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Paramedic Punished For Giving Blanket To Cold Elderly Man

paramedic punishment

A Detroit paramedic is being punished, and the reason behind it may surprise you — it was, he claims, for giving a cold man a blanket.

The paramedic punished is Jeff Gaglio, and he says that he has to answer officially via departmental channels for the crime of wanting a man to not freeze in the cold. Gaglio has spoken out to local press about the incident, and is just as incredulous as you or I might be if the allegations he’s making turn out to be accurate.

The paramedic said of being punished:

“I’m being punished. I’m being punished for giving a man a blanket, something that would seem like a common, every day courtesy. Something that any man or woman would do in the City of Detroit, give a freezing man a blanket. I’m being punished for it.”

MyFoxDetroit asked who punished the paramedic, and Gaglio said:

“The chief of EMS Jerald James.”

James gave a statement on the paramedic punished for the blanket transgression, and the station explains that the blanket given to the man was not even purchased by the department — it was a donation for victims of house fires.

James explains why the paramedic is being punished:

“We can’t have an employee who feels that they have a right to give away state property, be it donated, be it a blanket, be it a tire off a vehicle, without getting prior approval from somebody or notifying the proper authority. This is what he did.”

So it would appear the paramedic was indeed punished for giving a blanket to a cold man, and that his story checks out as per EMS brass in Detroit. Do you think the punishment for giving a needy man a blanket fits the crime?

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289 Responses to “Paramedic Punished For Giving Blanket To Cold Elderly Man”

  1. Greg Autrey

    If the man was in danger of freezing then the EMT was preventing an emergency. That's what EMT's do, or that's what I thought!

  2. Sherry Noto Mckinley

    If I were the chief I might have said " I understand you cared about this man. It was a kind gesture: however, we have rules on how we handle situations like this. Before you give items away, for whatever reason, you must get some approval".

  3. Em Smythe

    Do you think the punishment for giving a needy man a blanket fits the crime? That is the question we are asked. Well what was the punishment? That he had to talk to a higher-up in the department? Yes, that is a fair 'punishment' for being compassionate. I hope he learned his lesson!

  4. Anonymous

    That blanket was donated for use for a person in need so what's the prob? Boss didn't get asked first? What nerve and ego that man must have to punish a decent act like that!

  5. Tanya Dean Creighton

    How can the chief not feel like a total number one butt crack?

  6. Kevin Check

    I would say shame on the detroit ems director, he should have the same treatment given to him but have no blanket given to him if he is a victim of a fire to understand what it is about, the blanket is a not the issue here, it is the misunderstanding of what it is to take care of a fire victim on scene and keep them warm, but maybe the medic could move to a different dept that has a sense of compassion and understand what it is to be a ems member, not a money issue on the detroit fire dept which needs a big overhaul and needs a better leadership.

  7. Richard Bertlin

    detroit is so screwed up. in the news a woman who owns a house in detroit came back to her house after months being away found a squatter living in her house-she is forced to live with the squatter cause the city wont evict the squatter.

  8. Anonymous

    Believe me, Detroit has no ties to, with, or for the Republican Party. Detroit's mess is all DEMONrat.

  9. Pamela Cumbie

    I say lets start a blanket brigade and inundate the department with donated blankets specifically for EMS persons to hand out as they wish to freezing people.

  10. Molly McElroy

    @Richard Bertlin, no that's Philadelphia. Detroit is the Capitol of Corruption. I'm a resident and am in no way surprised by this story. The reporter in bed with the EMT is Charlie LeDuff, our eccentric, hysterical Fox news reporter. I don't mean that he's funny, I mean that he's idiotic.

  11. Debrah L Ward-Alsobrook

    What total B.S. I would be more than happy to give the city a damn blanket! I guess if the paramedics had found the man frozen to eah the next day it would have ben ok!

  12. Ivan Patry

    Detroit Fire Department.
    250 W. Larned
    Detroit, MI 48226.

    General Number: (313) 596-2900.
    General Fax Number: (313) 596-2915.

  13. Pattie Holliday

    This is a travisty. I think they need a new chief if he doesn't have any compassion. I would replace that blanket if it meant that much too them. I sell new and second hand clothing and items. When that big tornado came through Smithville I gave clothing to people who came by and told me they needed it. I work a full time job in a hospital and we have an EMT service. I really don't think they would punish an EMT here for giving a blanket, but then I live in the deep South- the Bible belt you know. Southern hospitality and compassion for his fellow man.

  14. Richard Wilson

    I am glad I don't live in detroit was a screwed up town I feel sorry for any cold elderly people in that town maybe they should move detroit not a very god filled city……..

  15. Keith Jerrell

    What a crock….Hey Mr.EMS Chief…send me the address I will gladly send you a blanket….please stop being such a piece of crap…WHO CARES if it is Republican or Democrat…let's be American…WE HELP PEOPLE!

  16. Anonymous

    Let's all get together and punish the chief. Take away his pay, then his pension, and let him stay out on the street in the cold..not in his uniform…WHICH BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE of Detroit. Or so, he would have us believe about a BLANKET. Paybacks really are a BIATCH, hey FORMER CHIEF?

  17. Anonymous

    Regina Taylor Too bad you are such a Racist Regina. But you gave yourself away when you accused someone who has nothing to do with the BLANKET. Were you born this dumb, or did you quit school before you finished becoming dumb?

  18. Michael Ofsthun

    he was doing his job plain and simple treating a victim. the blankets were donated for victims of house fires, I would have hated to see what might have happened if the elderly man needed medical treatment.

  19. Sandra DeBrabant

    THis is the most ridiculous thing I have heard…reprimanded for giving a person a blanket….really. THat fireman was out saving a life….could be mine or your life he saves one day. I give them men credit everyday for going out and saving lives and taking care of us…Sorry Chief…but come on…give the man a break….because he didn't ask you! Thank you EMS for all that you do!

  20. Carol Miles

    Great Idea, send them so many there is one for every cold person…..

  21. Maryann Hartman

    If they were donated than what is the problem? The man did what every paramedic takes an oath to do, save a person's life, which would be a good thing. The blanket could help someone from dying from the cold. It is a sad world we live in when doing something good gets you punished and something bad you do gets you rewarded. All you would have had to do is ask this man to do was give a blanket back in return (if that is the only reason he got punished). Cheif should be ashamed of himself.

  22. Wendy Motsinger

    It asks if we think the punishment fits the crime without mentioning what the punishment is.

  23. Viki Bacon

    I think the 1st thing the Medics should do is try and get a city/state wide change to who is entitled to the donated blankets to include ANY person who might be cold and need a blanket, not just victims of fires. The Medic indeed should NOT be punished or disciplined for giving 1 blanket to 1 individual in need. I say kudos to this Medic and I'm on your side! Sister of a former King County Paramedic in Washington State and proud of it!

  24. Freedom Tawaiciya

    Freedom Tawaiciya

    I wonder if it was the chief on the street being cold, if hes outlook would of been different…… More and more government is taking away for us to support our self and their will be more and more people on the streets, so dam if they need a blanket I have alot of them, come and get them for the a cold person child or adult…..

