Swarm of bees attack people at California park leaving some hospitalized

More Than 20 People Stung At Park During A Bee Attack: California Park Swarmed By Bees Sending People To Hospital

A California park has been swarmed with bees, sending some to the hospital. More than 20 people were stung during the bee attack at the park.

A suburban park just 20 miles south of Los Angeles, the Cerritos Regional Park, was swarmed with bees Saturday evening. So far, three people have been taken to the hospital and more than 20 people stung altogether, the Los Angeles Fire Department tells ABC News.

Witnesses told CBSLA that thousands of bees swarmed the area, attacking people. They seem to believe that the bees were attacking those with long hair. Witnesses claim that hundreds of people were running from the insects at the Park.

Bernard Peters, Dispatching Supervisor, did say the three people who were sent to the hospital after the attack are expected to be fine.

Further, Peters stated that the bees left the area within an hour.

Arizona EDU has published an information sheet to advise people on how to be safe around bees. The Africanized honey bees can be a slight problem in the United States, and when stung by them, will cause some pain.

Look for swarms of bees. If they travel in colonies, they will be easy to spot at a distance. If you see a swarm of bees, avoid the area and take cover inside. These bees can be found in wall cracks, holes in the ground, trees, and sheds.

Be cautious of bees inside wall cracks and holes
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Be cautious while moving junk that has been sitting around for awhile and always listen for swarms of bees.

When bees are swarming in colonies, be extra cautious because they become very defensive and will attack. Before going into attack mode, the bees often show preliminary signs that they are feeling uncomfortable.

Some preliminary signs include the bees buzzing around your head, or flying towards your face. If they feel as if you are too close to them, they may attack.

Bees tend to attack people with dark-colored clothing, so you can increase your chances of being safe from bees if you wear light-colored clothing. Unfortunately, dark hair tends to attract the bees, as well.

Avoid aftershave that smells of citrus or floral, as they are very sensitive to odors. Honey bees also tend to swarm areas with fresh-cut grass.

If you do see a swarm of bees, check the phone book for the nearest pest control. You can also contact a local beekeeper.

Contact your local beekeeper if you see a swarm of bees
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Also, if you see large cracks in the walls or in the yard, fill them with caulk or steel wool.

What should you do if a swarm of bees begins chasing you? First and foremost, know that most bee attacks are provoked. If someone is throwing rocks or other material at the bees, they will likely attack. Sometimes, the sound of noise, such as that of a lawn mower, will attract them as well.

The best advice to follow when you are being attacked is to run. Do not try to grab your items or stand still. A swarm of bees when in attack mode will attack anything and anyone. Do what is in your best interest and run. If you can make it somewhere inside such as a car, house, or other building, definitely do so.

Bees can travel up to 15 miles per hour, but most healthy humans can outrun them. African honey bees will sometimes chase people up to a quarter of a mile.

If you are chased by a swarm of bees, run as fast as you can
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While the report hasn’t mentioned exactly what type of bees attacked the California park, the African honey bees are known for traveling in swarms and most known for being a nuisance. Regardless of the type of bees, if you are being chased, it is in your best interest to run and take cover indoors.

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