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Taxpayers Fronted $1.4 Billion For President Obama’s Comforts Last Year, According To New Book

Does Obama spend too much on vacations?

President Barack Obama has received some criticism throughout his presidency over various vacations and “date-nights” with Michelle Obama, all at taxpayer expense. But exactly how much has he spent on personal pleasures and costly comforts? According to a new book, which questions presidential perks as a whole, the POTUS spent $1.4 billion last year alone.

Last year, while taxpayers spent $1.4 billion dollars on staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family, taxpayers across the pond only spent $57.8 million on the royal family, notes The Daily Caller. Slow down though, it’s not just President Obama who has taken advantage of the perks of the presidential office. In Presidential Perks Gone Royal, author Robert Keith Gray argues that Obama’s taxpayer-funded fun shows that such spending needs to be reined in some.

Promoting his book, and the idea of presidential recreation spending, Gray told the DC that the $1.4 billion spent last year is the “total cost of the presidency,” factoring in the “biggest staff in history at the highest wages ever,” and Air Force One “running with the frequency of a scheduled air line.”

“The most concerning thing, I think, is the use of taxpayer funds to actually abet his re-election,” Gray, who worked in the Eisenhower administration and for other Republican presidents, said.

Additionally, it is we in the press that have dropped the ball on keeping track of President Obama’s tab.

“The press has been so slow in picking up on this extraordinary increase in the president’s expenses,” Gray opines.

What do you think? Does President Obama spend too much on recreation and re-election, or as president, is he allowed to let his hair down a little on our dime when he needs a break? Sound off!

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51 Responses to “Taxpayers Fronted $1.4 Billion For President Obama’s Comforts Last Year, According To New Book”

  1. Michael Morgan

    Ok you do know the royal family also make the UK money right? Bad comparison but you guys are all trying to get a job on Fox and Friends.

  2. Jay Burken

    I'm so tired of this "Obama takes too many vacations" thing. Bush took WAYYYYYYYY more vacations than Obama. That is research-able.

  3. Bill Race

    Needn't vacations were at camp David. A place with security in place. Or at his private ranch in Texas. Not skiing in vail, or partying in Martha's vineyard. Plus Bush claimed he could get more work done at those places.

  4. Holly Keefer

    yes, but he DID when he was president. Oh they're BOTH lazy. Who are you fooling?

  5. Diana Beth

    That's a ridiculous amount of money to expect the American tax payers to foot four his personal spending. Re especially during a time when we are struggling so badly, as a Country.

  6. Jay Burken

    Holly Keefer and others. My point is that Obama has worked way harder for us than Bush did. And Stephen Grizzly Lynn. It shows what kind of turd you are when you can't even spell bastard right. If you're going to use an insult at least spell it right.

  7. Swift Hammer

    Ben Bernanke is laughing at all of us foolish Americans as we debate which president was the worst, Obama or Bush? They both approve of the counterfeiting of our currency and could care less about our children and grand children that will suffer at the hands of their successive dictators. Enough is enough! I think we need to rise up and secede or fight for our freedom.This America is a corporate entity and not the one created by our constitution.

  8. Karen McMullen

    "you can always tell the true character of someone by how they act around something free" Author unknown. These two sucked the blood out of the American taxpayers in unparalleled greed. No cost was too great when it came to them seeking their pleasures.

  9. Karen McMullen

    And many were working vacations.according to nonpartisan reporting website President George W. Bush spent 1,020 days during his time as president on vacation (510 days per term –
    Bush spent 487 days at Camp David, (No additional expense for accommodation’s since it is meant for a presidential retreat location.)
    490 days at his Crawford ranch, (owned by President Bush, No need to rent out entire hotels.)
    and 43 days at his family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine (owned by the President Bush’s family. No need to rent out entire hotels.)

  10. Kelly Shannon Brunsteter-misuraca

    It's beyond disgusting. And embarrassing! Especially with our fiscal inept-ness. Obama needs to be more concerned and live this country. He can travel and wine and dine his family on HIS OWN dime, we all have to do that- and most of us don't have personal finances that look as deplorable as this country's. He can certainly "afford" it, or he ought not partake and expect a struggling country to pay for it. Check booking 101

  11. Doris White

    This is outrageous. He has spent his whole campaign putting down the rich and the wealthy and here he is living like a king.
    I cannot believe the arrogance of this man, and here is the biggest contradiction of all in this president entire life style.. in comparison to what he has been preaching..Taxpayers this is what you wanted?

  12. Edna Nelson Puca

    I would be interested to know how this figure compares to the amount spent by other presidents for the same things. So we can compare apples to apples.

  13. Karen McMullen

    I posted this downfurther. Karen McMullen · Top Commenter · East Rochester High School

    And many were working vacations.according to nonpartisan reporting website President George W. Bush spent 1,020 days during his time as president on vacation (510 days per term –
    Bush spent 487 days at Camp David, (No additional expense for accommodation’s since it is meant for a presidential retreat location.)
    490 days at his Crawford ranch, (owned by President Bush, No need to rent out entire hotels.)
    and 43 days at his family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine (owned by the President Bush’s family. No need to rent out entire hotels.)

  14. Fritz Wittenburg

    Are you really that naive? No other American president has EVER spent the people's money like this one (including the vacations every month or 2)!!

  15. Jamie Craig

    Almost 1100 days on vacation for Gw at Camp David, his ranch and family home in Kennybunk Port,(sp) Maine. Among other places.

  16. Paul Reiman

    They didn't cost us like Obama's, Bush were Camp David, His home in Texas and the families place in Maine..All were secure and needed no additional security .