  25. Tor Borgan

    taxpayers whine when govt employees waste money, then they whine when it goes to keeping someone warm…..I don't get it….taxpayers have to take a stand……either give govt workers the discretion to decide how the taxes are spent, or accept stories like this one will be commonplace.

  26. Annie Smathers

    The question is more like, what happened to common sense when good behavior was rewarded and truly bad behavior was what was punished?!

  27. Kevin V Sinclair

    Regina Taylor , Are you so delusional? To really blame anyone but Obama for the fiscal mess this country is in? Wow Romney gave 4 million t charity in 2011, how much did you precious Obama give? Seriously you must have been reincarnated from a septic tank as you are still overflowing with fecal matter!

  28. Dennis Cronin

    the power over stuff seems more important than helping one in need. a decent society takes care of people.

  29. Carol Dickinson

    The problem is that the blanket was paid for by taxes. And has to be replaced by more taxes. Taxes collected in a city which is massively in debt, and many of those taxpayers may be as needy as the homeless man.The correct thing for the government employee to have done, was assist the homeless person by providing transportation to service location where that person could have received the same blanket, perhaps a warm shelter, perhaps some food, some other needed social services. Where I live, our government employees cannot give away government property either. But they can get a Community Service Office to assist the needy person.

    The blanket given to the homeless man was provided to the paramedic for emergency services like covering a person in shock, perhaps a person losing blood, or to protect a victim from the rain while waiting for a helicopter. When the paramedic gives that blanket away and it is not an EMERGENCY then it may not be there 10 minutes later when it is needed for a REAL EMERGENCY.

  30. Carol Dickinson

    Iu sed to live in Northern Michigan and I remember going out on Halloween in a strapless gown. It is not cold enough in Michigan most places now, for someone to freeze to death unless they are drinking heavily and sitting by the river. Had that been the case transportation to some sort of shelter would have done the same job, and not cost the taxpayers to replace equipment used for a nondesignated purpose.

  31. Sue Orzech-Johnson

    The chief should be the one punished for crimes against Humanity. I will moree than glad to send them a blanket or quilt to replace the blanket he gave away. Do there donations come with stipulations on how and when they are supposed to be used? Sounds like a crock to me.

  32. Chaya Kostelicki

    But letting the man freeze to death would be just fine, go figure. Does any state in the union have compassion laws?

  33. Hayley Reid Was Priday

    someone lacks common sense and it isn't the paramedic!

  34. Ryan Warren

    gee shame I bet if a person was on fire he would be punished for throwing water on him. After all it is not his water to give away. (Sarcasm city by the way).

  35. Gloria Page

    lepalipizzaner your are a predjudice idiot you only hate democrats because the president is african american. We know all about detroit and their predjudice. Get over it. Its people like you that makes everything bad for this country.

  36. Sherry Norred Clemons

    The blanket was given to the home owner who was evacuated from his burning house in his underwear. This article did not go into these details but many of the articles written about this incident does. Sounds to me that the blanket was used as it was intended. Under such stressful conditions it would be very easy for the patient to go into shock… A REAL EMERGENCY. Does the EMS crew need to call and ask permission to apply oxygen or start an IV if they deem it necessary for their patients health or well being? God bless this dedicated EMT for having the training AND compassion to do the right thing!

  37. Daniel A Smith

    Boss probably would have said no if it had been a fire call as well and that's what blanket was donated for in the first place. Sad times we are living in.

  38. Johnnie Sue

    Being a paramedic myself and I have given numerous blankets away, Cost next to nothing, Outcome you have helped someone in need. Maybe Mr. Jerald James need to experience being cold! Way to go Jeff you followed your heart! Johnnie Sue Hopper EMT-Paramedic, State of Alabama.

  39. Marilynn Cole

    If I make a donation, I expect it to go to anyone in need. I like the idea of donating blankets specifically for EMS to hand out as they wish to freezing people.

  40. Andy Howard

    You have got to be kidding me, There is a lot more to worry about in Detroit then a Human giving another human a blanket to keep warm for Gods sake! When does common sense come in to play? Jerald James Are you on a Power trip? Get off your employee's backs and work on a real problem within your department or your City.

  41. Rick Maddox

    I have been in Fire and EMS for over 18 years and I tell you some of the higher up ( chief officers ) in some depts would not even help out there own relatives if needed! It seems these higher up only care for themselves and NO one else, just to give a blanket to someone who needed it and should NO big deal! The person he gave the blanket to had a need for it and this medic so that! You have to have compassion for people in this job and if you have to stick to higher ups ( chief officers ) who in NO way knows how to run a dept and all they care about is making a pay check, it stupid! Maybe the chief officers of the dept needs to be gone! Its called ethics chief officers! Go back and take college courses and you will study it! The day you forget that the people out in the streets be it a homeless person, or what ever is your customers and you have to show good customer service and relations is the day you need to get out of Fire and EMS…. This medic should stay on his job… I do have question to the chief officers if it had been one of your family members out there or yourself or even a big top city government worker and they was cold would this have been an issue my guess is NO because you would have wanted the medic to give the blanket NO questions asked, this just happened to be an elderly man who was cold…. No wonder this country is in such a mess it seems no one can help someone who really needs it without the fear losing your job……

  42. Anonymous

    Wow, that's harsh. Hope you don't find yourself in a situation where you need some assistance. I work in a hospital and give to those less fortunate all the time. That is what the hospitals, EMS, firefighters do…help those who are in need of help. Just because one person isn't cold doesn't mean someone else is.

  43. Anonymous

    Carol Dickinson again…really? It was DONATED. Not paid for by YOUR taxes. I will personally mail you 7 blankets, one for each day of the week!

  44. Anonymous

    Carol Dickinson Ms Carol i think YOU are the emergency. Spread LOVE hurry. before its too late.

  45. Jim Huegerich

    are you serious carol?…the blanket was donated…didn't cost taxpayers a dime…can't you read?…or are you just that stupid…and cold hearted.

  46. Rick Maddox

    Carol its people like you who really make this world a very very bad place!!! I been in EMS for over 18 years, if the person did not want to be transported you cant just go and throw the person in a med unit, there laws against that!!! Taxes taxes taxes, money money money, is what people study too much these and not putting people ahead of money is wrong, and thats got us where we are today!!!! If it had been one of your own family members who needed the blanket and the medic did not give it to them, my guess you would be still pissed!!! Government property???? Since when did Fire and EMS start to think stuff is government property, 1st off the customer is the people ( citizens ) out in the street, there tax money goes to run a dept if you ever forget while your in public safety thats the time you need to leave!!! If you dont believe me go back to college and take Fire or EMS courses in a degree program and you will learn it!! How do you know this would not have lead to REAL emergency, cold can affect people different ways and can lead to an emergency or worse even death!!! Blankets can be replaced if a city is in debt its there fault but dont take it out on the good medics and the customers they serve!!! Do away with chief officers and other non important job people who can only set back and complain!!! If your in EMS in anyways please go back and take an ETHICS course and even go back and study up on the chapter of heat and cold emergencies!!! Some places around other states does not have a good place to care for homeless or low income people who may not can help there living conditions due to job loss, health issues , etc, and EMS could be there only way to receive care,yes some of these people may have been able to pay taxes when they had a job, so they are still tax payers….

