Sandy damages Chelsea's NYC Art World - Sculptor Silas Seandel

Sandy’s Costly Damage To NYC’s Art World

Hurricane Sandy has inflicted costly damage to New York City’s art world.

Modern art collectors and dealers in NYC’s Chelsea district are returning to the city’s contemporary art hub to assess the damage inflicted by the storm. “This is a big cultural loss,” gallery owner Zach Feuer told CNN.

The total monetary damage to NYC’s modern art world has yet to be determined as artists and collectors slowly return to the city to find flood waters reached dangerous levels. While the structures and buildings of Chelsea still stand, it is the water damage that has them the most concerned.

Many of these facilities have basements or first-stories that were primarily used as storage. Despite efforts to lessen the damage with sandbags and sealant, when the Hudson River flooded, many galleries and studios were irreparably damaged.

Gallery owner Leo Koenig lamented, “I would not be surprised if, when it’s all said and done the damage that is done to our art world will be in the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in unrecoverable work.” Koenig attempted to use sealant to keep water out of his space. Unfortunately, when he returned, he found the sealant had actually trapped the water inside, and, when he opened his doors, it came pouring out onto the sidewalk.

Sandy Damages Chelsea Art World - Gallery owner Leo Koenig