The Walking Dead Episode 303: "Walk With Me" featuring The Governor, Michonne and Andrea

The Walking Dead Episode 303: ‘Walk With Me’ Sneak Peek

Late last night AMC released a short sneak peek of The Walking Dead Episode 303, “Walk With Me.” The short (way too short if you ask a crazed fan like me) is posted below for your viewing pleasure.

The newly released preview features new female-baddy Michonne (Danai Gurira) and reigning female-baddy Andrea (Laurie Holden). Let’s go over what has become of Andrea and Michonne up until the sneak peek of Episode 303 and discuss the appearance (and one notable reappearance) of several new and very important characters.

Viewers of the hit series’ second season will recall that in the finale Andrea gets separated from our core group. It looked like she had been taken down by a walker during a herd attack on Hershel’s farm. However, unbeknownst to Rick and the others, Andrea only appeared to be bitten and was forced to set off on foot into the woods after she realized her group had left her behind.

After bravely fighting off dozens of walkers with guns, a knife and her bare hands, she was just about to become walker-food when a mysterious figure came to her rescue. We now know Andrea’s savior was a hooded Michonne who deftly sliced off the head of Andrea’s attacker with her katana blade. The last seconds of the finale showed an unrevealed Michonne leading two jawless and armless walkers behind her, inexplicably secured in chains.

The Walking Dead: Michonne played by Danai Gurira