  47. Faye Eason Spivey

    Carol don't you think he would have gotten in trouble for transporting him to a homeless selter also. That is an emergency vehicle that would have been delayed going to an emergency call such as a wreck, heart attack, etc. It would have cost more tax payers dollars money transporting him somewhere than what that blanket cost. Have you ever had an ambulance bill you could have bought many blankets for the price of an ambulance trip to a shelter. What are you thinking, he would have gotten in more trouble taking him to a shelter than what that blanket cost.

  48. Anonymous

    Seems like there is a severe fear of delegating in this department. You would think that there is some level that the person working in the field can do things without prior approval. Too much management.

  49. Ed Sternberg

    I agree on the surface this look bad. But the headline that he is in trouble for giving a cold man a blanket, is incorrect. The media trying to make something. The Headline should be "Paramedic in trouble for not following protocol ". There is a protocol to help those in need. In the field of EMS, you are out on the street where decisions must be made everyday if all EMS just did want ever they thought was right it would be chaos. We must follow the rules and protocols, if we don't we face the consequences of our actions. This is not about giving a cold guy a blanket. It about a medic not following protocol.

  50. Jamie Walker Moreno

    Carol I am in the area of Detroit right now, and it is cold right now. It is getting down in the 30s at night. The man had no shirt on because his house caught fire. The blanket was DONATED, which means it cost the city NOTHING!!!! Hopefully, when you are in need there is a kinder person than you there to help you out. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  51. Jamie Walker Moreno

    Carol Dickinson, wow lady two stupid posts made by you. When your house burns down and you are in your underwear, it is clear you will not be needing a blanket. LOL

  52. Jamie Walker Moreno

    Carol Dickinson, wow lady two stupid posts made by you. When your house burns down and you are in your underwear, it is clear you will not be needing a blanket. LOL

  53. Jim Hodge

    The world is full of idiots. The Paramedic did the right thing. He was compansionate and caring. The city of Detroit is lucky to have him. Shame on them.

  54. Sarah Blaskey Kapp

    Because one of my co-workers did not follow protocol, she ended up saving someone's life. Did she get reprimanded? Yep. Would she do it again? In a heartbeat. Did it cause chaos? Nope–in fact, it kept the hospital from being sued. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing, regardless of protocol.

  55. Rylante' Rogers

    Our society is becoming emotionless more and more by the minute… I understand the position of both parties, but If this man was freezing, & the blanket was donated, seems to me the EMT killed 2 birds with one blanket. He prevented this poor man from suffering possible hypothermia, and he paid it forward buy donating a DONATIION. I honestly don't see a problem with that. They problem lies with the brass on a powertrip. Had it bee state property, repremand. But a DONATION? Come'on Son!

  56. Anonymous

    Don't know what's worse= this or the lifeguard who got fired for saving someone's life outside his area.

  57. Andy Howard

    Carol Dickinson Carol A FREE Donated blanket is the Least of the Detroit tax payers problems! What in the hell does you in a strapless gown at Halloween 50 years ago have to do with this?????? Thank you for moving to Alaska

  58. Rylante' Rogers

    I think that she was drinking & sitting by the river in her strapless gown when she wrote that!!! LOL!!!

  59. John H Davis

    This is just unreal…..This paramedic did what any normal person would do, and if the blanket was that damn expensive, the purchasing agent for that EMS needs to be drawn and quartered.

  60. Richard Bruce Price

    What ever happened to "empowering employees" to make good decisions that reflect well of the organization? I suppose since this organization was state or local government, they do not want empowered employees. So sad.

  61. Michaela Janae

    Oh please, Carol. It is 46 degrees right now in Detroit, so I'm sure it was even colder at night. Plus elderly people get colder than other people. Have a heart.

  62. Ed Sternberg

    I agree in the case of an emergency, sometimes you have to step out on a limb. In this case there was time to follow protocol, or if it was a true emergency they would have transported him. Don't misunderstand my comment. I am not saying the guy didn't need a blanket and should have received one. I am saying there was a proper way to help the guy. My main point is how the media blows things up. I doubt this guy will lose even an hours pay for this, unless he has done similar things before. He will take a rip and go back to work.

  63. Betsy Harrington Adamo

    Start a blanket donation to Detriot seeing the State Dept rather punish a person for having compassion for a individual whom they could have picked up his body frozen to death. There should be no one cold or hungrey here in America but our elected official call the shots think about that this coming election day. And as for the EMS Chef as you sit warm and comfortable behind your desk would it have been you to pickup this man frozen body and have to tell his family no you leave that to the men and women whom brave the elements and have true love and compassion for what there line of work is.

  64. Cole Walker

    Wow are you serious! He was doing a kind deed for a fellow human being! Life threatening or not he felt compassion for the homeless elderly guy and gave him a blanket! Somebody needs to give you a blanket for your ice cold heart!

  65. Andy Howard

    Carol A FREE Donated blanket is the Least of the Detroit tax payers problems! What in the hell does you in a strappless gown at halloween 50 years ago have to do with this?????? Thank you for moving to Alaska.

  66. William Fey

    what kind of stupid S O B moron would punish a man for giving a man standing out in the cold in his underware a blanket?

  67. Jim Yaekel

    Ironically, if he had reported the blanket stolen by the homeless man, they would have given him a warm bed for the night.

  68. Patrick Murphy

    You realize that the cost of ambulance transportation is far greater than that of a blanket, right?

  69. Joseph Timothy DeMarco

    It is a blanket not a tire and it was donated so it carried no monetary value. Maybe what he did was against policy but it was the right thing to do. What sort of example is this chief setting? If you do the right thing you can be punished? If it was me and I didn't give a blanket to someone who was freezing it would tear me apart thinking how inhumane I was.

  70. Jc Shinny

    karma will win in the end…another black eye for detroit polititions, as an ex paramedic of detroit keep up the good work jeff. I would have done the same.

  71. Dianne Lamonds

    What is the world coming to, when you can't even be a good samaritan anymore, without having to go through the so called proper channels! If this chief had been the one freezing do you think he would have wanted to wait a week before he could get a blanket, while things were being done through the proper channels? What is the big deal anyway? He wasn't the one who donated the blankets. I'm sure the people who did donate these blankets would be proud of the paramedic for what he did. He did exactly what he should have done in this case. Seems this chief has never been down on his luck before.

  72. Hugh Shapiro

    Yea, and potential hypothermia is never considered an emergency? Carol, I think you should be part of Romneyscabinet if he gets into office. You are a freakin IDIOT!

  73. Nick Stahr

    A homeless man freezing to death IS A REAL EMERGENCY. Also, if the city is going to be that nitpicky, they would say that giving the man a ride to a service location is using taxpayer dollars inappropriately. Sometimes, bean counting bureaucrats need to back off and see the higher purpose in breaking a few rules sometimes.

  74. Monica Castellanos

    How horrible. The city of Detroit should fire the head of EMS for even pursuing this! Medics are supposed to be kind people and your punishing this man for being kind.

