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Batman Charged With Obstructing A Police Investigation In Michigan


Batman was charged with obstructing a police investigation this weekend in Northern Michigan.

According to the Associated Press, Michigan Police were searching for a man in Petoskey, Michigan, when 33-year-old Mark Wayne Williams, AKA Batman, offered to help with the search.

State Police Sgt. Jeff Gorno said that officers asked Williams to leave the scene but he insisted on helping police find their criminal.

Gorno said:

“He wouldn’t clear the scene, and we had a canine out there and he kept screwing up the scent … He said he wanted to help us look for the driver … We didn’t want the dog to track Batman instead of the accident scene, and he was getting in the way of officers who had a job to do.”

Gorno said that Williams didn’t put any of the officers in danger but he was quite annoying. The officers ended up confiscating Williams Batman costume and charged him with obstructing a police investigation and resisting arrest.

Williams posted bond and is due back in court later this month.

The last time Williams was arrested for impersonating Batman (yes, this has happened before) he was sentenced to six months of probation and was forbidden to wear costumes.


Do you think police have been too harsh on this Batman-wanna-be?

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111 Responses to “Batman Charged With Obstructing A Police Investigation In Michigan”

  1. Cathleen Caffery

    Some people get a little too obsessed with comic books! Comic Con is over till next year buddy!

  2. Cathleen Caffery

    Some people get a little too obsessed with comic books! Comic Con is over till next year buddy!

  3. Cathleen Caffery

    Some people get a little too obsessed with comic books! Comic Con is over till next year buddy!

  4. Cathleen Caffery

    Some people get a little too obsessed with comic books! Comic Con is over till next year buddy!

  5. Cathleen Caffery

    Some people get a little too obsessed with comic books! Comic Con is over till next year buddy!

  6. Bd Dang

    banned from wearing COstume though lol.
    i mean at least put on a more expensive looking BATMAN costume!
    Cause you looked like a out of shape 8 years later Batman lol.

  7. Rev. J. E. Gash

    It sounds like Batman's troubles are in his head. Mr. Williams should know by now that the Police are not friends of the people but friends of the state! Batman, you've been warned to STOP THE NONSENSE!

  8. Steve James

    So a Colorado psychopath thinks he's the Joker, and an Michigan looney thinks he's Batman… WTF?

  9. Dennis Winters II

    He was warned to stay away and let them do their job. Same thing happened before in the Navy. A Chief who wanted to "get involved" with an emergency didn't listen to the warning of "Your help is not needed" and to stay away from the scene. Well he ended up getting handcuffed and put into the squad car. He wasn't too happy after that and his CO wasn't either.

  10. Steve Williams

    Batman LOL more like fatman You can't make this stuff up. The winner of the batman impersonators goes to the one the cops pulled over in the tagless batmobile. LOL

  11. Willie Holmes

    I think of this episode of "Hill Street Blues" where Belker gets mixed up with some guy who called himself "Captain Freedom". He had on an orange costume and cape and kept jumping into situations shouting "Stop this criminal act!". He ended up getting shot during a bar robbery. This guy looks like he's heading in that direction.

  12. Cathleen Walker

    Batman should re-watch the second movie again with heath ledger. The difference between men like this guy and the real thing (though fictional) is that he doesn't wear tights and hockey pads…. dumbass.

  13. Michael Mikulovsky

    Holy Dumb Ass Batman! Dude! Get a life! Before you or someone gets hurt! We'll we now know what happened to Brett Farve! " I'm Batman! Eat Snickers!" LMAO.

  14. John Patete

    "What are you in for?"…."dressing up like Batman!"……"Well you better come to my cell dressed like Cat-woman, or I'll shank you".

  15. Scott Smith

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain……..or you get arrested multiple times for dressing up.

  16. Don Wallace

    Should have had Robin and Alfred take him home to sleep it off.

  17. Kenneth Darden

    Geez there, Batfake, even Christian Bale made sure to put armpit shields in his suit. I know times are hard even for billionaires, but come on man!

  18. Viere Wittle

    I think the police did the right thing. It's cool if you want to play batman in your yard or something but to interfere with a police search or investigation isn't right. What if they were after a murderer or rapist?

  19. Chase Salyer

    The police weren't out of line. There's nothing wrong with an ordinary citizen volunteering to help the police. However, if the police don't want help, it's best to just go home and let them do their jobs. Many is the fanboy who has dreamed of being the hero and, as a fanboy, I don't mean to discourage anyone but this is the way it works in the real world. When the cops tell you to go home, you go home.

  20. Bobby Siegfried

    I would personally love to see someone in a batman costume actually apprehend a criminal… even if it was just a shoplifter or something if it happened once somewhere in the world that would just make my day.

  21. Anonymous

    What is wrong with our Justice system when the Hero gets charged?

  22. Tommy James

    they should of let batman help. this guy is a super hero and I'm sure the police can use all the help they can get.

  23. Beth DeBouck

    So that's what Michael Keaton has been up to. Good to know.

  24. Eric Blake

    Batman is going to be face to face with real criminals that will rape him just for bragging rights! LOl! can yo imagine some big huge jail house ass bandit saying "I just f@#$k batman" lol lol!

  25. Anonymous


  26. Anonymous

    We need guys like this to help ourselves feel more normal. 😉

  27. Desmon Ibn Oscar

    Not harsh at all! What's really bizarre is how he actually thought because he was impersonating some fake animated bird he would be given a break! WAKE UP WORLD! We are humans…not tv!

  28. Linda Hill

    lolol this guy…When you're focusing on something serious and that one friend comes around and puts you back 5 steps…

  29. Ryan Nelson

    Super Heroes require Super High Performance Deodorant (blame the polyester)

  30. Anonymous

    Are you fu*** kidding me… Go get a job you low life bum. Geez some people now a days… fudging morons!

  31. Ruth Ellen Miller

    Another freak that got off his leash.
    He needs some serious deodorant/antiperspirant. Could he go to workout center….something about a chubby superhero is just…off.
    By chance…was Robin there also?

  32. Bd Dang

    The Dark Night Rises PART 2 The true ending to the trilogy with BatMan getting lockked up aha

    I guess Bruce Wayne reall bankrupted because of the ticket just like the movie LOL

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