  17. Paul Reiman

    I don't care what he and his family spend…This whole administration is dirty and you won't change it by posting on FB..
    You might as well speak to a stone! Hoping 2016 comes soon..

  18. Doris White

    Karen the issue here is not what each president has spent while in office. The issue here is all the time Obama has spent trashing the wealthy and the wealthy lifestyles and the president is wealthy and living that same lifestyle that he has been trashing. No other president has ever put the wealthy down or their lifestyles. I guess President Obama must have forgotten that he was one of the wealthy. LOL

  19. Doris White

    GB was in office for eight years..Obama four. The issue is what Obama has spent his entire time campaigning on, and that is trashing the wealthy and telling the American people we will all have to tighten our belts, that sure is setting an good example, right ? Thats what makes this entire thing so hypocritical.

  20. Karen McMullen

    I know it dosn't help, but it is just an opportunity to vent. I feel by 2016 there will be no turning back. I feel it is hopeless for this country.

  21. Roger Brown

    His trip to Hawai'i, just before the Fiscal Cliff vote, is an example. Figure a flight time of 10 hours at an operating cost of around $180,000 per hour…times 4. $7.2 million to: go on vacation, fly back to Washington for politicking, fly back to Hawai'i to continue vacation, return to Washington with family. Didn't even stick around to sign the final bill, used an Autopen. I am so glad that this country is in such GREAT economic shape that we can afford to treat our leaders in such regal style.

  22. Jason Sampson

    If he REALLY stood for what he says he does then he WOULD NOT b wasting money for his personal pleasure..he woyld put that money towards good csuses..hes so full of shit….

  23. Katheryne Koelker

    It might end sooner than 2016. If both Obama and Biden are impeached and removed from office, then we have a new President–and a new administration.

  24. Katheryne Koelker

    What amazes me is that he's spent so much time yapping about how the 'millionaires and billionaires' have to pay 'their fair share'. THEN, when he's running for re-election, where does he go for money? Yep–same people.

  25. Anonymous

    Nothing is ever going to change until the people of our great country stand up united and say "Enough is enough!" We are the one's paying for all of this, it's our sweat, money and time away from our family paying for everything. Why are we not allowed to say how much politicians make or what perks they get. Why can't we decide a cap on how much the President can spend on personal trips and nights out with the wife and kids? I say it's high time WE THE PEOPLE PUT A STOP TO POLITICIANS SPENDING OUR HARD EARNED MONEY!

  26. Ryan Johns

    Obama did not spend 1.4 billion on vacations and "comforts" last year. 1.4 billion is the amount spent on something that can be referred to as "the total cost of the Whitehouse". Most of which has nothing to do with vacationing or his "comforts". To put this in perspective, in 2008 under Bush the "total cost of the whitehouse" was 1.6 billion. So spending in this case actually decreased under Obama. A summary of these expenses under Bush can be found here: These were the same things that were added up to get the 1.4 billion number for Obama.

  27. Tom Jameson

    Fritz Wittenburg Would you be surprised if your preconceived conclusion turned out to be wrong? This particular number was 1.6 billion in 2008 (meaning under Bush).Well would ya look at that… spending in this case actually decreased under Obama. You should do some actual research before you go around spouting off falsehoods.

  28. Roger Brown

    Overspending is wrong, no matter who did the spending, Democrat or Republican. Do you feel comfortable knowing that it cost $1,400,000,000 dollars to run the White House? Per the Tax Foundation, the average American taxpayer pays $4,030 a year in income tax. It took the income of 347,394 taxpayers to run the White house.

  29. Kim Jones

    Well he only makes 450 thousand dollars a year. What great perks our government employees have not just him. All of them. They are definitely right apples and oranges. Meanwhile, we cut all government programs and our parents Social Security benefits. Government pay comes first then we cut programs. I can balance a checkbook we make 0 here buy from other countries. Let business outsource jobs. And cut benefits and make people pay more taxes. Make sense to me. While most peoples parents are expected to live on 800 dollars a month and now pay for a portion of their meds and healthcare. Hope they enjoy their benefits.

  30. Kim Jones

    Food for thought. Before you make a stand you better repeal some laws that have been passed. Like the Patriot Act. Were you have no rights. This was made for terrorist but I strongly suggest we the people read the definition of that word and read the Patriot Act. That was just auto penned the 7 points this year. Then you need to look at the gun control laws.

  31. Russell Brauer

    The only problem is getting people to care. Don't worry there will be a civil war eventually and then we kick all of those fucks out.

  32. Bryan Jailen Funyak

    What a bald face lie! the book makes no references to any actual source for this information and is self written and published by an extreme right winger. Fact check it people before you go condemming him. so typical the Obama haters are to lazy to do the work and research it.

  33. Real Critic

    On a scale of 1-10, you are all IDIOTS. If you are so ignorant to believe that any President has spent 1.4 BILLION dollars of taxpayer money on personal vacations, you do not belong having an opinion on such articles. I mean seriously take at least 10 seconds to contemplate what this article is implying. He could travel the world a thousand times over and still never spend 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS. Instead using as your source of statistics, use common sense. DANG!

  34. Renee Davis

    Why only the facts about Bush's vacation time? Where are your stats about Obama? A little one sided don't you think? Most of the time, Bush was still working when he was "on vacation".

  35. Grady Maxwell

    If it is not true he can sue the author, WON'T happen

  36. Rick Brohmer

    Jay, Bush total vaations cost 59 million over 8 years. Obama's were over a billion in one year. Do the math you asswipe!

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