  75. Daniel Brito

    Ppl are losing it, not only in the us , in all over the world , kindness is disappearing

  76. Claire Greenage Bennett

    This is what happens when you allow the government to become the Nanny State. If you think decisions like this won't be prevalent with Obamacare, then you are crazy. Think about it. There are "protocols", there are "rules"…mindless bureaucrats making decisions based on these instead of common sense and compassion. Today it's a blanket…tomorrow it's a kidney…you just wait and see. What a sad, sad world we live in.

  77. Robert Mercer

    It sounds to me like the chief has control issues. A paramedic has to make many more life changing decisions than who gets a blanket. Need to learn to delegate chief!

  78. John Boias

    It's a blanket for crying out loud. I'd believe the "state property" deal if he was lending out a state-owned vehicle or something expensive or irreplacable. But giving a blanket to a man who was freezing in the cold, that says nothing about his responsibility with state property, that shows that he's a man with a heart. I'm sure Mr. Gaglio wouldn't needlessly give away state property without good reason or notifying his superiors for any other reason. Next time, I think Chief James should use a little more common sense. Which is more important, the fact that one of your men helped a helpless old man from the cold, or punishing the use of a state-owned blanket? I think the former looks a little better on the EMS's side.

  79. Jd-Emelie Basa-David

    Whoever is punishing him only shows what type of a character he/she is. Instead of patting him on the back and saying what a great, compassionate person you are, instead he punishes him. His punisher is what makes this world a cold and selfish place to live in.

  80. Anonymous

    WHATEVER…..Republicans would instead have this cold freezing vagrant get help from a church….because THAT'S what the 1% wants, instead of GIVING A Blanket to a cold freezing man, THEY would have him find his way back to personal solvency and shelter through the loving fellowship of the church and the grace of GOD….(then THEY'D get a tax break for donating one day's production from their blanket factory to the church…) Figure it out, folks…….I think the paramedic getting punished for helping this man is BULLSCHITT….

  81. Jd-Emelie Basa-David

    To Carol, it sounds like you're the person who punished him. It doesn't matter if the blanket was paid by our taxes. At least you know it wasn't wasted and our tax paid blankets were put to good use and that's because this EMS person was a good samaritan to this freezing old man.

  82. Amanda Devone Seeley

    Rick Maddox ,
    Everybody is a tax payers. Everybody pays taxes when they go into the store. Regardless if the homeless unemployed, they are still tax payers. They may beg for some money and go to the store and pay taxes. Homeless have money sometimes, even if it is given to them, they pay taxes just like everybody else. People do not have to be employed to pay taxes. Period.

  83. John Boias

    It's funny because Carol's going on about how the blanket was paid for with taxes, but it was a donated blanket as mentioned several times in the article, it costed nothing from the state.

  84. Anonymous

    Carol Dickinson Is gas for the ambulance not covered by the state and paid for by taxes? So the transportation to a homeless shelter and other needed social services are not paid for by the tax payers? interesting… I'm certain a blanket probably costs less than those… also certain that they have more than one blanket at their disposal… perhaps they should have waited and given him the blanket when they were called back to treat him for hypothermia and then taken him via the ambulance to the hospital and probably admitted all on the taxpayers dime again…

  85. Amanda Devone Seeley

    As I recall, EMS workers are paid with city funds, everybody is a tax payers and deserve emergency service. I am not a medical professional, but I know from common sense that hypotherma can kill. So EMS personal have to ask permission to provide emergency service? This is crazy. the blankets are donations and I am sure that the donor would not object to giving a freezing man a blanket. Everybody pays taxes when they go into the store. Regardless if the homeless are unemployed, they are still tax payers. They may beg for some money, go to the store and pay taxes. Homeless have money sometimes, even if it is given to them, they pay taxes just like everybody else. People do not have to be employed to pay taxes. This comes to one thing "Greed" and it seems to be getting worse and worse in America. It is not what is the World coming to? But rather, what is America coming to? Greed over human life, that is about as greedy as greed can get. America is looking grime, especially to the rest of the World. I remember when people around the World use to want to come to America, because it was the land of opportunity. America has made a turn toward greed. This is a very sad situation. However, I am the lawyer type and you know how I would proceed in this matter.

  86. Amanda Devone Seeley

    Does the system need laws to protect the homeless from discrimination?

  87. Chris Walcott

    Carol Dickinson ,again lady, you overlook the fact,that the blanket was donated,,it did not cost tax payers one iota. I understand taking this cold fellow to a shelter would 've been better,but surely you're aware that a good many homeless are mentally ill and will refuse to go to shelters.

  88. Hannah Oneill

    Post a page and we will donate…unbelievable. I have been an in EMS/Fire/Medic instructor for over 25 years and the kindness is to be commended NOT punished.

  89. Sam Ferrise

    We elect these assholes that make decisions like this to crucify the working man. They should wrap a rope around his boss' ankles and drag him through town.

  90. Hannah Oneill

    I agree!! way to go Jeff for holding up to your reason for being a medic, caring!!!

  91. Anonymous

    Carol Dickinson Please read the article before writing posts. The artilce clearly states that the blanket givien away was donated to ems.

  92. Paige Radcliff Berrettoni

    hate to tell you- romney hasnt happened yet. Might want to look at Obama and the mess he has created in the economy… However, in this case- stupidity knows no political lines

  93. Karen Markim-Robinson

    Absolutely ridiculous! It's a donated blanket and that man should be getting a medal for having a heart of gold and not steel!

  94. Anonymous

    I think the chief is right. It's a sad reflection on the times in which we live but if the chief were to let it go unpunished where does it stop? Suppose the paramedic gave away something really costly?

  95. Don Buchanan

    " it was a donation for victims of house fires." It was not paid for by tax money…

  96. Andi Hamilton

    Joe Prado I bet this will get u fired up…u must read…eagerly awaiting your response….this should be good…stay tuned for Joe's response…lol….pure insanity.

  97. Kathy Green

    I don't see how they are punishing him…. did I miss that? No pay? Shame on anyone who would not allow someone to help a fellow human being… I don't care whose blanket it was!

  98. Joel Graham

    Carol….but you do support "justice" for Ted Stevens who was convicted of accepting illegal gifts – a Republican politician…right? Yep…but DO NOT give someone in a blanket in that party…I get it…

  99. Sheila Sullivan

    Carol Dickinson so what I would rather my taxes go to an American homeless person than some foreign area….you are part of the reason this country is the way it is

  100. TJ Hadsall

    Hate to tell you but President Obama came into a recession that was created by President Bush. 5.2 million jobs have been created over the last 31 months. Kevin, Mitt Romney gave 4 million to charity because he made over 21 million dollars in 2010. Obama made only $790,000 and donated $172,000, 21% of his income, while Mitt gave around 19%, so that's not even a liable argument. Obama paid 20.5% in taxes while Romney paid 14%. Facts!

  101. James Chandler

    I would say that Mr. James should be fired, for he obviously doesn't have the common sense to run such a department. Good grief, punishing a man for doing what is right? Come on, Detroit. You already have a bad enough reputation but this takes the cake. O.K., so he gave away a donated blanket. Big whoop! Let him donate another blanket in its place. How hard is THAT to figure out? Apparently, too difficult for Mr. James. Another case of power corrupting.

  102. James Chandler

    Regina, you're an idiot. Do you think Obama would be any better? Remember that Detroit is, and has been for a long time, run by Democrats. Think before you speak. Remember, "It is better to be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt".

