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Liam Neeson Lends His Voice To A Children’s Character, Uses His Famous ‘Taken’ Line To Influence A Hockey Player

Liam Neeson is set to make this year’s Christmas even more entertaining by featuring in A Monster Calls, the upcoming children’s movie based on Patrick Ness’s famous novel, according to HitFix.

In the upcoming film, Liam Neeson has lent his voice to a tree monster that is seen helping a boy who is caring for his terminally-ill mother. The film that features Liam Neeson’s vocals will be released at the start of the Christmas vacation and is set to entertain the whole family. Besides Liam Neeson, the film also features Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones, and Lewis MacDougal, and even though he will not be seen acting in the children’s movie, Liam Neeson’s distinct voice will be easily recognized by adults and children alike.

The actor has previously lent his voice to the character of Aslan, the lion and the main protagonist in The Chronicles of Narnia movie series. Liam Neeson has earned multiple opportunities to play the roles of a father figure, trainer, and mentor in his previous works, with his roles in movies like Schindler’s List, Star Wars, and Rob Roy bearing testimony to his ability to play larger-than-life characters.

In fact, Liam Neeson has also portrayed an active but villainous trainer as Ra’s al Ghul in the Dark Knight trilogy. Additionally, the actor is also known to play spies and ex-agents vivaciously with flamboyant confidence. Although he did not win an industry award for the role, Liam Neeson’s portrayal of Bryan Mills, an ex-CIA operative, in the Taken movie series, has been widely appreciated, with the character being depicted as a skilled operative who would go to any lengths to inflict revenge on those who harmed his family.

While pursuing the villains, Liam Neeson’s character uses the skills that he acquired over the course of his career as a spy, with the character becoming famous not only for his stylish demeanor but particularly for his dialogue style with which he has delivered some incredibly memorable quotes.

Recently, Liam Neeson reincarnated his Taken character in real life to motivate an ice hockey player to sign up with the New York Rangers, the ice hockey team based in New York. Despite several attempts from his team members, ice hockey player Jimmy Vesey was reluctant to join the New York Rangers. Finally, the Rangers decided to convince the player by coming up with a video that included Liam Neeson addressing the reluctant player by using one of his signature dialogues in Taken.

“I will look for you; I will find you, and I will kill you.”

In the movie, Liam Neeson’s character speaks this dialogue as a warning to his daughter’s kidnapper, who has dared to harm his daughter. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Mark Divver, the American hockey reporter, commented on the unlikely sales pitch that the Rangers used in an attempt to coax the player into joining the team.

“Hearing NYR sales pitch included video that concluded with Liam Neeson saying, ‘Jimmy, if you don’t sign with the Rangers, I will find you!’.”

Liam Neeson has long been a fan of the New York Rangers and admitted to attending their games regularly.

On the professional front, Liam Neeson is again gearing up to play a savior on the big screen. According to Variety, the actor’s upcoming movie, The Commuter, will feature him the role of a businessperson who becomes caught up in a criminal conspiracy while traveling on a train.

The film reportedly features Liam Neeson battling the odds to save himself as well as others that have been caught up in or threatened by the conspiracy.

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