buy every day are made in Mexico, and Mexico is known for growing the hottest peppers, so authentic spicy Mexican food is likely to start costing a lot more.

Google is also seeing a disturbing and unexpected problem with this executive order regarding Muslims. Many of their employees work in the nations specified, and as The Verge claims, even U.S. citizens working in those nations could be denied access. Google could have a mess of legal battles against the Trump administration over discrimination if those employees are subject to being detained.

Donald Trump already has a "racist" reputation following his Presidential campaign.
Donald Trump already has a racist reputation following his Presidential campaign. [Image by Action Sports Photography/Shutterstock]

On Saturday, BBC reported several Iraqi passengers and a Yemeni national were detained when attempting to leave Cairo for New York, despite having valid U.S. visas.

The American Civil Liberties Union has already filed a challenge to Trump’s actions, citing a number of “green card” holders being prevented from returning to the U.S., as the order does not specifically mention this document.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai issued a memo on Friday to all employees working in the affected nations, as reported by Bloomberg News, allegedly ordering them home and including the following note.

“It’s painful to see the personal cost of this executive order on our colleagues. We’ve always made our view on immigration issues known publicly and will continue to do so.”

Some Google employees had already been on a flight back when the order was issued, and Google refuses to confirm the order for employees to return to the U.S. immediately. Nobody has denied that Bloomberg has claimed to obtain a copy.

Trump’s executive orders on immigration follow a nation-wide belief that the President is a racist white supremacist, due to poorly worded statements made throughout his campaign.

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