  103. Kevin V Sinclair

    TJ Hadsall Wake up! More blame? At what point does blame stop and responsibility begin? Obama asked for the opportunity to fix the economy and to cut the debt-Epic fail. On top of that allowed and apologized for the murder of an ambassador in Libya…sycophant. Leading off with a liberal's favorite word 'hate'. Figures filled with a blustery incompetence given to you by the spender in chief.

  104. Pamela Cumbie

    ok folks, the response on my post has been overwhelming. i am going to research where to send the blankets and repost this in the next day or two. im thinking it would be great to find his actual fire house address and send them to HIM at the firehouse. what do you think?

  105. Lisa Gosselin Lindsay

    This is what is wrong with the world. This right here.

  106. Anonymous

    By Charlie LeDuff.
    FOX 2 News Reporter.

    DETROIT — A Detroit paramedic says he is in trouble for breaking the rules. His offense? Giving a cold man a blanket.

    Top brass tell us employees must have permission to hand out "department property", but that blanket was one of many donated to the department to help people in need.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this might be the most ridiculous and bone-headed Detroit ambulance story yet. It started two weeks ago when a house caught on fire. An old cripple man lived inside. They brought him outside. He was in his underwear. It was cold. He was shivering. You give him a blanket, right? Right. Then guess what happened?

    "I'm being punished for giving a man a blanket," said paramedic Jeff Gaglio.

    He called in sick Wednesday, sick to his stomach after being punished for giving away city-owned property.

    "Yesterday I got notified that I'll be brought up on EMS departmental charges," Gaglio said.

    What's that mean?

    "I'm being punished. I'm being punished for giving a man a blanket, something that would seem like a common, every day courtesy. Something that any man or woman would do in the City of Detroit, give a freezing man a blanket. I'm being punished for it."

    Who's punishing him?

    "The chief of EMS Jerald James."

    You know what makes this story even more outrageous? The city didn't even pay for the blankets. Matt Cahillane, president of Firefighter Support Services, donated them.

    "Anybody who's been displaced by a fire, that's what they're for," he said.

    Does he mind people having to keep the blankets?

    "I think that's what they're for."

    I tried calling Chief James and left a message saying, "It's LeDuff. I'm downstairs. I'd like to know why you're suspending paramedics for putting blankets on old cripple people. Can you give me a call, come down here and talk?"

    So we waited and waited and waited some more and finally, a couple hours later, we got our explanation.

    "We can't have an employee who feels that they have a right to give away state property, be it donated, be it a blanket, be it a tire off a vehicle, without getting prior approval from somebody or notifying the proper authority. This is what he did," James said by phone.

    That's right, paramedic, you'll need to get permission to give that feeble, half-naked old man a donated blanket because they're needed in the paint room for drop clothes.

    "These are the important issues. Donated blankets are the important issue, not the broken-down ambulances, not the bad response time, not the people dying that can't get an ambulance, not the closing of EMS units in the city, blankets," said Gaglio.

    So let's review. We're going to let old cripple guys shiver to death. We're going to take much needed paramedics off the street. I think what the fire department should do is point those hoses right at headquarters and clean the whole joint out.

    I will be sending blankets with a note to use for whoever may need them! Not the property of City of Detroit..

  107. Travis Duffin

    I don't know about their protocols but if he isn't a patient they might not be able to transport him to a shelter. A person in their skivies after a fire (which is irrelevant) in Detroit in October could be in danger of becoming hypothermic. Then there would be an emergency. And if it got to that point would people ask why wasn't this man given a blanket or something? If you are worried about your taxes being wasted then I think there are far more important areas for you to look. One blanket will not bankrupt Detroit. But the bigger issue is that the Chief could have handled this differently and stated to the Paramedic that next time this situation arises there is a chain of command to be followed prior to giving any equipment away. It could have been left at that. Now its a PR mess.

  108. Pamela Cumbie

    jeff gaglio c/o detroit fire department headquarters attn: matt cahillane 250 w. larned detroit michigan 48226 now share share share with your friends

  109. Pamela Cumbie

    send blankets to jeff gaglio, c/o detroit fire department headquarters, attn: matt cahillane, 250 w. larned, detroit, michigan 48226 now share share share with your friends.

  110. Jessie David Lee

    The problem is not that the blanket was paid for by taxes. The problem is the stupid leadership our taxes pay for. You just defended a good deed being punished. There is no justification you can possibly give for this inhumane reward of injustice. Carol you are stupid. I hope you never need anyones kindness, because you just may get it inspite of your liberal scud. You must be an atheist. People like you make me sick.

  111. Lisa Gosselin Lindsay

    BTW, a bunch of folks are responding to this by sending blankets to the Fire House in question. If you would like to send blankets as well, send to:
    Jeff Gaglio, c/o Detroit Fire Department Headquarters
    Attn: Matt Cahillane
    250 W. Larned Street
    Detroit, Michigan 48226

  112. Sarah Enright Loan

    Carol–I am stunned at how heartless you are. What is wrong with you? It was a DONATED blanket for god's sake–not a dime of your precious taxes was spent.

  113. Margie Stauffer Gantz

    Carol Dickinson , The blanket as stated was donated! The man it was given to was the victim of a house fire! This paramedic was doing his job! I would consider keeping the man warm as an emergency in this case and guess what, if it was your father you would have had a fit if he would have been refused a blanket.

  114. Margie Stauffer Gantz

    Carol Dickinson no one said he was going to freeze to death, it is stated he was cold. Carol you are a very harsh critical and seemingly uncaring person. So sorry for you.

  115. Curtis Venable

    Carol Dickinson "assist the homeless person by providing transportation to a service location" What time and space do you live in? EMS can not just pick up people when they need a ride to a "Service Location"

  116. Pamela Cumbie

    we have a blanket brigade going and i got the address from fox news here it is……jeff gaglio, c/o detroit fire department headquarters, attn: matt cahillane, 250 w. larned, detroit, michigan 48226

  117. Jc Shinny

    Carol Dickinson read the whole story before u open your mouth again. may u be homeless one day. with an attitude like that u deserve it

  118. Daniel Towle

    whatever happened to humanity among the downtrodden. does not the statue of liberty say " give us your tired, hungry, and cold (paraphrasing). they come and a ems gets punished for helping out a cold man with a blanket. I was to the understanding that the man was in a house fire and removed in only his underware, and nobody gave him a blanket. what has this world become? how very sad!

  119. Anonymous

    Wow our economy is taking a turn for the worst! I don't care what those idiots in congress say.

  120. Patti Nearing

    What he did was admirable! But I guess he should have given the City it's due! I mean after all a donated blanket has to be worth something! SHAME ON CITY Mr. James!

  121. Libby Thornton

    I would remind the paramedic of the proper protocol, shake his hand, and tell him what a great ambassador for the department he is and that we needed more like him in the department. This is going to be a nightmare for that EMS.

  122. Anonymous


  123. Kimberlee Stark

    It's a ridiculous reason to be punished. He did a selfless act. Something this country needs more of.

