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EXO’s Kai Could Star In Korean Drama ‘Andante’ And His Fans Are Not Happy– Are K-pop Idols Getting Too Many Drama Roles?

EXO’s Kai could soon star in Andante, an upcoming Korean drama, and most people would think that would make his fans happy. But as All Kpop reports, Kai’s fans have taken to the internet to condemn his casting in the drama.

You may be wondering why some EXO-Ls, members of EXO’s fan army, are so dead set against Kai appearing in this drama. It looks like they’re questioning his ability to act in a lead role in a drama broadcast by a public station.

As the Inquisitr previously noted, Kai does have some acting experience. However, he’s only appeared in two web dramas, Choco Bank and 7 First Kisses. In 7 First Kisses, he played himself.

However, according to All Kpop, some fans don’t think that’s enough experience to qualify him to lead a drama that’s going to air on KBS.

“From a fan’s perspective, it’s not all that welcoming news either,” one EXO-L member said on an online forum, as reported by All Kpop. “When Kai came out an a web drama, I watched the 1st episode and stopped watching… I wish they wouldn’t make the ones who aren’t good at acting act.”


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Besides Kai’s questionable acting skills, some netizens think that it’s unfair for K-pop idols to be cast in dramas because it takes away opportunities from actors who have spent time working on their craft. Another recent Korean drama, Hwarang, also got some flack for casting lots of K-pop idols instead of actors.

“Even if it is for a morning drama, there are so many actors out there who work their heads off to land a lead role in a public broadcasting station morning drama, so what does this make them?” another commenter wrote in an online forum. “Doing this all because of an idol’s popularity is really not it. It’s not like we have no idea what his acting skills are like either”

People are also condemning Kai’s Andante casting on social media.

However, he is getting a lot of support for his acting ambitions online as well.

As All Kpop notes, since the initial announcement of Kai’s potential role in Andante, KBS has stated that the role is still “in discussion.” Whether that was in direct response to the backlash against the news is unknown at this point.

News of Kai’s latest potential foray into acting comes after he made headlines with a revelation that he never actually wanted to be a K-pop star in the first place.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kai’s original ambition was to be a ballet dancer, but after some encouragement from his father, he went to an audition hosted by SM Entertainment. It’s not hard to imagine the EXO member doing ballet, though, since he is an excellent dancer.

According to Drama Beans, Korean drama Andante is a coming of age tale where the lead character moves to the countryside. If the news of his casting holds true, Kai would play the main character Lee Shi-kyung, a high school student, and actress Jung Da Bin would play the female lead.

Andante is scheduled to start airing on KBS during the second half of 2017.

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