  124. Anonymous

    @ carol
    must not be a good university, if a brainless dumb ass like you go there. people like you need to just keep your mouth shut, cause all you do is talk out your ass and don't ever have a clue about what you running your mouth about.

  125. Ellie Houston

    Carol Dickinson, it very blatantly states that the blanket was donated to the station. Therefore no tax dollars were used to purchase the blanket, and none would be used to replace it. It's an outrage that someone would be punished for an act of kindness. Even if tax dollars were used to purchase the blanket, I'd rather have my hard earned tax money go to helping someone in need than pay for half of the the crap our government spends it on. This man should get a medal, not a reprimand.

  126. Kimberlee Stark

    Are you serious Carol? I am not sure you even understand how taxes work with charities much less with government agencies such as EMT, Police, ect. The emt was doing his job. Helping those in need. It was a selfless act. Clearly something your not capable of understanding or doing. Maybe you should so some research on taxes, government, charities, taxpayers, people in need, helpless, emt job title, etc. It always helps to be informed.

  127. Melba Hyatt

    Maybe we should have a christms blanket give a way, where instead of the kids exchanging toys. they give a blanket and save a life, you can get $5.00 blankets at dollar generl, sometimes walmart Have people donate a blanket I would teach them that giving is as good as getting,and they could save and life and have a life ong friend. Christmas is suppose to be about giving, so maybe get up some old clothes and give to the homeless along with books. There are good people in this world and lets show them that we are still around.

  128. Harriet Ormsbee

    Carol Dickinson And even if it wasn't donated, the real crime here was the EMT was white which gave his black Boss an excuse to cause him career harm. This has been going on for a long time in Detroit. Nothing new here, Carol. Its a crime to be white in Detroit unless you are a loud mouth liberal!!!!!

  129. Harriet Ormsbee

    And even if it wasn't donated, the real crime here was the EMT was white which gave his black Boss an excuse to cause him career harm. This has been going on for a long time in Detroit. Nothing new here, Carol. Its a crime to be white in Detroit unless you are a loud mouth liberal!!!!!

  130. Sandi Potter

    I think Jerald James should be punished for stupidity and lack of compassion.

  131. Serina Marie Shumaker

    How stupid are you! Are you supposed to wait until the person is hypothermic and a Real Emergency as someone has said or give someone a blanket to prevent them from freeaing to death! This world is screwed!

  132. Donna Parker

    so the paramedic is being punished for doing something ethical if this guy had gotten ill and lets say sued the city then it would have been the paramedics legal duty to give him a blanket and he would be named in the law suit- Dear cheif Practice what you fuckin preach.

  133. Melba Hyatt

    Carol Dickinson , carol if the paramedic would have given this man a ride to a save house and something happened like a wreak would NOT THE COUNTY BE RESPONCIBLE for that to. I rest my case there is NO WINNING IN THIS MATTER, GIVE THE MAN A BLANKET. What are we showing our kids about LOVE AND HeLPING EACH OTHER, THAT BLANKET MIGHT HAVE SAVED THAT MANS LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Instead of some of these programs that are surpose to help that don't maybe we need a real one. SAVE A LIFE AT NIGHT, AND GIVE A BLANKET TO KEEP THE HOMELESS WARM, THINK ABOUT IT WWJD. My taxes paid for it to, give him a blanket and a pillow. This Carol person must be married to the Chief, or she does'nt have a heart, hey someone call The wizard of Oz we have a Tin Women with NO HEART!

  134. Donna Parker

    File a complaint against your boss just to cause him the pain he did you make an ass out of him he needs to be taught a lesson. If he has any balls he will apologize and then volunteer his time in a homeless shelter to make it known he in not a prick. I would not want this prick in charge of EMS in the county where I lived, worked and payed taxes. Just think about it…… What if this was something on the scale of Hurricane Katrina or 911 screw your stupid state regs at that point what about humanity. I am so sick of this type of attitude in healthcare and seeing hardworking workers put on an alter to prove some stupid ass point. I mean can your boss even get his fat ass in and out of a buggy anymore? Or does he stuff more papers in his drawer? Come on learn how to lead give your paramedic a hand how about making sure he has more blankets on his buggy so the stress of watching someone else suffer can be avoided a little. Dosen't he see enough death and pain for what 15.00 to 20.00 hr? How about helping out your crew and taking off some stress when you can. Call me buddy I can teach you how to manage. My name is Donna or aka Teach.

  135. Melba Hyatt

    Hey Carol I'm on blood thinners all the time due to a heart condision, and I don't DRINK, and I stay COLD ALL THE TIME, EVEN IN 90 degree weather, come on think up some more lies. I'm a Nurse, and i love to save lives and love all walks of people. God created us all in his image.

  136. TJ Hadsall

    How can you expect someone to come into a recession and just turn it around at the snap of his fingers? I got my figures directly from both of their tax returns and did the math myself. I think you 'hate' the President so much, you have to blame him for the ambassador being killed. Time to turn off Fox News, Kevin.

  137. Pamela Cumbie

    carol, the blanket was DONATED to the fire department. no tax dollars involved. it was donated for "victims of house fires", not a homeless freezing old man. guess a homeless freezing elderly man doesnt deserve donated warmth.
    check out our blanket brigade posts and where to send blankets the EMS can give to whoever the heck he feels needs it

  138. Pamela Cumbie

    keith, heres the address. jeff gaglio, detroit fire dept headquarters, attn: matt cahillane, 250 w. larned, detroit michigan 48226

  139. Kevin V Sinclair

    TJ Hadsall, I watch very little television. It is very easy to say that I 'hate' when you know so little. Under this Obama administration America is suffering. Tragically, those in there 20's will be paying the true bills for today's excessive government debt. America has 16 trillion in debt and growing and only 150 million taxpayers and that is shrinking. Yes the president is direct on blame for the murder of a sitting ambassador. That is why his position is also known as commander in chief. It is called responsibility, in this situation it is a lack of "integrity" which allows the president to blame a video instead of ineptitude. In direct reply Obama himself campaigned on the ability to turn the American economy around in 3 1/2 years…Fail. GITMO still open…Fail. The list is endless. I noticed that you are employed at a landscape company. How are those 4.00 plus gas sales working for you? The national average for fuel in Nov. 2009 was 1.81-the year your hero Obama was 'elected' Still concentrating on individuals tax returns as the nation burns….

  140. Karrie Barbee

    Carol Dickinson definitely didn't read the article. It was a donated blanket not paid for at all by taxes. Just think how much trouble the employee would have been in had he 'transported' the man as Carol Dickson suggests. A free blanket or a 1200 dollar ambulance ride hmmm real smart Carol Dickinson. Even if the EMT had transported the homeless man to a shelter, would there have been room? The city is so bad off that maybe there is no room, I know in my city even the worst homeless shelter are completely full and they are turning away people.Again, Carol Dickinson, actually read the article prior to commenting.

  141. Karrie Barbee

    I commented on another of her posts and I thought maybe she hadn't read the article, but I am beginning to believe she really is just that stupid and possibly cold-hearted. It will come back on her or her loved ones though; too bad for them.

  142. Pat Blomn

    Carol Dickinson seriously??? it was a donated item. for God's sake, I'll send them another stinking blanket to use on a person that needs it. i'll send a 100 of them…right to the EMS who saw another human that was freezing cold and needed it…get over yourself lady!!!

  143. Rebecca Hofer

    @ Carol – you could not have lived in Upper Michigan…it does get that cold, but the people aren't (that cold) – unlike you!

  144. Pat Blomn

    Carol Dickinson you are a piece of work, lady. right now in grand rapids, it's 40 degrees and raining. it's been in the 30's at night…if you're going out in a strapless gown, YOU are the one drinking! you are a heartless piece of trash, lady. i agree with the others, i hope you are never in the position that the freezing man was…you'll find yourself without. God help you….seriously.

  145. TJ Hadsall

    Gas prices or not controlled by the president. It is traded on the global market. When the market crashed, so did crude oil, thus making gas prices also dropped. Just before the market crashed gas prices were over at record highs. Presidents do not control the prices of gas. My business is doing fine and is paying for my college education. I got my information from tax returns because you were so concerned about how much they give to charity. The people attacking the embassy said themselves said it was the video that made them attack the embassy. In order to get more tax payers, we need to create jobs, which has been done the past 31 months. I agree the 16 trillion debt is ridiculous. We need to get rid of the Bush Era tax cuts and make the wealthy pay for their share of taxes.

  146. Catherine Stuckey

    Is there a side to this we're not hearing? My husband works on a college campus, and one of his jobs is to make sure the faculty lounge has coffee – way more coffee than they could drink has been disappearing, going home with somebody. Maybe EMS has a theft or personal usage problem, and that's what the chief is trying to crack down on. But on the surface, yes, this looks pretty petty to punish someone for kindness and social responsibility.

  147. Anonymous

    It was a donated item and then it was "re" donated…. Someone will freeze before the "proper" approval is given to give away something that was donated to begin with….and the next time a paramedic shows up to a house fire without a blanket,……oh right, that would never happen…. it's not like he took it home because it was like sleeping on a cloud….or gave it to his child, I mean, he gave it to someone who needed it…., when did helping others become cause for punishment….or better yet, who would continue to work for a company that punishes people for helping them which -last time I checked is what EMS are paid to do…. I have plenty of blankets that I will donate to people no matter if they are fire victims, freezing homelesss, or whatever you deem necessary in someone needing a blanket.

  148. Anonymous

    Carol Dickinson, everyone is massively in debt, every city, every town, every thing, so hey, Let's let a PERSON freeze because we can't give something that was GIVEN and NOT PAID for with TAXES because the country is in too much debt. Please tell me that you aren't serious with that comment and as I said previously -EMS are paid to help people emergency or not….let's face it, they respond to non-emergencies all the time, but again a person freezing isn't any REAL emergency!!! NICE! Debt? or Compassion?

  149. Kelly Sanders

    We're not told with what/how is he being punished. And I agree with lepalipizzaner it is the bureaucratic demoncrats that can see the writing on the walls, Somebody donated the blanket not a tax dollar but a tax paying citizen used their taxed dollar to purchase a blanket, then donated it to the State, So Mr. MS Chief you ought to find another bureaucrat to harass and punish, let's say start with the current DemonCRAT OBAMA, the most despised Black in the USA, if he does get reelected I AM renouncing my citizenship.
    Now, hit me with your best shot, come on hit me with your best shot.

  150. Michele Croston

    DemonCRATs? "The most despised Black in the USA…"? Yikes!

  151. Pam Porter

    I say lets all send this in
    sensitve Chief some blankets so that giving a freezing person who might not make it thru the night a free blanket. That cheif could have just given the parametic a warning and let the parametic replace the blanket given. Oh wouldn't freezing qualify as an emergency?

  152. Dianne Scrofano

    Jerald James should watch Groundhog Day and Scrooged again.

  153. Amer Bashir

    in some cases laws and rules meant to be broken and this is one of those cases…i give u an example..if u see a man drowning in a lake and there was a sign there it says no swiming…would u jump in and save his life and break the law?

  154. Jd-Emelie Basa-David

    To Carol, it sounds like you're the person who punished him. It doesn't matter if the blanket was paid by our taxes. At least you know it wasn't wasted and our tax paid blankets were put to good use and that's because this EMS person was a good samaritan to this freezing old man.

  155. Allison Coker

    I think the whole punishment is BS. The EMS personal only have so many blanket with them at one time, and they are for the patients that they pick up, like others have said," That the guy could of gone to a charity house, shelter or the firehouse to get a blanket." It isn't their job to hand out blankets, they are their for medical resources only. Not your personal needs of getting them blankets.

  156. Art Dardeau

    What a crock, I work in EMS….I get my Blankets from the local Hospital ER's……Each person that comes into those hospitals are paying fror those blankets…along with a pillow, sheet, cover sheet, pillow cover, etc…… If I were to see someone outside or inside and they were cold I would give them whatever I had to keep warm…..Go on, not worry about it, restock when I get back to the station….Common sense tells you to help other's in need….Human decency..

  157. Patrick Fegan

    I say they need to fire the ems chief if they are that hard up for money. He sounds like an overpayed jacka**.

  158. Patrick Nelligan

    There is a higher law, somtimes you got to do what needs to be done.

  159. James Cantrell

    We need to back this man up. He was just being caring to another human being. Which is what a paramedic is suppose to be! He does not need punished for it. Spread this around and make the city look like the bunch of idiots they are.

  160. Emiley Wood Thacker

    Only those who have no way out, I think. I read an article recently about how entire sections of the city are abandoned to the extent that parking lots of former shopping centers are now used as spots to dump dead bodies because they won't be found for weeks. Cah-reeeeeepy!

  161. Ty Webber

    Wow!! I am so sending a blanket! I like that idea…. Overload them with blankets to hand out to anyone who needs one!! Geez, really? What a _____!!!!!!

  162. Anonymous

    Well, it is Detroit, after all. The police just issued a warning to enter the city at your own risk. They should have just said "abandon all hope yes that enter".

  163. Jessica Porter

    SO why can't the paramedic guy just pay for the cost of a blanket, or the cost it would take for a new one to replace what was given away?

  164. Josue Griego

    Just sent a blanket thru to:
    Jeff Gaglio c/o Detroit Fire headqu, Det Fire Dept 250 W Larned St Ste 500 Detroit, MI 48226-4495.

  165. Darren Borne

    Political correctness has gone to far…. give away a blanket that will save someones life, or ask Jerald James's permission….Really! They need to ask? What ever happen to human compassion? I'm sorry, I think Jerald James is out looking for a pay raise, with state money?

  166. Anonymous

    I my self would have done the sane thing gave the man the blanket even though it was not mine 2 give,, but anyway u look at it.its stealing! was not his 2 give period!

  167. Josue Griego

    Many are doing the same so no one else can get in trouble for helping someone in need. In Jesus' name and to Him the Glory.

  168. Leif Kloogh

    jerry not the chiefs fault if the emt would have done his job and called who nos what would of happend. maybe u did not read it all the cold man got the blanket,and u mean hopefully SOMEONE WILL GIVE HIM ONE !!

  169. Leif Kloogh


  170. Kerby Norris


  171. Kerby Norris


  172. Michelle Nungester

    And this coming from a chief who is in charge of providing needed medical services TO THE PUBLIC! The chief should be made to publicly apologize, lose his job, and forced to sleep one week on the cold streets of Detroit WITHOUT A BLANKET! I can guarantee you that whoever donated the blanket out of their desire to help those in need or in distress could care less whether or not it was given to someone who was involved in a fire or cold living in the streets. This is what is wrong with this country!

  173. David Dowdy

    We can bail out GM and give 90 billion to companies that fail but don't you dare hand out a blanket to a cold homeless man. Cant we just call that his bailout.

  174. Vicki Johnson

    Okay, first of all, I am a Veteran Paramedic, and we are trained professionally and ethically to save lives. Now, whether it be a fire victim, a near drowning, a shock victim, etc. etc., hyperthermia or hypothermia are real conditions that can result in death, so giving a cold man a blanket is beyond any technical protocol! I doubt very seriously the medical protocols detailed specific instructions on distribution of the blankets! Re-stock…it is simple as that! Detroit has brutal winters, so let me remind the Chief that his medic had a legal responsibility to act and respond to his level of care, or it could be charged as "Abandonment." The Paramedic acted in good faith and he better be thankful the man being treated didn't die because his medic responded to a human need. Please, I would never want to work for a EMS service that treat their medics like that..I commend the medic for having the compassion and humanitarian heart to respond to that need….

  175. Tom Lamonica

    Detroit is such a wonderful place to be a first-responder already… check out what the police have been going through lately.

  176. Steven Murphy

    I am a paramedic as well. Kudos to the medic for compassion. The person could of done like so many do and request an ambulance for transport saying they have chest pain or any other reason simply to get into a hospital and out of the cold. What's the cost of that vs a donated blanket? Now on the side of the administration, it really isn't any different than siphoning gas from a unit and giving it to someone who ran out of gas for example. As a municipal government organization you should be fiscally responsible for every tax dollar spent. It did not appear that any tax dollar were spent on this item if I read the story correct. Situations like this are fantastic examples of good use of these donated items. It is great PR for your department.

  177. Anonymous

    I dnt know how this guy get to become a chief! Ppls who live in that around, if there a emergency be prepare cause his paramedic will have to call and ask for his permission to give out the blanket first. I guess you will die in the cold while waiting for him to pick up his phone. Sound like a f*cking mess up system. Donation blanket is for helping ppls and that guy need it so he gave it. I hope no one donate shit to his place. THXGIVING and XMAS is coming I cant believe someone can make this as a big deal! NO CRIME IS DONE! I bless the paramedic for his good deed that came out from his heart.

  178. Vicki Johnson

    Hey Sis, you know this really struck a serious nerve with me. I usually don't debate over posts, but this one got me. Thank you for your support, and if anyone knows my tireless humanitarian efforts involving medicine and social justice , it is you. I love and miss you too

  179. Cheryl Brown

    When did it become wrong and punishable for doing the right thing? His boss needs to find another line of work. I'd never have thought twice to spare a blanket to someone in need. I even gave a blanket to a poor homeless man who wound up on my porch trying to get out of the rain on a cold night. So we have doing what is morally right being overshadowed by the cost of a blanket and disciplining the employee with a huge heart. I hope that supervisor is able to sleep nights :(

  180. David J. Kubik

    I think it was unprofessional for the department to speak out publicly about an employment issue, I thought that was illegal.

  181. Joe Starbody

    EMS in Detroit is a worst case scenario. As a fellow medic, bless those doing EMS in that region. No matter what god or religion you belong to…these folks have earned a way into "heaven" because they have already seen hell. Stay Strong brothers and sisters.

  182. Harlow Rioux

    oh give the political rhetoric a rest, would you? My God, why do some people have to trivialize things by turning every news story into an oppurtunity to bash the political party they dislike. This has nothing to do with President Obama(or Mitt Romney for the bat sh*t crazy people at the other end of the whack-adoodle spectrum). Utterly ridiculous and sadly a factual reflection on how too many people have traded in common sense and compassion for an oppurtunity to spout simplistic, idealogical blather dripping with willful ignorance and pure, undiluted hatred.

  183. Adam R De Leon

    I'm a Paramedic AND a Nurse. I have done and would do the same in a heartbeat: honestly, I've been around long enough to know (i've been doing this for 27 years) that this sounds like Jerald James has got some personal beef with this young man. I've seen stuff like this before. I know one guy in Corcoran, CA that Fired one of his EMT's simply for responding to a call that he was closer to than the ambulance that responded…….I'm serious…..why? because the guy that responded Once dated the supervisors wife…long before they were married. Its true. This story sounds a little weird too.

  184. Harlow Rioux

    That very scenerio happened this summer. A lifeguard was fired for leaving his post in order to save a man drowning in a part of the lake that was off-limits to swimmers. He was the only life guard in the immidiate area, so he radioed other lifeguards letting them know he was going in to save the guy-thus the life guards were able to keep an eye on his area. However, his boss wrote him up for abandoning his post rather than calling 911. Common sense tells anyone 911 is not going to get5 there in time to save a drowning guy. Its not that the man he saved was doing anything intentionally illegal-its that the lifeguards work for a company and the company was contracted to serve only a portion of the beach.

  185. Lindsey Wilhite

    Wow! Im just in shock about that! When people wonder why everyone is so mean mean, its bc society (jobs, govt, politics,etc) punish us when we are good people and do the right thing. Punish me all you want, I won't go changing

  186. Vicki Johnson

    That is right Lindsey!!! Good to hear from you. Just so you know…I won!! It took a year and alot of suffering, but I saved him. You know who I am talking about…I sleep good at night over it too. Man's inhumanity to man is not acceptable to me.

  187. Karen Ramburg Klinegardner

    ¨*•♫♪ ¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you…¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Betsy ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you.**♥•*¨*•.¸¸♥ Hope you have a great one ♥

  188. Amanda Devone Seeley

    I live in Alabama. I am glad to know that our EMT's here care. Thanks, Johnnie Sue, you will be blessed.

  189. Justin Fenk

    Since the EMS Chief of Failure wants to be informed about every single thing. I say call him any time for every emergency no matter how small… tell him you need to use state water, state gas, new tiers, band-aides, giving cocoa to a cold child, possibly scratching an axe on a door to get to a person…etc. Anything involving state property(which is ironic itself since it was funded by tax payer dollars).

  190. Pamela Cumbie

    is everyone gathering their blankets to send off tomorrow? mine are packed and sent. the response to this has been awesome. there are so many good and caring people. it warmed my heart so much that all of you are responding to this. thank you to all.

  191. Lisa Gosselin Lindsay

    I have five in my trunk ready to be packed up and sent!

  192. Gene Snow

    Hey E.M.S. I mean A.HOL. CHIEF James how many donated blankets did you take home to put in you dog's house? You two faced scumbag. What if it was your dad?

  193. Anonymous

    What the heck has happened to people! Compassion and generosity are important qualities that sadly are far and few between! People need to remember that what goes around really does come back around sooner or later! Shame on his superior for having no heart. If you are able to help someone in need, then you do just that, not for something in return but because its just the right thing to do!

  194. Leigh Anna Clark Young

    so, take it out of his pay & leave him alone. pretty simple, really.

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